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By Jenny T. Liu, M.A.

Money Karma - The Energy of Wealth


It is no coincidence that
money is referred to as currency. In feng shui, water is synonymous to wealth. Like the water of the oceans, wealth energy circulates around the world. Bodies of water have created some of the world’s most prosperous cities. The philosophy of feng shui guides us on how to create environmental and personal circumstances that garner wealth.

Just as it is impossible to grasp and hold onto water with your hands, chasing after wealth is self-defeating. Water is a life-giving force. Its power to transform is derived from its ability to flow and change from phase to phase. Money is not meant to be hoarded; like stagnant water, money that is not circulating can make you sick. Money is meant to be a flowing energy of creation.

You have an ability to attract or repel money depending on your feng shui and your karma. Often, people do not realize this and thus struggle in their relationship with money. Too little money is a problem and too much money is a problem. There are those who are not rich, but are happy and live well, and there are millionaires who have “everything,” but complain of a suffering life. Clearly, money does not buy happiness.

Many people are addicted to money and wish to be wealthy beyond necessity. Equating money with success and happiness can have adverse effects. Like a drug, acquiring more and more money is necessary in an attempt to quell the addict’s desire, and anything less leaves them feeling vulnerable. And just as a drug addict will do anything for the next fix, wanting more and more wealth can cause people to lie, steal, cheat, or become heartless moneymaking machines. Ambition fueled by greed is highly stressful and attracts similar people into your life. This can result in competition, jealousy, exhaustion, serious ailments, family sacrifices, financial crisis, social ruin, or harm to the masses and future generations.

One of the highest forms of astrology, the Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Map, is often used to reveal your financial potential so that you have more awareness of your relationship with money. Understanding your relationship and karma with money helps you know what to watch out for and how to set up realistic financial goals. If your Wealth Sector shows that your income is most stable when receiving a salary, then you know that starting your own business may be setting you up for disappointment. If your Life Map shows that your wealth potential is higher than what you are currently making, you might rethink your career and look for better wealth generating opportunities.

With information regarding your potential, you can avoid unexpected obstacles in your pursuit of wealth. Often clients ask why money is so elusive in their lives. They feel like there is a perpetual hole in their wallet through which money leaks out as soon as it is put in. A Life Map reading can show if there are past karma debts that need to be fulfilled in this lifetime. With knowledge of how to restore balance, the “wallet hole” is sealed and prosperity ensues.

Along with acquiring money for sustenance, another vital reason for creating wealth is to express yourself and contribute to the world. Use your Life Map as a guide to finding contentment and purpose with your wealth. Harness the energy of water with good feng shui and personal adjustments to attract abundance. Mastering the power of allowing personal prosperity creates a ripple effect of infinite prosperity in global proportions.

Jenny Liu is a fourth-generation feng shui master, designer, author, and public speaker. Her mission is to empower people by encoding meaningful messages into their living spaces through seamlessly integrating feng shui into their homes and offices. For more information, please visit or call Jenny at (626) 272-4901.