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By Lyda Whiting

Written and illustrated by Sally Devorgine

Esme was only interested in herself. She didn’t care much about anyone else, not her little sister, not her teacher, not the other kids at school. Then one night, her grandmother had a long talk with Esme. She talked to Esme about her mother, who loved Esme even when she was selfish. She talked to her about the many people who worked to build Esme’s school.

She talked to her about all the people who worked in different ways so that there would be food on the shelves at the grocery store. Esme realized her life was connected to hundreds of other people. And now she could see how important they all were.

With full-page illustrations and a funny approach, this book invites children to think about how our lives are connected and enriched by other people. Based on the teachings of Geshe Langri Thangpa, a Buddhist master who lived almost a thousand years ago, this book is brings ancient wisdom to children in a fun and modern way. For ages 4 and up.

Published by Chocolate Sauce, this book is available at your local bookstore.

Written and illustrated by Maryellen Murphy Ruggiero

The Little Lotus is not sure what “wellness” means. She has a lot of questions, and her wise mother patiently explains how she can take good care of herself. She can take care of herself physically by eating nutritious foods, exercising, and playing. She can take care of herself by spending time with friends and family, and talking about her feelings with them. She can take care of herself by learning and reading, and by using her imagination and creativity.

This book gently introduces children to the different things they can do to help themselves stay healthy in every way. Unlike other books on health, this one encourages children to include all aspects of self-care — spiritual, emotional, and mental — in their daily routine. The humorous and simple illustrations of Little Lotus will appeal to children while making the ideas concrete.

This book will empower children by showing them what they can do for themselves, and starting them on a path of taking excellent care of their whole being. For ages 3 to 7.

Published by Hip Healthy and Holistic, this book is available at your local bookstore.

Written and illustrated by Natasha Guruleva

Herbert wanted to be good at baseball, but he just couldn’t hit the ball. The other kids made fun of him, and he felt alone and miserable. Then one day when he was practicing alone, he suddenly fell to the ground fast asleep. An evil wizard had put him under a spell.

When Herbert woke up, he was only a few inches tall, and a small mushroom named Bolly was talking to him. Herbert finds friendship and acceptance in Mushroomland. But soon, Herbert had to help his new friends save their home from the army of alien worms. Will all his batting practice help him defeat their leader, the Giant Slug?

This unusual book explores friendship and community by examining the world from ground level. It encourages children to see and appreciate the details of the natural world around us.

The photographic illustrations are pictures taken by the author of the plush mushroom dolls and the intricate nature sets she creates. For ages 5 and up.

Published by Mushroomland, this book is available at your local bookstore.

Written and illustrated by Grandma Light & AuthorHouse

Flaggin’ the dragon was tired from his tail dragging. He set off to find a wagon to keep it off the ground. He asked Blue Jay, Gray Squirrel and Chipper the Chipmunk, but none of them even knew what a wagon was. How could Flaggin’ ever stop his tail from dragging?

Merry Mushroom suggests he find the wise golden fairy in the forest. But when he asks the way, Merry says he has to follow his heart. Flaggin’ searches a long time but gets so tired that he falls asleep. In a dream, the Golden Fairy comes to him and tells the dragon that the solution is not a wagon after all. Flaggin’ needs to remember something important — he can fly!

This book is about a journey of self-discovery and finding the answers within. The surprise ending and the rhyming text will make children laugh with delight. With simple full-page illustrations and a silly approach, this book encourages them to think beyond the obvious, and be creative and bold.For ages 2-5.

Published by AuthorHouse UK Ltd., this book is available at Common Ground Spiritual Center bookstore in Tustin, CA and on Amazon.com