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By Lyda Whiting


Written by Neal Donald Walsch,

Illustrated by Frank Riccio

The Little Soul had an extraordinary conversation with God. Little Soul said that it wanted to really find the part of itself that is called Forgiveness. “But don’t I need to have someone to forgive?” asked the Little Soul. Friendly Soul stepped up and offered to help. “I can come into your next life and do something for you to forgive,” said Friendly Soul. And Friendly Soul put on a cloak of darkness and then asked the Little Soul to do one thing. “I might be so caught up in our game that I might forget I am the Light. So I need you to help me remember.” Little Soul promised to always see Friendly Soul as the Light it truly was.

This children’s parable was adapted from the best-selling book, “Conversations with God.” The imaginative illustrations begin in the light-filled clouds and gradually transition to a dark forest as the story progresses.

This book teaches a beautiful way of looking at things and at ourselves.

Highly recommended for ages 3 and up.

Published by Hampton Roads Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore.


Written by Gina Otto,

Illustrated by Trudy Joost

Cassandra starts happily singing out loud, but soon she doesn’t know what to believe about herself. “You’re a messy girl,” her mother says. “You’re too different,” say the children in her neighborhood. Her teacher says she’s incorrigible. Cassandra isn’t sure what that means, but it doesn’t sound good. Even the mayor doesn’t listen. Cassandra feels so alone — until she meets her own beautiful angel. The angel tells her that all of those things people said were just stories that came from their own sadness and fears. The truth is that Cassandra is much more. Cassandra now has a new song in her heart. She knows she is a bright light, and no one can change that story.

Children will identify with Cassandra, and with her confusion about who to believe. This charming story will encourage children to believe they too have an angel whispering the truth to them. Written in lilting poetry, the book is filled with colorful pictures that bridge the realistic and imaginative worlds of Cassandra.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Published by Sterling Children’s Books, this book is available at your local bookstore.


Written by Valerie Lee Veltre,

Illustrated by Liz Leonard

Moo got his name because he had black and white spots like a cow. He was very happy at home. But one day his human was gone, and he was left on the street. Moo cried until three angels came to tell him he was not alone. Moo tried to be brave as he looked for food. A kind human took him to the shelter. At the shelter, he had food and friends, but every day he watched the kittens get adopted and go to new homes. Would it ever be Moo’s turn?

This gentle book deals with the issue of older pets needing homes. Children will love Moo Kitty, and adults will be reminded of the special gifts an older pet has to give. The last pages of the book list the benefits of adopting an adult pet, and tips for helping them settle in as a member of the family. Lively illustrations bring a light touch to this story with a happy ending.

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Published by Squidgy Press, this book is available at your local bookstore.


Written and illustrated

by Luis Rodriguez

Samantha is so excited! She is going to Australia with her parents. Her dad brings her a life-sized koala toy, and Samantha names it Klampie. She takes it with her on the trip, and cuddles it close when she sleeps. Samantha enjoys the trip very much, including learning that in Australia, a barbie is a barbeque, not a doll. Dozing on the plane home and tired from exploring the country down under, her parents are startled to hear Samantha scream that Klampie has come to life! How did a stuffed toy become a real koala? Or did he? What happened? It’s a mystery!

Children will love going with Samantha on her adventure, and learning about Australia. They will want to cuddle with Klampie. The best part will be that they know the answer to the mystery that Samantha can’t solve.

Great for reading out loud, this book is filled with colorful illustrations of koalas and Australia. You might want to visit the zoo to see the local versions of Klampie after reading this story.

For ages 5 and up.

Published by Mascot Books, this book is available at your local bookstore.