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A Conversation with Author and Abundance Alchemist

Pam Grout


By Donna Strong


Following on the heels of E-Squared and its off-the-charts success, Pam Grout’s new book, E-Cubed is about to debut in a few weeks. In 2013, E-Squared became a New York Times best-selling sensation because of its ability to light up lots of people as they had fun creating favorable outcomes in their lives with easy energy experiments.

Both of Pam’s books are a juicy call to wake up and make constructive use of the creative life force that we’re all endowed with. It is the most wonderful use of physics to help us realize that we’re going to have an impact on the world around us, so let’s do it well and increase the positive reverb effect. With an infectious invitation to a new worldview, her books are the written equivalent of Pharrell Williams’ viral song that has gone round the globe, attesting that “...happiness is the truth!”

Within the field of infinite potentiality, or FP as Pam calls it, there is endless energy available to experience many forms of abundance — love, joy, fulfillment, creativity, vitality, and money. Whether enjoying a serving of her E-Squared or E-Cubed offerings, we’re all invited to a banquet of rich new realization -— this creative consciousness known as FP offers a cornucopia that overflows for all.

Pam has made her living from writing and she makes it clear, she has great gratitude to be able to do what she loves. She is quite adept at the art of expression, so we can also be grateful for her practice, because it is now making much wit and wisdom available for our enjoyment.

Awareness: In your new book E-Cubed you talk about how we mostly live by default, stuck in an apparent reality that effectively closes off growth and expansion in our lives. Yet despite all of that, your book E-Squared has been amazingly successful — people are tremendously drawn to it and I am asking you to reflect on what it has addressed for people.

Pam: Well, the book gives them a way to prove that consciousness is available to us 24/7. Not only is divine consciousness always available, but it loves us very deeply and has nothing but our best interests at heart. I think a lot of us have this idea that higher consciousness has a lot of rules, a lot of no-no’s, and at the same time, it expects a lot from us. But that is not true. Somehow or another we got way off track on how we view this force so most of us, in fact, avoid it.

So it’s kind of a conundrum that we’ve been in. Here’s this fabulous force, this consciousness that’s the most exciting thing in the entire universe and we’re running away from it because we are afraid it’s going to make us do something, or it doesn’t like us, or it’s going to punish us.

The other reason I think why people have liked the book so much is because it gives them something they can hold onto with their hands, proof they can see with their own two eyes. It’s one thing they can actually prove. It’s one thing to theorize about these principles, to take them on faith, but it’s a more exciting ball game when you see it happening in your own life, when you see how you affect the field — this big energetic force.

Awareness:  That makes sense. E-Cubed is very engaging!

Pam:  Another calling card of the book is how much fun it is. Usually when we think about science or spirituality, or any of the kinds of things I’m addressing in the book, we don’t pair it up with fun. We have it paired up with the idea that this is serious and I need to follow these rules and do all this stuff. That’s just the opposite approach that I take with this book, and I think that really appeals to people as well.

Awareness:  Tell us about your Worldview 2.0. It’s like you’re promoting an open source ‘app’ to make abundance in all of its forms available to everyone. Wow!

Pam: Every morning when I get up I say “Something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today!” When you declare that, and you get your thought momentum going in that direction, that’s what’s going to happen. I mean, I feel like everyday I’m out there scouting miracles and blessings.

So every day I say that, and I also have this power posse — we’re five friends and we text each other blessings each day. The thing that’s different from your typical gratitude list — because I’ve always been big on gratitude — is that with my group you have to find something new each day. So it really expands my awareness because I can’t repeat a blessing from yesterday. So you just keep seeing new blessings and more blessings and expanding. So it’s really cool and it’s so simple. It’s two steps. What could be easier than that? 

Awareness: Talk to us about the field of infinite potentiality, as you call it the FP, and how we should develop a relationship with it.

Pam: Okay, I call it the FP, some people call it God, the divine, the universe, it has a lot of different names but I like the field of infinite potentiality because it goes back to quantum physics.

In the quantum world, anything is possible. There’s an infinite number of potentialities that could happen in the next minute but because we continue to look for what we’ve seen in the past, or what we expect based on the mental construct that we have created about the way the world works, we tend to see the same old thing over and over again. Truly, in the quantum field, the number of potential outcomes, the number of things that could happen are unlimited, and that is what I call the field of potentiality.

Quantum physicists have called it “the field” but it is a field of infinite potentiality that doesn’t actually form into a concrete thing or into the material world until we start focusing upon it and putting attention upon it. Whatever you put your attention on starts gathering mass and comes into your sphere once you start focusing on it. So the field is just this big ball of love. That’s not a very technical term, but it’s really beyond words. It’s this big unknown, unformed thing we tap into. In other words, we animate whatever we place our attention upon.

Awareness: Well, following up on that, I wanted to mention a line from your book that I love, that there are “...massive amounts of intel{ligence} that could help steer our lives.”  

Pam: Oh, yes. There is so much information for us. I mean, signs are constantly coming to us and we often don’t see them. It’s like when you know you’re trying to remember your dreams and you don’t write them down right away you forget them.

It’s the same way with experiences in our lives. A lot of things happen, a lot of signs of intelligence are coming from the universe, but unless we start paying attention and making that a priority — then we miss them.

It’s just like those dreams; an hour later it’s gone, poof, it’s just completely gone. So a lot of great things are happening, but because we’re looking for other things, we’re looking for doom and gloom and limitation and lack; we’re not seeing the positive signs — all the love and ideas constantly coming our way. So our big job is to just start paying attention.

Awareness: I love that. Tell us about one of your favorite principles, “...that the world is abundant and strangely accommodating...”

Pam:  Oh, I love that one because it sort of says it all. If you really get that, then what more could you need? This inner love, this inner source that we have, this connection to the field is the most potent thing that we have but we’re not really noticing it. In the particular experiment for this principle, one of the really important things is

to take time each day and go “Wow, right now everything is just fine.” What we really need to do is spend more time registering all the good that’s happening and all the peacefulness, rather than noticing where there’s a problem all the time. We’re too busy looking at some little four-inch screen or the television or focusing on the headline news that says “Oh, no there’s a mind-eating amoeba out there,” or whatever the new thing might be.

Awareness: Okay. Tell us about how you think we should be manifesting abundance in all its forms. You talk about opening up your channels in E-Cubed.

Pam: Abundance is every-where, but again, we’re not noticing. We’re so focused on lack, on what we don’t have. Gratitude is one great way to start noticing all of the abundance. There are so many miracles that are happening all the time and we’re not paying any attention to them.

So as you start realizing the great things, then you’re in this flow of abundance. You’re like, “Wow, things are really working out.” When you start looking for that and thinking like that, then this is the reality that shows up — including financial abundance — because really, money is just a reflection of our beliefs. That’s all money is.

Awareness: You mentioned in one of your experiments as I recall, about developing more coherence between your own consciousness and the field; is that right? 

Pam: As you get into coherence — and again, that’s a quantum physics term — if you’re coherent with abundance, then that’s what’s going to play out in your life. Whatever plays out in your life is sort of the channel you’re on, so to speak. You can’t watch ABC if you’re tuned into NBC. You do need to start tuning and becoming coherent with the reality that you are hoping to draw into your life.

Awareness:  Talk to us a little about neuroplasticity and about learning to rewire our pathways for the good.

Pam: Well, I think we used to believe that we are born with this brain and it’s set for life. Research is showing that’s not true. Whatever neurons you’re using, those synapses get fired together. You “fire wires” together as they say. So if you start being more positive and taking your focus off of the other thing, the old synapses will start breaking apart and you can form new connections.

So by consciously trying to be more positive and to think “The world is abundant, the world does have my back,” you will start seeing that more and more. If you stay with it, it will change, because brain research has been showing that it’s very possible to change.

Awareness: How about one of your examples, which I love, to refrain from complaining and learn to speak gratitude to the universe?

Pam:  Right. Did you ever hear about the guy, a minister, with the purple bracelets? He started a movement that he called a complaint-free world? He gave the purple bracelets to his congregation, and every time they complained or gossiped, they had to move the bracelet to the other arm. The idea was to go twenty-one days without complaining or whining. It turned out that it’s a lot of harder to do than people think.

We are just so focused on what is not going right. That’s what so many of our conversations revolve around. Rather than release our negativity, we tend to build big monuments to these particular thoughts by thinking them over and over again.

So again, it takes a while to retrain yourself to think in a more positive way and to refrain from focusing on the negatives. Start with your words. Quit complaining and saying negative things and eventually your thoughts will go in a more positive direction.

Awareness: Would you talk about some of your experiments and how they have helped people to lead happier lives?

Pam: Well, the thing that’s been so amazing about this book, for me and for my own spiritual growth, is that I already knew these things worked in my life — but now, every day I open my email box and get more amazing stories.

So the miracles I’m hearing are across the board — improved health conditions to some bucket list thing that ends up coming true. This morning I received an email  about an intention — and this might seem like a little thing — but the people were looking for a purple Mini Cooper. They were thinking, “There’s no purple Mini Cooper,” but they get in the car and go to the grocery store and there’s a purple Mini Cooper. Again, it’s opening our awareness to the fact that there are signs out there, that there are messages that we’re getting from the big FP.

So the point is we have a lot more power by focusing our consciousness than we even realize. So, anyway, what’s been so fun about the book is just all the great stories because anytime you hear a story of something that happened to somebody else, you are like, “Wow, that can also happen for me.” So while I already believe in these principles, they have just exploded my belief after all the stories I hear. So that has been really fun for me.

Awareness: That’s great, and it leads me into one of my other questions. Would you tell us how we can flip the dial to have more conviction about our lives being different? 

Pam: Particularly with E-Squared, the experiments are baby steps that lead people to feel, “Hey, that worked — I was able to see a purple Mini Cooper — so what else might be possible? I think we gain conviction and confidence when we see the principles working. That’s why it’s important to start with little baby steps so you get so excited about it that you want to do it again tomorrow.

As your energy rises and you get more excited about it, more amazing things can happen. There really is no limit to what we can create and what the world can be, no limit whatsoever except what we place upon our imagination. There’s no reason the world has to be the same tomorrow except that’s what we expect and the mental constructs we’ve got set up. It could be quite different.

We could totally lay down all our arms, we could have no war, and that’s a vision that I’m holding and imagining for the world to keep getting better and better.

Awareness: I think one of the things that is so amazing about what you have tapped into is there is a sense that it’s exponential, it’s beyond anything we can imagine, and we’re already invited to the party.

Pam:  24/7 baby! 

Awareness: Tell us something about your way of seeing abundance. What has changed since E-Squared climbed up the charts last year? 

Pam:  Well, certainly my financial picture has changed since E-Squared, but I felt abundant even before that. I do think my financial picture is now out-picturing what I’ve been thinking and feeling for quite a while — I feel so fortunate that I’ve got a beautiful daughter and an abundance of friendships, that I can have a job that allows me to travel all over the world and meet amazing people. I’ve had abundance for a long time.

Awareness: I think that’s what your work is really pointing us to, the abundance of a fulfilling life and money can be a very nice part of it. Is there anything you’d like to touch on related to your new book coming out? 

Pam:  Well, I’m really excited about it. I think I put in the book about how I took a stick and wrote on the beach “E-Squared will be a big international best-seller.” Well, I’m actually going to a beach next week in Wilmington, so I need to find another stick!

Now that I’m doing speaking engagements and workshops, I am getting the opportunity to share with people in a whole different way. I’ve always expressed myself with the written word, but it’s fun to have this other avenue as well.

While a lot of these principles have been out for a long time, I’m in contact with a lot of people who are getting their first exposure to them. It really does feel good to hear from people who are changing their viewpoints. People have said to me, “You know I’ve never thought about this before.”

I believe in the “hundredth monkey” kind of thing, when enough of us start looking for the good and start believing in the blessings, I think the whole world will flip. My goal is nothing less than changing the dominant paradigm. That’s what I’m intending and that is what’s going to happen.

Published by Hay House, E-Cubed is available at: and

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