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Sowing Seeds of Peace

By Donna Strong

At age four Flordemayo was recognized as having the gift — of being a seer into other realms of color, light and sound. At this very early age she began her training as a ‘Curandera Espiritu’ or healer by divine spirit. True to her roots, Flordemayo continues the legacy of her family lineage — being traditional healers. Originally from the highlands of Central America, she now lives in New Mexico.

At sixty-two, she has been a healer of divine spirit through her whole life, giving generously to help others. Flordemayo’s considerable contribution has been recognized by the International Congress of Traditional Medicine. She has been the recipient of the prestigious Martin de la Cruz Award for Alternative Healing.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Flordemayo is currently a member of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. This global group formed as an alliance of prayer, education and healing for our Mother Earth. She is a Mayan priestess whose teacher, don Alejandro Oxlaj, is the head of the Quiche Maya Council of Elders.

Flordemayo travels widely to speak and offer ceremony at events and conferences around the globe. Most recently, she participated in the Aloha Wisdom Gathering of Elders in Kona, Hawaii, to align with the shift occurring at this pivotal portal of time.

As a traditional healer, she has been teaching people about how to work with the plants for many decades. In recent years, working with seeds has come into major focus. Flordemayo works closely with her two colleagues, Emigdio Ballon, and Patricio Dominguez of the Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge (www.intk.org) to preserve seeds. As a woman who has ‘given life’ through having been a mother, Flordemayo’s role is to take care of the seeds through prayer. Working with spirit and taking action in the world, she continues her potent purpose to germinate a peaceful planet for us all.

Awareness: I understand that you were born under the Mayan astrology sign for Seed.

Flordemayo: Yes. It’s known as the Q’anil.

Awareness: Okay, so what does being born under the sign for Seed suggest for someone’s life?

Flordemayo: Well, the cosmic alignment is all about teaching, community, manifesting and growing things — just bringing people into an awareness of growth. The place where we receive our cosmic inspiration is the East. A seed person plays a role as a cosmic germinator.

Awareness: Oh, that sounds wonderful!

Flordemayo: Its significance is about germination, life and creation. It symbolizes abundance and those who take part in harmony. It’s the fruit of love and understanding. It also represents creation of the universe and that of the human race. It is the portal of the spiritual seed, meaning constant regeneration. We would be considered planters of life so it includes divine semen and of course, it would be the female cosmic seed.

Awareness: If that’s not fertile I don’t know what is!

Flordemayo: As the planters of life — we’re benefactors.

Awareness: Would you say that this was a very auspicious indication of your work?

Flordemayo: Well, yes. It seems like my work has been part of this. I come from a family that worships the goddess, and the Q’anil is representative of the goddess of the corn. The

goddess takes many manifestations, and she has appeared to me like this 14-foot luminous corn that speaks with a cosmic voice, not a human voice.

She calls me child and daughter, and I just go down on my hands and feet — just hit the ground when she comes. I’ve seen her materialize three times in my life already. Four years ago, the first time that we had a seed exchange, Emigdio and I were out in the field and he handed me an ear of Hopi blue corn and the corn became animated! It opened up and exposed its little kernels and they were moving and had little smiley faces with little eyes and little mouths.

It was so adorable. I mean, just so adorable. It just took me into absolute tears. I still own that ear of corn and I have her in a very sacred place. I have traveled with the ear of corn all over the world. I have done presentations and blessed people with it. Yeah.

Awareness: You’re very gifted with being able to help people realize that the realm we see with our eyes is not the only one that exists. What is most important for us to realize about being aware through visions?

Flordemayo: Well, there’s one thing that is absolutely imperative with your question. What I see is that as a human race we are always receiving constant, how should I say, callings from our Creator. We’re always being touched. There are times that humanity does not respond and open. What I mean by that is to open from the heart and allow the beauty of the mystery to enter into our being. We have to allow ourselves to become these vessels of life and to be in constant communion with our Creator.

There are things that the Creator needs to be done on this Earth plane, so we are asked, you know, everybody’s being asked at one time or another to do a particular thing that is going to be good for humanity. It’s an enhancement of our constant evolution and unfolding in the spiritual sense. Sometimes people will receive these messages and they don’t know what to do with them. They have no idea how to proceed. What I have done is take them very seriously, and gone into dialogue with my Creator and say, “All right, I’m just going to go ahead and do it.”

There are times that you don’t know how it’s going to get done. You know, I don’t have the physical strength, I don’t have the mind, I’m not computer savvy. How am I going to reach people? There are times that we don’t know how to just start, but if you are a willing participant, you are meeting the Beloved. I say, “I’m willing to do this, Beloved Creator, just guide me.”

The thing about it that we forget is we have to be examples. We have to be walking our talk. We have to be in constant communion with the Creator and just follow our steps. You know, I just spent all morning at the planning and zoning office. Everybody knows what that’s like, trying to get something passed by the county or state zoning office. It’s a nightmare.

There’s so much stuff you’ve got to know, but somehow we get through and we pray for the people to come into our lives that are going to help. We pray for things that are needed and trust and just keep surrendering and saying, Creator, you know I’m in your hands. I’m here, I’m following everything that you want me to do, I’m open.

That’s what I mean by surrendering. In other words, get out of the thinking brain and allow your heart to guide you and allow the magic of what is possible to take place. So things get done and people come and every day I just say, “Beloved Creator I’m doing your work. You know, guide and help me.”

That’s what I mean by surrender. I don’t mean give up, like the English word says. When we say the word in Spanish it’s entregar, which means to give ourselves to whatever it is that you are in prayer about at the moment. In other words — I’m not going to struggle with the Beloved.

Awareness: Good idea!

Flordemayo: Yeah. The word means I am here to work with you 100 percent. So throughout my life this is what I do, I manifest things. I’m a good listener, I follow directions and I work really hard pretty much 24/7. I’m not here to question the real mystery, I trust. I constantly trust all the time and that’s one of the things that I feel is the strength that comes through personal prayer, just being in sync always with a prayer.

That’s not to say, Donna, I’m not a human. You know, I do have a tendency to get cranky and tired. You know, I will let people know how I feel if I see something that is not correct. I’m a living, breathing person that lives both worlds simultaneously. I was born a curandera, this is what I do. All I have to do is close my eyes and I go into the invisible world.

The other thing that I am is a dreamer and a visionary. I am constantly receiving guidance through visions. They’re not necessarily for me, they’re for humanity and this has been one of my, we call it in Spanish, ‘don,’ which translates to a gift that you’re born with.

Awareness: I’m smiling at all the beauty of this, including all the humanity that we have to live with, not knowing the outcome but taking steps, while holding trust.

Flordemayo: Yeah... Absolutely.

Awareness: Well, tell me a little bit about the work you are doing with Emigdio. I did read that he had asked you to do some prayer blessing with the seeds.

Flordemayo: Well, three of us, meaning Emigdio, Patricio and myself, we’ve been working together since ‘99. We work very hard together. The three of us are people of prayer. Emigdio is the farmer and the agronomist and Patricio does shamanic medicine and a lot of different teachings and drummings.

I always use herbs for my medicine and I have been exporting them from Central America for many years. One time I approached Emigdio to see if he would grow the plants and it’s now been about four years he’s been growing them for me.

This is the kind of association that we have — we all have our gifts. I’m a woman of prayer and a manifester and a visionary. This is who I am. When the Beloved gives me a task I go with it. One of the visions given to me is the golden child. It was given to me two years ago on March 17th.

In an awakened vision a beautiful holy being came gliding into my room — you could see the movement of his robe and it looked like a cosmic wind was moving it. When I looked at his head, it was just this luminous glow extending out into the room. I’m saying he, but I don’t know. The androgynous being had a red robe, like perhaps closest to a Tibetan Buddhist or something like that.

He called me twice and said, “I have a gift for you,” and he placed this enormous egg into my hands. The egg looked like it was made out of clay, and I put it on my lap and started a spontaneous mantra. The mantra, ‘you are love. There is nothing but love and love is all that there is.’ I repeated this for about two hours, moving my hands back and forth, when the vibration of the hands and the prayer started to remove the outer shell of the egg.

As the shell began to fall off the egg I found myself sitting out in the cosmos and I could see the dust falling into the heavens — down from the heavens and into space. As I looked inside the egg it was crystalline pure white — almost like crystalline snow that started to fall. It felt like stardust falling. As I saw this magic was happening with the egg, I continued to do the extremely rapid mantra, almost beyond the way that a human would speak.

Then I noticed that there was a baby inside the egg and I just broke out crying, “How can this be? I said to my Creator, how can this be?” There was a human baby in the egg and the baby was absolutely perfect. I just praised the baby as I looked at every bit of its little body and I said, “Baby, look at how beautiful and perfect you are!” Then I noticed that the baby was an androgynous little baby.

How perfect is that? I just praised the baby. You know, the beauty of its little hands and arms — everything. The baby’s face was a flesh color. On top of the flesh color the baby had gold shimmering skin. It was a golden baby and I called out to the Beloved Mother, “How can this be possible, there’s a human with golden skin? How can this be?”

I just cried and cried. Hearing my voice, the baby started wiggling. I said to the baby, “Look at you, you’re so, so beautiful!” There were strands of gold in its hair. I was just shouting to the universe “This is a golden baby! The baby responded to my voice and started moving its eyes. Its little eyes were an absolutely beautiful almond-shape. The center of its eyes was midnight blue and the golden baby had little stars that were shining in its eyes.

I let out another shout to the Beloved Creator, “The baby has the universe in its eyes! How can this be?” At that moment I found myself leaving my body, entering the eyes of the baby and traveling into the four directions of the cosmos and then coming back into my body. It was the most incredible vision, one of the most profound that I’ve had in my life.

The thing is, people have been calling me and wondering, ‘Who is this golden baby that has appeared in our community?’ It represents the peacekeeper and us as humans evolving into the golden children of the future. The baby has asked that when it is seen, we should erect a peace pole and put multiple ribbons on top, rainbow ribbons of all colors representing the nations of the Earth.

At the top of the pole we are to put a golden ribbon, because this is who we are. We’re the nation of golden children. So we’ve been erecting peace poles and I’ve been telling people that it doesn’t matter even if it’s a family pole, because if you have peace in your family that’s where it starts. You know, we’ve got to be walking our talk and these poles are here for the children and everybody to go to the pole and release and find peace within their hearts and surrender.

You know, whatever it is that’s bothering you, whether it’s anger or hatred, whatever it is, surrender it, just let it go and embrace yourself in that peace pole and say, I want to be part of the peace that’s coming onto the Earth.

Awareness: How very profound!

Flordemayo: Yeah. I have wanted to be an activist of peace. The other thing that the invisible beings have said to me is that they bring us these tangible things, like the peace pole, as a way to speak to us. Many of us receive things from the invisible realm, whether it’s a flower, a rock, a branch, something like that. You know, they’re speaking to us and we have to hold these things close to our hearts.

Awareness: So how does the golden child relate to the Sacred Temple of the Seeds?

Flordemayo: Well, the property where I live here in Estancia, the main building is really a very small hogan under 1,000 feet. I had nothing in there, not even a spoon, and the first thing that I brought in was the image that was painted of the golden child, which is three feet by five feet. Over many days while I was in and out of prayer, it came that this is the temple of the golden child. This is the main house where I am now doing my teachings.

I have an altar there, a staff, and a picture of the baby. I also have acquired a small kind of sculpture of the baby with wings. It’s something that children can touch and hold and it becomes tangible to them.

The seed temple came through a vision last year where the Beloved Mother showed me a picture of myself sitting in a rocking chair making bundles and placing seeds in them. The Beloved Mother said, “Make bundles for the children being born and gift these bundles to them. Remind the parents that they are to take care of the seeds the same way that they take care of their children.”

I’m introducing the bundles at a conference that we’re putting together in Chicago with Anasazi children. The mothers and the group leaders are going to collect flower seeds and put together their own bundles through the instructions that were given to myself and another lady by the name of Diane Henry, who is also a peacekeeper. She and I received this collective vision on how to make the bundles and guide the children on how to make their own.

The Beloved Mother has given me the guidance to bring some fast-growing flower seeds to these inner city children so that they can have their own little gardens, even on a window sill, if that’s the space they have, so they can see the growth of beauty. It will remind them that they are living flowers of the Earth and empower them in this way.

For more information on Flordemayo’s activities, visit: http://www.followthegoldenpath.org

Donna Strong is a writer and a creatrix. For more information see www.donnastrong.com or http://spiritsynergy.wordpress.com/