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Boni Lonnsburry

on Creating Consciously

By Donna Strong


Boni Lonnsburry has mastered the realm of creating consciously. With nearly three decades of experience, she has finely honed the work to apply the Principles of the Law of Attraction and manifest her own dreams. From a dark night experience in 2000 when she was teetering on a complete collapse, Boni created a turnaround tour de force.

With an initial investment of only fifty dollars, she created In Touch Today, a business marketing company that yielded $5 million when she sold in 2011. This is a woman with determination to make her way. Boni’s life is a great testament to staying the course through it all.

Now with her first book she is opening her trove of secrets to help others course correct the direction in their own lives. Her book is titled, The Map To Our Responsive Universe — Where Dreams Really Do Come True. Boni’s techniques are aimed at shifting energy to a much higher octave of authenticity. It is filled with engaging methods to manifest our powers by learning how to surrender worn-out ways of creating for ones that make our hearts sing.

One of the astrological archetypes for our times is Chiron, the wounded healer. Like Chiron, Boni shares her vulnerabilities and her breakthroughs, allowing the reader to find an inner sense of resonance and galvanize positive action using her imaginative approach to transformation. A trailblazer for our times, she is shedding light on how to find our true treasure, the happiness of dreams coming true.

Awareness: I wanted to start by asking you to talk about “conscious creation.”

Boni: I’d love to. We are always creating, and everything in our world is a result of our creation. Most people, though, are creating unconsciously. What we’re really trying to do is to learn to make our creation consciously and really be aware of what we’re creating so we’ll like the results a lot better.

Awareness: That is quite clear! I would like to ask you about beliefs. I think that one of the toughest prisons we will ever break out of is our distorted beliefs about reality.

Boni: Absolutely. You know, belief was the hardest piece to address because it’s so crucial to get your beliefs in alignment with what you want to manifest.

My work starts with core beliefs, which are foundational, such as, “I’m not good enough or powerful enough.” You can write your intentions. You can accept that you’re divine. You can take action. You can flow energy towards a dream. You can watch for signs, but you’re not going to get the response you could until your beliefs are in alignment with what you really want to manifest. Beliefs are the most critical piece.

Awareness: It felt that way to me when I was reading your book and starting to think again about how beliefs filter everything.

Boni: They do. I think that what’s so difficult about beliefs is that we don’t see them. We just assume this is the way the world works; this is what happens in the world. It’s not “our world” that we’re thinking; it’s “the world,” but of course, the world is showing up based on our core beliefs.

Awareness: Do you want to give us an example of how you were able to change a core belief?

Boni: Well, you know, I’ve changed probably close to a thousand beliefs over the years, so I’ve changed a lot of them.

Beliefs about money have been really, really interesting to watch, because I could watch my bank account. Every time I changed a belief, my bank account would change for the better.

I didn’t really have a lot of foundational beliefs that were in opposition to manifesting because I really believed that I create my reality. Everything that I saw around me was proof of that.

I did have one core belief about not being good enough. That was just huge to uncover because our core beliefs touch everything in our world — everything. I realized with that belief I couldn’t allow anything to be easy or elegant. I had to struggle and work for every little win because deep down —

I didn’t feel good enough. I mean, this was not conscious at all, because I thought, “I’m plenty good at this, you know?”

I think people on a spiritual path have an even more challenging time of this because we know that we are spiritual beings in a physical body, and yet there may be some things that happened in childhood or adolescence that made us believe that we are not enough, or whatever the core belief is.

When I changed that core belief about my not being good enough in my own life, everything changed.

Awareness: I am sure many people are going to resonate with this.

I wanted to ask you about negative emotions and negative beliefs because it seems that they really go hand in hand with one another.

Boni: I think they do. You can take the belief that life is a struggle, one I certainly had for quite a few years, so you feel lousy because you’re feeling that everything’s so hard. So of course everything gets harder because you’ve been putting forth this energy of “life’s a struggle, life’s a bitch,” and lo and behold, it strengthens the belief.

If you don’t find some information or a path to shift this kind of belief, it can become very debilitating — financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically as well. It’s sad, knowing what we know about the nature of reality. It’s a shame that anyone would be on this kind of downward spiral.

Awareness: I really enjoyed your talking about emotions as key fuel in this creation. Would you talk about tapping into positive emotional states and how they feed into creating our dreams?

Boni: The emotions are actually the creator. If you can remember that and watch how you’re feeling, it can be informative because it can point to your beliefs and what needs to change. It can also point back to your thoughts and remind you to shift them into something that will make you feel better. It is the thought connected to the emotion that we want to change.

That’s one of the reasons that affirmations only work some of the time. No matter what you are saying, if you’re feeling lack, you’re creating lack.

Awareness: So you are saying emotions are the magnetic quality, then?

Boni: Absolutely. Like I said, they’re connected to the thought. So it is the emotion around a particular topic that creates more reasons to feel whatever you’re feeling. If you can emotionally feel as if you have everything in the world you’ve ever wanted, soon it will be your reality — not soon enough, I know, but it does work — there’s no exception. That’s very exciting.

Awareness: Yes it is!

One of the things I was going to ask is how to watch for signs that the universe is lining up our dreams while it appears that little or nothing is happening.

Boni: That’s sometimes really hard for people in the beginning because we’re so used to all of the emotional patterns. I think one of the most challenging acts is to put forth a flow of energy toward your dreams, and not go back to the negative emotional spiral, which of course creates more things to feel bad about.

What I teach in the book is to remember that before the actual dream shows up, you’ll see many signs. If you do a strong powerful technique you’ll receive a sign within a couple of days, if not hours. I think it is so critical for people to start looking for those small signs and celebrating them because they’ve shifted their energy in some way.

I teach people to start looking for them and to start responding in ways that increase the flow instead of decreasing it. For instance, somebody is trying to create a relationship and their best friend calls and says, “Guess what, I just got en-gaged.” Sometimes we look at other people’s success as our failure. Instead of doing that, I urge them to know that it’s not an accident your best friend is calling you. Your energy is shifting and it’s going to show up in the world.

When you start to see the signs, it helps because you realize you are creating what is showing up and it brings much more enthusiasm and belief in conscious creation. I’ve heard from many people who have read the book and have been so excited about signs showing up in their lives. The more we flow energy, the more we get what we want. It’s exciting.

Awareness: It is because it puts us in touch with who we really are instead of all the distortions I think we are layered with that burden us.

Boni: Absolutely. We’re born to live the life that we positively adore. We all have different gifts and talents and strengths, temperaments, and desires — that’s what’s so beautiful about it.

When we start giving ourselves permission to create a life that is our perfect life, it’s amazing what pops up and the opportunities and experiences that we never in a million years dreamed we would have, but they are perfect for us. We’re playing with the ability to cre-ate what most of us have not even begun to tap into.

Awareness: Speaking of that, please tell us a little bit about tapping into the flow. It is a really wonderful aspect that I wanted to highlight for our readers.

Boni: By flowing energy, I mean feel the way you will feel once you have it. That’s critical, but just as critical is not flowing energy toward what you don’t want, because if somebody’s flowing negative energy toward their dream they could make it worse. I don’t say that to scare anybody, but to be aware.

For instance, I was a terrible martyr in my early adult years. I learned it from my mother. I think many mothers pass it on to their daughters, but I had no idea that martyrdom was affecting my reality in such a profound way. I did it automatically, so in order to not flow energy there, I had to stay awake and catch myself when I went into feeling like a martyr.

We’re flowing energy all day long, so in order to bring some really big changes in your life, you have to start waking up to being conscious of your creation.

Awareness: As you are talking about this, I can see how we are able to design our world, but we have to wake up to it, as you’re saying. That’s really cool.

Boni: Yes, we can. In my experience it can be much more than we ever thought possible. I teach to let go and not be attached to an outcome, to what it looks like. When you really let go of controlling, how you think it will be, then what shows up is vastly different.

Let’s just take an example of joy. You might have an idea of what joy means, what you think in your world is perfect joy. The universe has far better possibilities than you think exist — it will create the most joy you could possibly have.

Awareness:  That’s a great example of dreams coming true, rather than what we’re all so used to — being whittled down and trying to keep from becoming a nub in life.

Boni: Yes we are. With all the shoulds and supposed-tos in life, I hear these words from people all the time, “If I could just figure out what I should do,” but that’s not how it works. Be how you want to be emotionally, then the world shows up with more and more reasons to feel that way. It would have been nice if we had been taught this from when we were toddlers, but it’s better late than never.

Awareness: Really, this is so valuable to be able to encourage people to know that it’s worth the work that it takes.

Boni: You’re right. It’s a lot of work. In my own life, I get excited about changing beliefs because I’ve spent so many years now watching my reality shift again and again.

In the beginning it is a lot more effort until you get the hang of it because it’s a paradigm shift. It’s a whole new way of going about your life. It’s a commitment to being conscious and doing whatever it takes to create the life you really want.

Awareness: I think it’s really worth repeating: The work is to wake up, and the result is far more rewarding than what it takes to keep trying to live a life where everything is continually uphill.

Boni: Yes. Yes.

In my own life, I read this information some thirty years ago, and my mind just spun out with all the possibilities of what I could make in my world. I thought, “If we create it all, there’s nothing that I can’t have, no life I can’t live!”

Of course, I think I am not quite as good of a student of it as I am a teacher — it took me quite a while to figure out how to make it simpler and easier.

The real breaking point for me was when I found myself divorced with my house being foreclosed upon, and my kids moved in with their father and he quickly moved them out-of-state so I couldn’t see them anymore. I didn’t have a job, or any money because I had basically existed on child support.

It got to feel so horrible that I was scared the minute I woke up until the minute I fell asleep at night. I finally decided, “I can’t do this anymore.” I said to myself, “I don’t care if I have to live on the street; I’m going to be a happy street person.”

What that did, Donna, was it gave me the freedom to reset my emotional body because I was just so deep into the cycle that I couldn’t get myself out of it without saying, “I don’t care about the outcome; I only care that I am happy.” Really, isn’t that what conscious creation is about? Stop looking at the outcome; stop looking at what you have or don’t have; focus on feeling the way you want to feel.

I said, “Wow, this feels a lot better,” and then I started saying, “Okay, I’m going to go back to the principles of the Law of Attraction and I’m going to play with them.

I took a temp job. Before that, when I was in fear and scarcity, a temp job would have seemed too menial for me. Which is ridiculous, right? I had no money. My home was being taken away. As I look back, it was absolutely absurd, but that’s where I was.

That’s why the reset of my emotional state was so important at the time. I started using a technique every morning. I’d drive to my temp job and sit in my car, close my eyes, and talk to my higher self, my subconscious mind, my future self and my healthy ego. I’d say, “Okay, I want to feel prosperous, I want to feel excited, will you guys help me with this?” I’d say to my subconscious mind, “If any beliefs are in the way, will you help change them or bring them up so I can change them? They would all say, “Yes, yes, we’ll do it.’”

I went to work and had my job, which most days was surprisingly fun for a temp job. Again, I wasn’t measuring myself against any idea of what I had to think or do or say. I was just showing up and deciding, happy first, then let’s play with this reality creation thing.

Within a month I was offered a full-time job. Two years after that I was vice-president of a startup. Within three years after that I was president of my own company.

It’s emotional freedom and the ability to shift our emotions that is our true gift, because it creates our world. I know it seems backward — you have to feel it first and then you’ll see it in your world — but that’s the way it works and it’s undeniable. The more you play with it, the more fun it gets because things start happening that you would have not thought possible.

Awareness: Sounds great!

I really resonate with your acknowledgement that we are all sparks of the creator.

Boni: You know, most of us have been beaten down, and we have been shamed and ridiculed. Many of us don’t have memories of why we feel the way we do. Many of us think we have to prove our worth; that we have to look outside of ourselves to determine our worth.

The truth is we are all infinitely worthy. We are all unconditionally loved. We are all sparks of the divine. The more we can accept that — and this is where belief-changing really helps a lot — the more we realize there’s nothing that can’t be ours if we learn to use our imagination and feelings to create a life we love.

One of the biggest compliments I have gotten about the book is when someone said to me, “You know, I’m really starting to love myself now; and I am finding it so much easier to love others.”

You know, I think every person is divine and every person has a special gift to bring. As we come to realize who we are and start looking at our gifts and why we came to this planet, we also can realize that other people’s special gifts work in synergy with ours, and together we can create something that none of us could create alone.

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Donna Strong is a writer, creative catalyst and an ardent lover of bees.

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