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Alter Eco Introduces Organic Fair-Trade Truffles

By Erica Mayyasi


Alter Eco Foods has introduced their newest organic, fair-trade product line: dark, and dark milk, chocolate truffles, a bold, innovative new addition to the popular Alter Eco organic, fair-trade chocolate bar product line. These much-loved favorites were introduced using health-boosting coconut oil instead of a palm kernel oil, organic ingredients, fair-trade chocolate, and compostable packaging.

Deep, smooth chocolate sourced from Ecuador (Black Truffles) and Peru (Velvet Truffles) surrounds these sumptuous bite-sized delights. Health-boosting, pure organic coconut oil combines with milk and cacao to create the silky smooth melty texture of the fillings.

Why coconut oil? It’s been used for thousands of years by cultures all over the world for its healthy qualities. Newly popular in nutrition circles. Dr. Oz has done a lot to popularize its benefits recently) and credited by numerous scientific sources with an impressive list of health benefits — from attaining a healthy weight, to improving memory, to improving cholesterol — coconut oil is full of ‘good’ medium-chain triglycerides and has a high concentration of health-boosting lauric acid, and appears to raise high-density lipoprotein (the “good” cholesterol) more significantly than other saturated fats.

Importantly, coconut oil is a sustainable alternative to the palm kernel oil. Alter Eco sources its organic coconut oil from Kerala Fair Trade Alliance, located on India’s tropical Malabar Coast. The farmer-owned coop practices “jaiva krishi,” a sustainable natural farming method that mimicks a virgin rainforest, where many crops and animal species, including wild elephants, roam safely.

This coconut oil-based formula is not the truffles’ only innovation. The brand has taken their commitment to the environment one step further by introducing innovative new eco-friendly packaging. Alter Eco has developed a groundbreaking wrapper printed with a non-toxic compostable ink that will decompose in yard waste and at-home compost bins. Additionally, the outer box packaging of the truffles is recyclable.

“We have covered every element of sustainability, from personal health, to environmental health, to the health of the communities where our cacao and coconut oil partners live,” said Edouard Rollett.

Alter Eco Truffles are available at Whole Foods Markets and online at