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Healing with Sound

By Michael Diamond


From India and California comes a groundbreaking new project called OMKARA. Just released is an album of chakra-balancing music called OMKARA — But The Sound of Divine Love. OMKARA represents more than just a musical recording. It is also an ongoing research project that works with sound in conjunction with medical facilities in India dealing with conditions such as cancer, cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, depression, mental retardation, pain relief, and more.

For thousands of years various cultures around the world have been aware of and have used the power of sound in their healing and spiritual practices. In modern times, science is catching up with these ancient teachings and providing the research to prove their validity. However, music and sound can also affect the energy systems of the body beyond the physical. While awareness of chakras, or energy centers in our body may be considered esoteric in the West, in India it is common knowledge. Each of the chakras, which balance the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual aspect of being, can be related to certain sound frequencies and musical notes. Everything in this Universe has energy, vibrations, and sound, and we’re connected with each other through vibrations.

Though many people from different countries are involved on various levels with this project, the director and visionary behind the endeavor is Rupam Sarmah. Originally from Assam, India, Rupam is currently living in California and is an engineer, film director, award-winning singer-songwriter, and producer who spent years researching ancient music and science, and the relationship of the body and mind. He is known for creating a Guinness World Record by composing and directing a symphony entitled: A Musical Journey for World Peace, with 315 unique musical instruments from all over the world and over 500 performers on the stage! He has also written screenplays, numerous songs in various languages, and film scores for over 20 years.

It was actually his work in film that led to the creation of OMKARA. As Rupam explains: I was doing research about my next film I am directing, where the theme is ‘Possibility in Disability’. Music therapy is an integral part of this film. While studying and meeting different people with physical and mental challenges, it gave me the inspiration to know more about them and how I can help them.

The album, recorded in both India and California, represents collaborations with top international artists, featuring GRAMMY winners Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Laura Sullivan, Rocio Marron, and others. The CD was mixed and mastered by 4-time GRAMMY winner Brian Vibberts who has worked with Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Eric Clapton, and Elton John. With eight tracks and more than 105 minutes of music, the recording combines classical Indian ragas, Western music, and World music with deliberately-crafted frequencies. Instrumentation includes Mohan Veena (Indian slide guitar), piano, keyboards, viola, tabla, percussion, acoustic guitar, saxophone, flute, sarengi, dotara, tamboura, vocals and many other acoustic instruments. Each of the tracks represents one of the seven chakras. The eighth track, a new energy point named “Heaven Bridge” is composed with nine different creative frequencies that take listeners on a journey from birth to enlightenment. OMKARA literally means “Sound of God.” Based on years of research, the music demonstrates the positive connection between musical notes, fundamental science, the creative frequencies of the universe, and chakra energy.

Not surprisingly, the music in general has a strong Indian influence, with Western and World music instruments tastefully woven into the mix. While some chakra albums tend to be very meditative throughout, the music here blends meditative elements with earthy rhythms, some of which are quite upbeat and energizing.

Each chakra reflects its own distinctive sound. The music is incredibly deep and detailed. The level of musicianship is astounding — absolutely world class.

The music on the album is extremely well recorded and produced, which adds to the dimensionality of the listening experience. For those who want to go to the next level with it, the album is available in multiple versions — stereo, high-resolution, 5.1 surround sound, and special edition.

This impressive recording, which is up for Grammy consideration in the World Music category, represents but one aspect of the work being done with OMKARA. In addition to its contribution to the musical landscape, OMKARA, based on years of scientific research about ancient music is continuing to explore this fascinating frontier. Rupam’s goal is to uplift consciousness in the world however he can and his work reflects, in his words: “the message of Oneness in God, Humanity, World Peace, and Love.”

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Michael Diamond is a music producer, recording artist, and music journalist in the San Francisco Bay area with over 30 years of experience writing for nationally-published magazines and more recently worldwide on the internet. He currently has five CD’s including two with new-age music pioneer Steven Halpern. For additional reviews of CD’s, DVD’s, and more, please visit: