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Message of the Pine Tree: Longevity

By Jenny T. Liu, M.A.


Grand Master Chi-Jen Liu’s Feng Shui Chi Art is a psychic and spiritual message filled with symbols, secret codes, charm diagrams, and Chinese calligraphy. Chi Art paintings inspire creative visualization that activates positive thinking to enhance intuition and goal-oriented behavior. The following is excerpted from Grand Master Chi-Jen Liu’s book, “Feng Shui Chi Art.”

From desert lands to the high mountains, sacred diagrams have been found all over the world. Many have been discovered in ancient necropolises of Asian emperors. Though it is not clear how or when these diagrams originated, because of their complexity and size, (some are miles in scope), many people speculate that they are extra-terrestrial messages or of divine significance. Every culture has its own theories based on history and legends.

To me, these diagrams reveal universal messages and relate with life-force patterns such as DNA, planetary orbits, and sound frequency. Some diagrams resemble patterns found in nature such as thunder, lightning, sun, moon, wind, ocean, clouds, volcanoes, and special land formations. Some are considered to represent different deities or God.

In Taoism, there are sacred diagrams related to primordial words that have evolved through the art of Chinese calligraphy. A 5,000-year-old tradition, Chinese calligraphy is best known for expressing an artist’s true spirit. The heaviness and lightness of each brush stroke, and the character of the written words reveal the artist’s inner power. A masterpiece is the result of mental clarity and deft coordination paired with free- flowing movements that capture the essence of a thought or the subject matter.

When I conceived the Chi Art, Pine Tree Longevity, I was engaged in a health mantra and mudra meditation. The image of the rising sun and a pine tree (a symbol of longevity) came to my third eye. Starlight on the top of my head was moving from the third eye to the rear of my head. Then it stayed on the top of my head and became white light.

During the meditation, a voice in my mind said to me, “tell people that the power of highly-intelligent beings exists from unlimited dimensions. This Chi Art is a message to human beings about keeping healthy and the way to longevity.”

The mantra charm diagram on the right of Pine Tree Longevity shows four Chinese characters that stand for “person.” Each “person” is separated by a grid line telling us that keeping distance from stressful people is an important part of longevity.

The Chinese word for mouth is repeated four times, indicating the number of meals to eat each day and reminds us that the things going into and coming out of our mouths must be balanced and is a crucial part of our health. The two mountains remind us of the importance of getting fresh air and exercising outdoors.

Like the pine tree, every day rise up and stretch toward the sun to let its healing energies flow through you from your head to your feet, warming and purifying you. Surround yourself with nature and pay attention to the animals around you. In this Chi Art, a bluebird flies towards the pine tree showing how it finds rest, shelter, and food in the pine tree.

Our health depends on our ability to protect the animals around us. We must remember they are a vital part of our ecosystem. Appreciating their beauty and song lifts our spirit and heals us. As you gaze into this Chi Art, you receive all of these benefits to transform your health.

Master Jenny Liu holds a BA in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and an MA in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in feng shui who shares her knowledge through seminars, periodicals, and the internet. For more information please see Liu-FengShui.com, or call Jenny at (626) 272-4901.