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Discovering the Divinity Within

A Preview of A Journey to Oneness, by Rasha


There comes a moment, in the midst of a spiritual journey, when something simply shifts. In that indescribable instant, there is the stunning realization that all the books, all the workshops, all the mind-stretching spiritual understandings, gathered up in your travels like a wildflower bouquet, can take you just so far. And no further. You “get it!” All that remains — is to actually experience it. Then, a magical moment arrives, unannounced. In the space of a heartbeat, it catapults you from the realm of believing — to a place of knowing.

In that moment, your awareness shifts — ever so smoothly — to an entirely different octave of Self-perception. Often, a deep inner-glow begins to build in your heart center. A smile you can’t hold back creeps across your face. Tears well up. You surrender all sense of separateness and allow yourself to melt into the embrace of something absolutely indescribable. You aren’t dreaming. You haven’t imagined it. You’re looking out through the eyes of Oneness.

Yet, the incredible thing is — it’s still you! Just not the you you’ve spent a lifetime believing was the whole picture. You “get it!” Without a single word spoken. This is a glimpse of the experience of Oneness — the Divinity we all share — explored in  the new book, A Journey to Oneness, by Rasha. It’s a spiritual destination, as unique to each of us as a fingerprint, waiting to be discovered — each in our own way.

In A Journey to Oneness — the long-awaited sequel to the underground spiritual classic, Oneness — Rasha takes us along on a seven-year odyssey through the maze of consciousness, as she shares the incredible story of her own spiritual journey. With the profound, transcribed guidance of Oneness (the Divine Presence often referred to as “God”) to light the way, A Journey to Oneness takes us for an authentic ride on the roller-coaster of spiritual transformation.

This vivid, literary tapestry chronicles a mind’s probing questions about what is actually happening as it slowly unravels and shifts into a higher octave of perception — documents the astounding answers as they emerge from within — and weaves it all seamlessly with the poetry and rapture of Divine Union. As Oneness helps Rasha circumnavigate the potholes along the road to “freedom,” the reader is given a vibrant new vision of the nature of humanness, and in-depth guide to discovering the Divinity within.

Below is an excerpt from A Journey to Oneness:

Oneness speaks: Journey to God-Realization

“There are no definitive calibrations within which God-Realization may be measured and categorized. Such categorization stems purely from the quest of the ego self of those who have strived, throughout history, for the attainment of what has come to be termed “enlightenment.” These structures and delineations are man-made, based on an analysis of the actual experiences of those who have tasted Divine connectedness — primarily by those who have spent their lives in search of it.

Most of what has come to be considered gospel on the subject of enlightenment has been structured by those who have attempted to attain a mentalized grasp of what they did not know how to approach in any other way. God-Realization is not a mental process. It is a surrendering of heart and soul. It is a relinquishing of all the trappings of identity. It is an embracing of the Essence of Love itself that radiates from within the core essence of every expression of Life —  throughout All Creation.

When one has made the shift into God connectedness, there is no need to verify it — for it is unquestionable. There is no need to weigh it on a scale of attainment, relative to the experiences of others, for each sacred journey is unique. None is higher or lower than another. Each experience simply Is.

The Realization experiences of some are punctuated with dramatic visual phenomena. Others simply experience an indisputable knowingness of the attainment of Divine Presence, unaccompanied by changes in visual perception. What unites the experiences of all who have made the Journey to God-Realization is the undeniable sense of inner peace, and the sublime sensations of bliss that accompany the attainment.

Expanding the Perception of Self-Realization

One is then able to escalate one’s perceptions of that state of Beingness through the focus of attention in deep states of meditation. In those heightened states of Divine connectedness, one is able to actually merge one’s awareness of Self with that of the Absolute, of which one is a part, and to know oneSelf to Be That. In that state of consummate surrender, the Realized Self is absorbed into the Totality and ceases to perceive itself at all.

These states of ultimate surrender are not permanent states of being. They are experiential plateaus of Awareness that can be visited, and in retrospect, remembered. In the moment, as the experience itself unfolds, there is no perception of Self at all. One simply Is.

These are momentary glimpses into the realm of Ultimate Reality. These are not states of Being that one is expected to, or would aspire to sustain. For, the purpose of one’s presence within the realm of physicality is not one’s denial of physical experience. The purpose of one’s journey into the labyrinths of linear perception is for the possibility that the culmination of that journey — the Realization of one’s own Divine Essence — might be experienced.”                                                    

From the book, “A Journey to Oneness” by Rasha.  Copyright 2013

Rasha has worked as a Divine Messenger for over 25 years. In 1998, she began a profound dialogue with the universal Presence, “Oneness” — the Divinity we all share and many refer to as “God.” Word for word, she transcribed the principles that give us a new level of understanding of the mystery we call “life” —  and empower us to transform our lives and our world. Her teachings are universal and focus on the personal experience of the Divinity within each of us. Rasha lives at the foot of the mystical mountain, Arunachala, in South India. www.onenesswebsite.com