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Open the Aloha Portal June 5th with the Elders

By Chet Snow

This year 2012 is unlike any other. Great cosmic changes are afoot. Indigenous peoples around the world, including the Mayans, predicted these times in awe and wonder as they foresaw our solar system’s alignment with the Galactic Center’s “Womb of the Mother” and the Venus Transit.

We are on the cusp of a Great Shift of Ages or passage from one “World” to another and, especially in this season of rebirth, what we think, say and do will have major consequences across what the Pleiadians, channeled by Bringers of the Dawn author, Barbara Marciniak, call “the Lines of Time.” This unique cosmic event will not return for at least 26,000 years.

Everyone reading this has volunteered to be alive at this powerful moment to reinforce the Forces of Light, cooperating together to birth a New Era for all humanity. I believe the fast-approaching May 20-June 6 “cosmic window,” punctuated by the Venus Transit when the Sun, Venus, and Earth line up with the Galactic Center’s womb, is the most important moment of 2012. By December 21, the die will be cast and we will be moving forward into the next “World” we have created by our thoughts and actions.

In 1989 I sub-titled my book, Mass Dreams of the Future: “Apocalypse or Global Spiritual Awakening? The Choice is Ours.” NOW is the Time to Choose. What we do at this crucial time will ripple across the Ages — imagine its impact! When what the channeled, time-traveling Pleiadians call this “Nanosecond” (1987-2012) is over and we look back on our lives, will we be proud to have acted in love and cooperation, regardless of personal cost?

As always, whenever the stakes are high, the Universe offers us choices. That’s the blessing of this realm. Please choose wisely! My wife Kallista and I earnestly urge all Light-workers to join us at the Aloha Wisdom Gathering of the Elders in Kona, Hawaii, June 2-6, during the Venus Transit.

Grandmothers Agnes Pilgrim, Flordemayo and Mona Polacca, representing the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, along with Hawaiian kupuna Auntie Pua Mahoe, other Pacific Elders and ancient crystal skull Synergy will spend 4 amazing days, culminating in Sacred Ceremonies during the Venus Transit.

The Transit will be 100% visible in Hawaii for six hours on June 5, setting our intention to create a positive, sustainable future for the next 7 generations. These wise Elders, donating their time and sharing their sacred teachings as never before, need your participation and support.

We urge all Light-workers to join us and the Elders in Hawaii in June — it’s that important. See www.4dwisdom.org/aloha.html for details.

Learn more about this critical time from Auntie Pua and me on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdiAV4IURO0

Cannot come to Hawaii?

Join the Global Circle of Light 2012 — people who will support the Elders & Venus Transit Ceremonies in Hawaii and participate locally during Venus’ 6+ hour transit, when solar and galactic energies must pass thru Venus to reach Earth.

Everyone who joins this effort is asked first to give a tax-deductible donation to the Four Directions Wisdom Society, Inc., a 501(c)(3) recognized nonprofit, which is sponsoring the Aloha Wisdom Gathering. We request at least $25. If possible, please give more generously; these are critical times. Money is Energy (Chi) and if we all give even a small amount to support the Elders’ Ceremonies in Hawaii, our Chi will multiply their work, opening what Hawaiians call “The Aloha Portal.”

All funds raised beyond Aloha Wisdom Gathering expenses will be donated to the Elders, or used to create events to help preserve and share Native Wisdom Teachings for the Future. This event is not about personal profit but about Responsibility, Respect and Paying Forward. Serious work is intended and will occur in Hawaii.

Go to www.4dwisdom.org/donate.html to donate via Pay Pal or mail a check to P.O. Box 1404, Sedona, AZ 86339. All donations of $25+ will get a letter from the Society for your 2012 USA Income tax return. Then, invite your friends to support the Elders in Hawaii and plan a local Venus Transit Ceremony with the intention of choosing a Positive Sustainable Future for the next 7 Generations and beyond. With the Elders, we will coordinate timing with you by e-mail before June 5. E-mail: cbsnow@npgcable.com. Like our Facebookpage: www.facebook.com/4DWisdom

Thank you. Mahalo for supporting these wise Elders at this time of choice for humanity.

Together, we can become what the Hopi call the “Ones we are waiting for.”

Email Dr. Chet Snow at www.chetsnow.com or www.4dwisdom.org