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Messages from Heaven Cards

Offer Love and Guidance from the Other Side

By Jacky Newcomb


What if you could connect to your loved-ones and guides on the other side of life; if you could reach through the tunnel of light and unite with their support and love. This unique and magical guide bridges that gap for you.

When Jacky first began writing about true-life, spontaneous contact from the other side she knew that eventually she would gather up these messages and turn them into a pack of inspiring message cards. While millions of people around the world experience occasional afterlife communication (sometimes sensing loving messages from their loved ones in heaven), millions more would like to but find, for a variety of reasons, that they are unable to.

Jacky Newcomb’s Messages from Heaven cards were born. The cards fill a gap between hugely popular ‘Angel Cards’ and the fascination for ‘Afterlife Communication.’ This distinctive card deck helps people to reach out to the other side of life in a familiar way. The deck can be used in numerous ways to connect with direction from loved-ones in heaven and for continued, positive and uplifting guidance and support. The deck has been created with a ‘safe’ feel; beautiful images enhance the purposefully easy-to-use format.

The cards are completely safe, contain only gentle messages and require no skill to use. The reader simply selects a card when they need divine inspiration or picks several to create a reading. The booklet gives the user the deeper meanings behind each card and enlightens them as to the continued connection between the realms.

Published by Findhorn Press, Messages from Heaven Communication Cards are available at or your local and online booksellers.