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The Kriya Yogic Secrets to Perfect Longevity

(as revealed in Satsangh (”yogic talk”)

by Yoigraj Siddhanath in Rishikesh Retreat, Feb, 2014)


Leonardo Da Vinci said we (should be) interested in body immortality... but people mistake immortality and think that to be the final goal. Immortality is not the final goal. And the feeble voice of the Indian rings out ”feeble” because Indians are poor: they have no microphones, no publicity, no awareness campaigns, so they can’t be heard while Americans go boom-boom with the ”Immortality Program of Longevity of Life!”

It is not longevity that we are here for, it is divinity that we are here for. Longevity is an outcome of Divinity... So again the Indian Yogi comes and tells you, “Look, you get longevity to seek God in one life. The purpose of your longevity is just a tool. It’s a facility. It’s a servant of Divinity.

Yogis know the secret of crossing the gates of Death and Time. And here I will tell you their secret. And what I am going to tell you now is a real eye opener. You will say “By God, is it so easy? Is it possible?” But it is.

Every human being has apportioned unto him a fixed number of breaths according to his Karmic Destiny. 6 billion, 300 million. 5 billion 200 million. 5 billion 600 million. Whatever the number of breaths you have, that will be your life, and that is when the gates of Death will come and shut you out because your (physical body) Karma is over for this life. Is that clear?

Say you have a longevity of 5 billion breaths, right?  Within those breaths are contained the unresolved forces of our Soul which we call our Prarabdha Karma. Whatever your breaths are, you will live to work out your Prarabdha Karma — that is the karma apportioned to you for this lifetime. Having finished, you then depart to the subtler regions, casting off your physical body... which makes you live a normal life span of 70, 80 or 90 years; or whatever was destined to you.

Now what happens is when you practice the Kriya Yoga, you are apportioned, say, 5 million breaths. Normally we breathe 21,600 breaths everyday. In 24 hours. So a normal human being who is breathing 21,600 breaths will live a life of, say, 80 years.

Now what happens when a person does Kriya Yoga? He lengthens each breath considerably (both inhalation and exhalation). So when a normal person takes 21,600 breaths (daily), a yogi who is doing Kriya Yoga may take only 9 thousand breaths. Do you understand? So now he has a great backlog of breaths, and in those 9 thousands breaths his Karma is burnt very, very fast.

However his life (force) remains — because that number of breaths remains from each day. If he has 21,600 breaths allotted daily, and he takes only 10 thousand (due to his yoga practice), 11,600 breaths he carries to the next day.

That means the backlog keeps accumulating... (but) he cannot die unless he has finished that (apportioned) amount of breaths. He cannot die... So when death comes to give a death, that death is called Samadhi.

Breath is Life, right? That lengthened breath is still life within you. You pass through the gates of death, and you assimilate death, but you are conscious, alive — that is called Samadhi...Got it? That is why you should do Kriya Yoga. That is how great Yogis and Sages ward off death; it comes to them, every time, and they say, “Wait a minute. Not now. Not now.” And by lengthening their breath, they overcome Time. And without dying, they pass through the gates of Death into (higher) consciousness.

So conscious death is Samadhi. You go into Samadhi. When Death comes, others die and they cast off their bodies but... when death comes to you, a Kriya Yogi, and you are breathing the long breath, you go into Samadhi because you still have life left in you. Because you have lived 10,000 breaths daily where you were supposed to have lived 21,600 breaths... so you conquer death and you pass through the other side.

Now the human body is a laboratory and a place where you can experiment and perform certain duties towards your higher self. You can experiment within your self. Use it as a laboratory, an experimental basis. That’s why you can perform the alchemy of total transformation in your body! It’s so beautiful!

That is what the Yogi does. He makes of his body a scientific research center. As he sits for meditation all his energies start becoming subtler and moving up the spine. His procreative and vital fluids start moving gradually — their psychic essence starts moving up the spinal cord. In Indian systems of Ayurveda Medicine, we say you are made of phlegm, bile, and wind. And gradually by meditating, the yogi converts all his Kapha (phlegm), Pitta (bile), and Vata (wind) into Ojas, Tejas, and Prana (which I will explain). And that Ojas, Tejas, and Prana is converted into Love, Light, and Consciousness. The yogi converts all (this relative existence) into Love, Light, and Consciousness. That’s how he uses the body as a laboratory to get to God.

And gradually, a portion of Kapha — that is Phlegm: Kapha — the Kapha becomes Ojas; it becomes vitality and powerful (procreative) energy. The very sperm and the ova! The sperm it transforms, if it is condensed, it can transform into pure vital life (“love”)... The ojas has the power to arrest the decay of the body cells and transform them into light through Kriya Yoga. If the Kapha, the Sperm, the vital fluids, are transformed into Ojas, they protect your body against aging... and slowly transform your physical body, all your vital fluids, into subtler energy which preserves you and takes you on the way to God.

Then you have the digestive fire and juices. Your diet becomes subtler and less. It should become subtler and less. Not a heavy diet — like heavy red meat which has a lot of Uric acid in it, which is heavy on digestive juices. The big, heavy red meat is bad for meditation. Of course, don’t go and say that in America because America — they love their rind and the beautiful way they slice it and keep it in exhibition. Have you seen those big farms? The black Angus? That is supposed to be very tasty!

But nothing is horrible and nothing is good; it’s just there and Americans have black Angus and they like it. But we are doing what we want to do. They are welcome to meditate. Even a Black Angus eater can meditate. But you know the power of Kriya Yoga? Is that it drops away!

I have had many people who came to me who were eating beef and I did not tell them to stop. It dropped away. They said we are only on fish now. So I said, “Go to the lighter fish now. Then only on prawn. (Sometime later, they exclaim,) “I am vegetarian now.”  It’s more economical. It gives you a better meditation. That’s why vegetarianism is good. You leave that and get to a subtler diet. And that subtler diet (affects what) is called Pitta. Pitta is bilious, bile, digestive fire. The Pitta is transformed into light. As your diet becomes lighter and lighter, you eat less. You eat Sattvic, “purer” food. That word “Vegan” has actually come from (the Ayurveda concept of) sattvic food.

So Ojas, Kapha is transformed into Ojas (vital love, passion, life), Pitta is transformed into Tejas; that is light. And Vata — which is wind — is transformed into Prana. Prana is the life substance of the universe. Everything is connected by Prana. Somebody gave me a book... It’s called The Elegant Universe. How many read The Elegant Universe? It was an elegant book. But the elegant book became redundant. I said, “It’s a very, very simple thing. What are these guys going around the Mulberry bush for? You know, there’s no sense!” They tried to find the phenomena of the universe, that factor which fits in all other factors, and gives us what is called “The Unified Field Theory.” They are looking for one thing which fits all formulas.

So I said, “It is Prana. Prana is the thing that fits in all form-ulas.” This is Prana — when you practice Kriya Yoga to connect with Prana; that becomes consciousness. Your body consists of Phlegm (Kappha), and Bile (Pitta), and wind (Vata). The phlegm is transformed into a regenerating elixir which gives you longevity, it’s called Ojas. The Bile is transformed into light — a digestive light and a higher light. And the Wind is transformed into life force energy (prana) which becomes consciousness.

So, ultimately, in the laboratory of the human body, what have you done? You  have transformed your phlegm, bile, and wind, into Love, Light and Consciousness. That’s how the Yogi does the Alchemy of Total Transformation.

If the Guru is a Satguru, and he is what people experience him as, then definitely he increases your quality of breath and prolongs your life as you sit with him. Because he puts his Prana, his life (force) in your breath. That’s why I say a Satsangh (yogic talk) with the guru is more important than any Kriya meditation, when the Satguru is there. If he’s not there, then you continue with your Kriya meditation and transform.

It is interesting to note that many of Paramahansa Yogananda’s disciples, who practiced Kriya Yoga, lived exceptionally long, healthy lives.

Yogiraj will give a Free Satsangh and Yogic Experience on Sat, July 19 at the Seaside Spiritual Center in Carlsbad, CA, and again at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott on Sat., July 26. All in preparation for two Kundalini Kriya Yoga Retreats in California this year: Carlsbad Oceanside Retreat, August 7-10, and Mount Shasta Retreat, September 4-7. Visit: