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Tips for Keeping Mind & Body Young

By Jesse Anson Dawn


Jesse Anson Dawn (accurately photographed at age 68), author of the national award-winning book Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to personally control the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question:

While I was in my back yard doing some push-ups, a neighbor of mine asked me this: “Jesse, I think you do too much exercising, isn’t it about time to relax more, and thereby begin to... act your age?”

Dear Readers,

As to the common notion of supposedly “acting our age,” it’s a widely promoted, [ageism-based] belief system that reminds me of a cartoon that I saw in a newspaper, a rather insightful little ditty that I will now share with you:

At an open-casket funeral, while a man is standing there, gazing at the displayed face (in the coffin beneath him), he is captioned as saying this:

“Oh well, uncle Charlie, it seems you have finally reached the time when you’re... acting your age.”

Ah yes, the ever-promoted, “acting-our-age,” so-called “retirement” phase of one’s life, amid which the medical industry pushes a plethora of put-us-to-sleep, “relaxation” pills (such as Prozac and Valium), along with various other “anti-depressants.” All of which is a hugely profitable, pharmacology ploy that, according to extensive research, has brought about the following, [continually covered up] but very important fact:

International studies now reveal that, largely due to lethally allergic reactions to pharmaceutical drugs (which are now the 4th leading cause of death), the United States has fallen from 11th place to 48th place in worldwide, life-span longevity.

Oh yes, now THAT’S a statement of factual reality which may be difficult to believe. But amid this increasingly [chemical-addicted and junk-food-programmed] world, knowing the actual truth about what we {intake} is now more ((life-saving-essential)) than ever.

But along with dietary factors, plus the deluge of commonly taken, dicey drugs, my decades of research has found that another major cause of shortened lifespan is, to a large extent, our programmed perceptions of “time.” However, in order to teach a true-to-life, deep understanding of how “time” can be an ((ever-curative friend)) instead of a [[body-decaying enemy]], I continue to duly emphasize the following truism:

Mainly influenced by its outrageously {{expanding}}}}} profits, the healthcare industry persistently points to the “rapidly decaying effects” of “time” on our precious bodies. But ((AMID THE UPPER-HALF OF REALITY)), the ((spirit-linked, center-of-the-brain realm)) that (I STRONGLY believe in), there persists OUR PERPETUALLY re-((CREATING)), REGENERATION AND IMMUNITY SYSTEMS. All of which are truly crucial abilities that, quite unfailingly, should remind us of the ((MILLIONS)) of our bodily “cells” being ((COMPLETELY RENEWED)) every minute that one’s (physical body) lives. And yet to be in (ceaseless control) of our too often [“medically” underestimated], regenerative powers, we need to ((repeatedly expand)))) our awareness of how ((ongoing self-renewal)) REALLY works.

Therefore, to clearly explain the [relatively unexplored], “mysterious” functions of our ((mind and spirit activated, regeneration energy)), I have now released the worldwide research revealed in my third book, The New Era of Consciousness. And to my grateful delight, I can’t stop reading that amazingly helpful piece of work, over and over, a volume that keeps me from [“killing time”] by watching too much [“sound bite”-based TV] — while it also teaches me this ((timelessly beneficial)) fact:       


And with that prominent reality in mind, I duly urge my readers to realize this:

Whatever we learn about the future of our ongoing, ((physical and mental well being)), quite often depends on how we spend our so-called “free time,” whereby we are faced with these two basic choices:


Allowing ourselves to be continually directed by strictly profit-based, [TV and internet flashes] of “mainstream” medical industry propaganda. OR:


Elevating ourselves to read books that ((clearly and accurately)) educate us with ((perpetually memorable, LIFE-SAVING REVELATIONS)))))))

“Youthman Messenger” Jesse will answer any questions (about REAL rejuvenation and ((protection-energy)) by emailing him at Also, by typing Jesse Anson Dawn into the (book-search window), you can receive his uniquely beneficial, new book, THE NEW ERA OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Or you can have a bookstore order it via iUniverse Publications.