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You can be of service to the world…

We are now in the most profound time in human history. In response to humanity’s call, a group of advanced spiritual Teachers have now entered the everyday world. With Their guidance humanity is being galvanized to create a new civilization in which sharing and justice prevail, the needs of all are met and the Earth’s environment is restored.

A Group Service Meditation Overseen by the Masters of Wisdom has been introduced.

In these changing times, there are increased spiritual energies pervading our planet. In 1974 these spiritual Teachers (Masters of Wisdom) gave us the practice of Transmission Meditation — a group world service, where you work directly with these Masters to aid in “stepping down” these potent energies so they are more readily absorbed by the planet, thereby helping to speed up the transformations leading to a better world for all.

There is never a charge to participate. Thousands of people around the world are coming together to do this simple meditation and increase their own spiritual growth. Transmission Meditation enhances any other developmental practice currently used by the individual, and the potency of energies released during transmission meditation can initiate powerful healing experiences.

Share International will be holding two special transmission meditations in May and June. Sundays 11am to 12 noon and Tuesdays 7-8pm. Culver City (310) 202-1682., (888) 242-8272 or (310) 371-0420.