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Mobile Marketing for Holistic Practitioners,

Authors and Entrepreneurs

By Randy Peyser


A new form of marketing is beginning to surface that proves hugely promising for holistic practitioners, authors, and entrepreneurs. If you are looking to monetize your content as you continue to build your business, this promising new wave may work well for you — and it’s easy and inexpensive to implement!

Most of us are reaching for the delete button in response to the deluge of marketing messages that flood our email Inboxes every day.

We are besieged by a flurry of email messages from people we met once at a networking event and exchanged cards with two years ago. Who are these people? You know you have no interest in reading or acting up-on their offers. And you know they are hoping and praying you are going to plunk down your credit card in response to their requests to:

Buy my product, try my service; it’s only $97, if you act now, you’ll get 100 free gifts, plus my special report, and my extra-special bonus… blah, blah, blah… Yeah, you know the kind of messages I mean.

We’re all tired of them and it is not the easiest way to attract business anymore. Yet, in a market glutted with competition, it’s still vital to make yourself stand out. So, how do you do it?

What if you could market your service, product, or book by not competing for attention in someone’s Inbox, and put your message in the palm of their hand instead?

As more and more people turn to iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices as their main source of communication, they are intrigued by the new opportunities these handheld devices can offer.

Recently, I discovered a company called RingStir, that has a very unique marketing angle to help holistic practitioners, entrepreneurs, and authors get their messages out, make more money, and increase their client bases.

RingStir offers the opportunity for you to create your own coaching packages that are delivered directly to people’s mobile devices as voice and text messages. It is a fun program allowing you to upload short, 60-seconds or less, recorded action tips, inspirational messages, reminders, or accountability check-ins.

Text messages can also include links to videos, your website, or any URL you desire. People subscribe to your coaching packages and set the times when they want to receive your messages. It’s all automated, meaning you create it once and it’s ready to go.

Here’s an example: I wrote a book called, The Power of Miracle Thinking. To create a coaching package, I can go through the book and pull out 20 action tips. I can then record these action tips, and my subscribers will then get an action tip delivered to their mobile device once a day, Monday through Friday, to help them create miracles in their lives.

Since it’s all automated, I can also write out 20 affirmations or intentions for my subscribers to receive. That way, they can get an affirmation each day via a text message. If I like, I can create a midday message as well, so that my subscribers can hear my voice once more, as I encourage them to create miracles in their lives.

Or I might create reminder texts or do accountability check-ins via text messages at the end of each day to see if my subscriber followed through on an action tip I had assigned to them for that day.

The power with a mobile-marketing opportunity like RingStir is that people get to hear your voice in their ears. When they hear your voice, it’s like they have a piece of you with them, one-on-one, inspiring them and giving them information to improve their lives in some way.

Can you see how RingStir might work for you? People will get to hear your voice as you guide them to do something, or think about something, in a new way. You will be serving others to create a better life with the help of your daily messages, tips, and reminders when they need them the most.

One of the creators of RingStir, Jennifer Wilson, who was being coached by a fitness pro, tells a very funny story of how powerful a program likeRingStir can be: she was driving up to a fast-food drive-thru window. Just as she was about to place her order, she received a text message that read: “I am watching you.” Jennifer just about dropped her cell phone in her lap as she high-tailed it out of the calorie-laden drive-thru line.

Ringstir allows coaches to create up to 10 messages a day for a coaching package, but I like the idea of having two or three daily touches with my subscribers. In their testing, the RingStir folks discovered 30 seconds is a good amount of time for a voice message. I did not have a recording device when I started playing with RingStir, so I downloaded a free recording device from, and within seconds, I was creating messages.

Ringstir offers several plans, but for the one I like best, RingStir gets $10 per subscriber/mo

for the length of time the subscriber signs up. Since you can set the subscription price of your mobile-coaching package as high as you want, this allows you to either fold that price in-to a larger program you are doing, or just offer your RingStir coaching package as a mobile-coaching package on its own. There is a small setup fee to get your program up and running, but the cost is negligible.

Can you imagine people getting your pre-recorded phone calls and automated text messages to keep them on track, hold them accountable, inspire them, and keep you present in

their minds — every day? Instead of giving your great content away through Facebook and Twitter, you can monetize your status updates, tweets, and tips with this easy voice and text program.

Here’s to your success!

Randy Peyser is the author of “The Power of Miracle Thinking” and the Harness the Power of Miracle Thinking Ringstir package. Visit :