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This Is The Time on Earth for Humanity

to Awake to The Sixth World

By Michael Peter Langevin

he Mayan Calendar has ended. The new world is being born. Have you begun your new life?

Luis Nah is a teacher, and what is referred to as a Mayan Sacradot or priest or shaman.

He is located near the Playa De Carmen in Southern Mexico. When you meet this man you are struck by is rare mix of humility and personal power. His piercing eyes exude a timeless knowing that feels as if it cuts through all that is. He speaks eloquent Spanish and no English. I was introduced by his wonderfully charming nephew Alejandro who has become a good friend. Alejandro acted as my interpreter as well.

We spoke of everything from Mayan Gods and Goddesses, to how Christianity and Mayan teaching have complimented each other and become enmeshed over the centuries. We spoke of the Cenotes, the often hidden partially water-filled, caves of the Yucatan peninsula which the Maya view as doorways to the sacred underworlds. We even spoke of tourism and the U.S. media. It is Luis Nah’s spiritual teachings I will focus on in this article. For they I felt most aligned with and I feel they can inspire all of us to better more meaningful lives.

Luis states strongly that the Mayan spiritual teachings are rooted within cosmic, universal forces and not of human interpretations. These roots become an eternal echo. They are given to us by elemental, cosmic, natural, supernatural, and spiritual beings.

Luis feels that in his position as respected Sacradot, he must continuously search for the essence of the ceremonies and the understandings of the original instructions by the Creator and the Gods and Goddesses. He states that his role is to make these instructions available for humanity to consider. He does this so that we can again reconnect to the natural and spiritual worlds. We can all together then lead humanity to come home to a balanced and harmonious way of living. We can all develop respect and love towards our Mother Earth and all creation.

It is important in Luis Nah’s teachings to know that ceremonies are natural processes that create frequencies of adaptation and reconnection to our cosmic selves. The participants receive guidance to go through ceremonial processes that can create healing and awareness, to reach that individual’s highest potential, and learn to crystallize aspirations, spiritual instructions, and personal and collective visions.

Luis Nah has gone through an intensive ceremonial life, with many initiations in the Mayan traditions, to receive many ceremonial bundles and to now hold the elemental and spiritual forces at the sanctuaries he has co-created in the Yucatan. As a hollow bone or spiritual medium, the elemental, natural, supernatural forces come through him. Thus he can show the door to walk through and facilitate a true spiritual experience for most people.

As we become aware of the ceremonial processes, we begin to understand the original instructions. The requests we make during ceremonies are spiritual petitions, and come from the heart with a clear mind, with the generosity that we would like to see returned to us from Spirit.

This is the time on Earth for humanity to awake to the sixth world. The truth is that the Maya Ancestors left their knowledge and wisdom to facilitate the expansion of our consciousness and use of our bodies as energetic vehicles to live in peace and harmony with our surroundings. The Maya teaches that if we live according to the mathematics, geometry, geomancy, astronomy and ancient Mayan worldview, we can increase our perception of who we are and how we interact with each other. This knowledge also allows us to consciously connect with higher beings from other dimensions.

The wisdom of the Maya ancestors still lies dormant, and our next step as humanity, is to prepare to embody it and for our brains and bodies to take a great leap in consciousness.

Luis Nah attempts with his teachings to help each of us find what we should be doing to prepare ourselves and the world for the transition happening now? The Maya know this time as the return of Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent.  It is a mythical way of stating that the DNA of humans are being activated to give birth to the lineage of light beings of the sixth sun.

Luis is hoping to help awaken people of Mexico and from around the world to become the sixth sun beings, therefore Mexico is the country chosen for the Awakening of Consciousness and through their turmoil to learn to live in harmony.

Luis says, The Mayans were very technological and advanced in sciences. Their descendants today live to see a change in consciousness. Maya scholars and elders in Mexico watched with amusement and dismay as self-proclaimed experts from the U.S. interpreted that ancient Maya prophets foretold an earth-shattering happening to occur December 21, 2012. These phenomenons were described in cataclysmic terms — as minor as an ecological collapse to the earth’s initiation into a Galactic Federation, whose elders have been controlling our evolution for the last 5000 years. In short, the world as we know those experts said was going to suddenly come to a screeching halt.

The truth is, over a year later, that the entire planet Earth and everything on it is transforming. The transformations are more subtle than anything that would sell movies or TV specials. The transformations are taking place in our cells and our souls. Luis Nah is a teacher, and what is referred to as a Mayan Sacradot or priest or shaman. He believes in ceremony and reconnecting with ourselves and nature as the paths to personal and global transformation. His message is gentle and soft but also strong and powerful. This is and has always been the way of the Maya.


Luis Nah may be contacted for classes and seminar schedules and one-on-one sessions. Interpreters may be arranged if necessary via email at  

Michael Peter Langevin is the author of: “Spiritual Business,” “Secrets of the Ancient Incas,” and “Secrets of the Amazon Shamans.” Michael Peter was founder of Magical Blend Magazine, Natural Health and Beauty Magazine and Transitions Magazine. He presently lives in the Yucatan of Mexico doing research into the ancient mysteries of Mayan People and working with modernday shamans, elders, healers and the common Mayan people. Find out more about his internship program, his books and irregular blog at and on facebook and twitter.