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Frequencies & Secret Analogies or the Age of Aquarius

By Mystic Trish

“Secret analogies tie together the remotest parts of Nature, as the atmosphere of a summer morning is filled with innumerable gossamer threads running in every direction, revealed by the beams of the rising sun.”     — Emerson

Oh, such lovely prose from days gone by. Have you ever sat in a garden in the early morning and watched as the sun creates prisms of color that dance on all those interconnecting webs that have been spun the night before. Each thread-connecting leaf to blade of grass to flower petal.

I believe some of those gossamer threads of connection are not only made by little insects or fey feet, they are also made by human kind in the form of electrical noise and frequency, which some of us are just starting to perceive.

The Earth herself is covered with these gossamer threads of electrical connection. Not only the electro-magnetic field that is generated by the earth but all the human-generated frequencies we put out.

Now we are all interconnected with electrical frequency as well. When was the last time you just sat and did something that did not rely on some form of electrical power? Ties most of us cannot see or are even aware of hold us all together — so many connections are now electrical in nature.

All those gossamer threads of connection like giant spider webs interconnecting across the planet. Even when we cannot see them we are aware of them. Every time a phone rings or we click a mouse for directions there is another gossamer thread of relationship. All of the planes flying across the skies or submarines under the oceans, all the satellites beaming constant information up and down to and from the planet are all electrical frequencies. Is this a version of telepathy we are seeing? When was it was predicted that human kind would some day know all things simultaneously?

Think of all the cameras that are watching you all the time or Google or Amazon searches you do and how someone now knows your shopping preferences and can predict what kind of music or books you would like next. All of the Facebook comments and information that is exchanged adds to the relationships we are having with each other all the time.

We forget that all our stories are everyone’s stories now. As soon as the information is on the Internet, it is part of the world’s narrative. We are all connected and maybe not in ways we want to be. Anonymity comes at a cost now.

Rescue and security people can track where you are with the gps chip in your cell phone. If I were lost in a remote canyon I wouldn’t mind someone being able to find me by my cell phone. How many times do you think you have your picture taken in a day? Who’s looking at your house? You should really keep the yard tidier!

Can you imagine what the world would look like if all the lines of electronic communication were visible to the human eye? We would be in a constant kaleidoscope of color. What if we could hear all of that electrical noise all the time, what would the world sound like? Do you wonder why so many people now have tinnitus? Maybe this is why.

You can’t just sweep away the electronic frequency problems: all the microwave ovens, blue tooth devices, cell towers, cordless phones, and wireless game controllers. All of these things do cause broad radio frequency spectrum emissions that we walk and drive and sleep through. The electrical noise is always with us. These are artificial sources.

There are also natural sources such as solar storms and lightening storms. An electro-magnetic field is generated by our heart and by the outer core of the earth herself. So our heart keeps us connected to the Earth herself because we are generating an electrical pulse that resonates with the earth. This is another electrical connection that we are not aware of or are paying attention to.

I believe this is what gives animals the awareness to run when there is an earthquake. They feel or hear the change in that electrical field, like humans do when they are standing near an open current or in an electrical storm and their hair stands up on end.

How is this changing us as a species? How is it changing our world? It is hard to justify the brutality of war and oppression of our fellow human beings when you can see the pain it causes within moments of the occurrence. Or not be concerned about some natural disaster and feel the need to help when we can see it happening live. These connections we all have are neither good nor bad. They just are a fact of life now.

Aquarius rules all things electrical and the glyph for Aquarius looks like a drawing of a resister on a circuit board schematic. This is the Aquarian wave of electrical energy and humanitarian connection rising. Are you ready?

Trisha Howe is a born intuitive who started psychic training at age 15. She has over 30 years’ experience in Intuitive Counseling, Crystal Healing, Tarot, Mediumship, and Clairvoyance. Call (949) 493-0705 or email Mystictrish@cox.net