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Cinema Noésis

IONS July Film Event Set in Indian Wells

By Victor Goss


Cinema typology is shape shifting before our eyes with the emergence of a newly-recognized independent movie genré presenting new paradigms, telling stories that have been ignored or denied, and revealing subjects suppressed by the-powers-that-be.

The unifying theme of these extraordinary films is the celebration of awakening human consciousness — and the idea that a better future is ready to be created by us. A select up-rising of these myriad voices has been brought together with the launch of Matthew Gilbert’s eponymous CinemaNoésis in Indian Wells July 17-18.

The multiple award-winning spiritually-subversive comedy/drama APOCALYPSE (according to DORIS) by writer-director Victor Goss has been included along with six other exemplary transformative films which will screen Wednesday, July 17 at 1:00 pm.

Cinema Noésis highlights quality movies that broaden and transform one’s perspective on the world and their place in it. The word noésis comes from the Greek word nous, and is loosely translated as “inner knowing” or pertaining to the mind.

This two-day film festival heralds the opening of the conference, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), which will run from Wednesday, July 17 through Sunday, July 21, at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa in Indian Wells, California, and be attended by leading researchers, scientists, and thinkers from all over the globe.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences was co-founded in 1973 by former astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell. IONS encourages and conducts research on noetic theory and human potentials, extended human capacities, integral health and healing, and emerging world views.

There is something special about the intimacy and power of film, and during this two-day event the attendee will be immersed in its potential to educate, to inspire, and transform. They view the films, meet the people behind them and take part in discussions with scientists and change agents in person.

Gilbert, founder and program director of the innovative festival explains: “What differentiates these movies is their explicit intent to either affirm a positive vision of ourselves or the world, or to actually change people — to challenge personal or cultural conditioning and beliefs.” 

Films chosen for this unique event focus in some way on the mysteries of human consciousness and the evolving story of human existence — which often occurs at the intersection of ancient wisdom, leading-edge science, and logic-defying events.

Seven new and recently-released films challenge the dominant paradigms of mainstream institutions as healthcare, science, and education, covering a range of timely and vital topics extending to the outer edges of human potential — taking a poignant look at how people confront and learn from personal experiences that don’t easily conform to traditional explanations.

These movies may change the way we think and act, and inspire us to do something about our future. In so doing, they become more than just artful entertainment — they become empowerment, often negotiating a labyrinthine route to reach audiences via alternative venues and showcases through a process of elimination that for better or worse avoids mainstream media and Hollywood marketing hype.

So we are gifted this newly- recognized indie film genré, Cinema Noésis.

For more information about Cinema Noésis and APOCALYPSE (according to DORIS): 

Victor Goss is a veteran holly-wood-expatriate writer-director-cinematographer living in Ojai, developing and creating independent narrative films uplifting to the human spirit with a paranormal edge and he can be reached at: