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Prosperity Starts with Health

By Jenny T. Liu, M.A.


In the dictionary, prosperity is defined as “the condition of being successful or thriving; especially economic well-being.” Almost all my clients do feng shui to improve their wealth. In the process, they often discover that the path to prosperity is not really about how much money they can put into their pockets, but their quality of life as they do so. They come to see how their feng shui affects their health is crucial to their wealth.

Just as our house shelters our body, our body houses our soul. Mutually dependent, the house and body are reflections of each other. Not only is every orientation of the house associated with a different aspect of our biology and spirituality, but the structure of the house can be seen as an extension of our human functions.

For example, the front door reflects the mouth, the roof reflects the head, the windows reflect the eyes, the ventilation reflects the respiratory system, the plumbing reflects the circulation system, and the back door reflects the anus. How the house is configured, aligned, and which items are placed where, affects corresponding aspects of our health.

When we keep our house clean and organized and maintain natural light and ventilation, it becomes a sanctuary in which we can prosper. People who live in blissful homes have a positive outlook on life, are in tune with their purpose, and feel connected with nature. Their brains are wired to heal faster and overcome problems quickly. In the same way, when our body is taken care of, nourished, and not polluted or weighed down by toxins, our mind is sharp, we have more energy, and can better focus on self-cultivation.

On the other hand, when we work long hours, we end up neglecting our home and our health. A cluttered house that is dusty, junky, dark, and filled with stale air affects the people living within with similar personal problems of being overweight, depressed, and stagnant in their livelihood.  

During this economic crisis, we’ve learned that money in the bank does not ensure prosperity. What is the point of working your fingers to the bone only to come home too exhausted to do anything but eat and sleep? Many people are so focused on the bottom line and working 80-hour weeks only to discover that they have gotten chronic migraines, ulcers, hernias, and cancer.

I hope we do not have to learn the hard way that without our health, we lose our prosperity. No matter how much money we’ve earned, how can we enjoy it sick in bed? More importantly, without our health, we lose our truth and our ability to contribute in a positive manner. Of course, a stable income is important, but how much money do we really need? Are you sacrificing something far more valuable than money for the extra digits in your bank statement? In life, true prosperity is good health.

Master Jenny Liu holds a BA in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and an MA in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in feng shui who shares her knowledge through seminars, periodicals, and the internet. For more information please see, or call Jenny at (626) 272-4901.