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By Lyda Whiting

Written by Gordon Hunter, Illustrated by Marvin Alonso

  What if you could take the Earth to the doctor for a check-up? That’s just what Mike, Katie and her uncle decide to do. But how do you check a planet’s vital signs? It takes help from a lot of scientists, but they find out about the health of Mother Earth. Now what?
This book takes an unusual approach to ecology, describing the state of the planet in terms that can be easily understood. The focus is on global warming, climate change, and energy consumption, and how our planet’s health can be im
proved by choices and combined actions of people all over the world.
An accessible call to unified action, this book gives readers information that makes clear the choices we face together.
For ages 10 and up.

Published by Trafford Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore.


Written by Carol J. Rosen Chihara, with photographs by the author and others

  When you look at an animal, do you see it as the unique creature it is? How do a tiger’s eyes look different from the eyes of a house cat? What is the difference between an insect and a spider?
Learn fascinating and fun facts about the life around you. Practice your observation skills with the help of the author, a biologist and professor emeritus at the University of San Francisco.
The excellent photographs of animals, insects, spiders, and plants bring the living world into sharp focus. From dogs and cats to exotic wild animals and plants, this book will help you observe like an expert.
Have fun reading this together — who can see the most differences? Children and adults will learn something on every page.

Highly recommended for ages 4 and up.

Published by Bookstand Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore.


Written by Diana Prichard Illustrated by Heather Devlin Knopf

  Patrick drags himself up for another boring breakfast. But
wait — is that a cow in the kitchen? His father doesn’t notice, and even uses the cow as a table. When Patrick opens the refrigerator, there are chickens inside. And then the kitchen fills up with tall trees.
By the time he sits down to eat his French toast, Patrick has milked the cow, collected warm eggs from the chickens, and gotten syrup straight from a tree.
While the father is oblivious to the strange happenings, Patrick finds out where his food really comes from. What will he find in the kitchen tomorrow?

These animals have quirky personalities, and the humor of the story is captivating. The illustrations are colorful and loaded with exuberant charm.
This book is irresistible. Be prepared for giggles and many happy re-readings.

Highly recommended for ages 2 and up.

Published by Little Pickle Press, this book is available at your local bookstore.


Written by Mukta Cholette Illustrated by Sommer Roman

  One sunny morning, Violette wakes up to banging. Her daddy is building a barn. Violette is excited — there is so much she could do with a barn! She could put on a play. She could have a big dance party. But why is the barn is so small? Her daddy wants a few animals: two chickens for eggs, one cow for milk… and a pig for friendship. What does that mean?

What would it be like to have a pig as a friend? Would you go fishing? Play cards? Ride a motorcycle together?
This playful story captures the creativity of young children in a delightful way. The illustrations are at once realistic and childlike, bringing the story to colorful life.
A charming and fun book to share that will spark the imagination of children of all ages.

Highly recommended for ages 2 and up.

Published by Cholett-Roman, this book is available at your local bookstore.