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The Prophetic Story Shared

by One Indigenous Tribe

By Sue Chehrenegar

As the last decade of the 20th Century came to a close, and the world welcomed the 21st Century, one elementary school teacher in LA County shared with her students a series of facts about the people and animals in the rain forests of South America. She didn’t realize that the focus of her classroom presentation allowed her students to learn about a group in which the elders shared the details of an interesting prophecy, one that concerned the period of history in which they were living. That group included all of the indigenous people of the South American Rain Forest.

The calendar used by those forest-dwelling men and women features more than months, years, decades and centuries. It also includes something called a Pachakuri, a period of 500 years. According to that calendar, mankind currently lives at the start of the fifth Pachakuri. A prophecy familiar to the same indigenous people has foretold the significance of this time in history. It has made reference to a meeting between two different groups.

One of those groups has been described as the people of the Eagle, each of whom lives in a society that concentrates on matters of the sciences and the intellect. Those associated with the eagle have a far different outlook on life than those associated with another bird, the Condor. Those men and women who have been linked to the condor have been described as being attuned to nature and the intuitive realm.

This story/prophecy has been told by inhabitants of the rain forest, particularly those who identify with one tribal society. Members of that society have chosen to share the details of their prophecy with Lynne Twist. She has devoted two to three pages of her book, The Soul of Money, to an explanation of the South American prophecy.

According to that published tale, both groups of people have progressed tremendously in the areas each has deemed most important. The people of the Eagle have become respected for their mind-expanding tools and technologies. The people of the Condor have attained to the height of intuitive wisdom.

However, such accomplishments have come with a sacrifice. The people of the Eagle face real challenges, due to their lack of attention to spiritual issues. The people of the Condor long for the sort of knowledge that can help them to succeed, in a world that is focused on material goods.

And as stated in the ancient prophecy, these two very different groups will come together at the start of the fifth Pachakuri. As envisioned by those who identify with the condor’s wings, that meeting will lead to emergence of something not seen before, an eagle and condor flying together in the same sky. That occurrence promises to bring the world into balance, following a period when the world’s extinction seems almost imminent.

As laid down in the prophecies of the Indigenous communities, those with different mindsets must come together. One group must share its knowledge, while the other shares its heartfelt wisdom. Completion of that union is supposed to ensure the attainment of a wonderful goal, namely that of a promising and sustainable future.

Sue Chehrenegar has been a professional writer since 2004. She worked as a reporter for more than two years before becoming a ghost writer for various websites. In addition, she has composed a short story that was included in the anthology Through the Eyes of Love. She has also written nonfiction articles accepted and published by several different magazines.