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Awareness Magazine
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By Sonia von Matt Stoddard



Of Bee, Butterfly, Earthworm, and Spider

By Linda Star Wolf and Anna Cariad-Barrett

(Includes Cricket Chorus Meditation CD)

Engaging the concept of integrated medicine wheel wisdom, made up of insects and related animal teachers, the phobias and dislikes associated with those creatures are addressed and explored in a positive light, with respect to sacred purpose and transformation.

According to the authors, “insect wisdom” is magic waiting to happen, as we learn to honor their creative tendrils into the collective web of life. Here we are shown the value of these tiny creatures and how to embody them into our world. From the earthworm to the butterfly, including vibration healing stories about the medicine wheel, and everywhere within the vast sphere of these items, we are pointed to the divine and a lesson that can be learned from each.

Published by Bear & Company, this book is available at your local bookstore or at www.bearandcompanybooks.com




Channeling the Transformative Power of Lupine Energy

By Linda Star Wolf with Casey Piscitelli

With beautiful, original art by Antonia Neshev accompanying the prose, this book is an intricate and intense introduction on the archetypal qualities of the wolf. It offers thoughts and inspiration for incorporating this powerful animal into your life, by providing in-depth insight on the wolf’s role as a visionary, pathfinder and guide. Each section provides a separate invocation for channeling the spirit of that chapter.

From the wolf as a community member, to the lone wolf, whichever one we can learn to connect with, we can utilize the powers of its spirit as a totem animal, as well as a guardian in our path. As a primal messenger, throughout history, between humanity and our ancient star beings, we can emerge into a new level of consciousness and awareness by becoming aware of, and harnessing the wolf’s intuitive knowledge.

Published by Sterling Ethos, this book is available at your local bookstore or at www.sterlingpublishing.com




Native Practices for Developing Intuitive Consciousness and Discovering Hidden Nature

By Tamarack Song

Tap into your intuitive tracking consciousness by expanding the awareness of nature you have inherited from your ancestors. This book is a tool that will guide and inspire you to gain the experience necessary to improve your tracking ability. You will learn to merge technical tracking methods with skills such as shadowing and envisioning, and will increase your working knowledge of animal behavior, so you will learn to think, move and react like the animal you are tracking, regardless of what type of animal it might be.

By exploring the intricacies of the animal world and learning about the teachings of the forest — its ghosts, the invisible trails — through its myriad of stories, you will come closer to enabling yourself, not only in tracking, but in finding the path to yourself as well.

Published by Inner Traditions, this book is available at your local bookstore or www.InnerTraditions.com




Journey of Love, Power, and Healing

By Jay Cleve, Ph.D.

Beginning with the history and foundation of the sacred pipe, Cleve explains the meaning, philosophy, use and relevance of the pipe from its ancient roots 3-4,000 years ago with our ancient indigenous ancestors, and forward to its importance in the age of today.

After providing guidelines and instructions to spiritually “awaken” a pipe, we can then participate in the “pipe ceremony” that may enable us to draw spiritually upon ancient memories, as well as awaken a ritual as relevant today as it was when initially performed, sometimes in secrecy, so many eons ago.

In this new age of radical shift and transformation, the pipe and its sacred ceremony may help ease and facilitate the journey into a larger mind and consciousness.

Published by Quest Books, this book is available at your local bookstore or www.questbooks.net




A Journey into the Shamanic World of Spirit Possession and Miraculous Medicine

By Margaret De Wys

It begins by touching a string of beads — a sacred Zulu necklace. Suddenly, the author is overtaken by an intense, overwhelming spontaneous possession. This experience prompts her to set out on a search to understand the depths of ecstatic healing.

After continuing dreams and visions, she goes on to lead, on the surface, a normal and “regular” life, while beginning to learn about holistic and shamanic modalities. She begins her work with a woman from El Salvador, whose practices allowed her to see into the future, heal diseases and to speak in tongues.

This book is the story of a woman’s experiences as she journeys to Brazil to work with the famous healer, John of God, then on to Africa, and to eventually return to the U.S. and reveal the potential for each of us to be a miraculous healer.

Published by Inner Traditions Bear Company, this book is available at your local bookstore or www.innertraditions.com