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Women’s Love for Animals

By Allen and Linda Anderson


When we wrote Dogs and the Women Who Love Them, radio hosts we interviewed with for the book questioned us. “Why write a book only about women and dogs? Men love dogs too?”

Yes, it’s true, both men and women love dogs and other animals. But the animals seem to read the difference in human gender and act accordingly. Our cocker spaniel Leaf goes all-boy with Allen, bringing a bouncy ball for him to throw and dropping it at his feet. He tends to cuddle and kiss more with Linda. Leaf gravitates toward men on our walks and approaches them with his head held high and a swagger in his step.

Our bird seems to register male and female differences too. Everyday one of us carries our beautiful yellow cockatiel Sunshine from his cage to the fireplace mantel in the living room. Two windows are on either side of the mantel. Sunshine likes to run back and forth from one to the other to take a closer look at the world outside his home.

One morning Linda carried Sunshine on her index finger to return him to his cage. She always whistles to him as part of their morning ritual and makes up new melodies. He listens and apparently takes them into his magnificent birdbrain. On the next day, he sings the composition back to Linda with variations that make it uniquely his own.

On this morning, Linda whistled a few notes to Sunshine, and he responded by flapping his wings in tune to the music’s beat. They kept up this dance all the way from the mantel to his cage with Linda repeating the tune and Sunshine dancing to it.

Sunshine has never danced with Allen. Male-female? Who knows?


Caroline’s Beau Makes a Difference

Caroline Loevner and Beau, her three-year-old Siberian husky, have been Pet Partners through Delta Society since 2009. This golden team of rescued dog and the woman who loves him shared the story below with our Angel Animals Story of the Week newsletter readers.

“After my husky Nikki became sick with Cushing disease, a degenerative disk condition, he was very weak. We went to the vet three times a week for numerous treatments. Whether he was having blood work to check his cortisol level or acupuncture or physical therapy for his back and neck, Nikki always had a smile on his face. Then one day, it happened; we awoke, and Nikki was no longer Nikki.

“This special dog was sixteen when he passed. I thought I would never be the same. The house was so lonely. My life was incomplete. I had dedicated myself to caring for Nikki. Now, I wasn’t sure what my purpose was in life.

“Then Beau came along two weeks later. He was a rescue from MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue. I took him to my veterinarian. He was amazed by Beau’s temperament and thought that I should do research on therapy animal work. At the time, I didn’t know anything about therapy animals.

“We met the amazing Michele Siegel, a Delta Society licensed Pet Partners Team Instructor and Evaluator here in New York City. We took the training class, were evaluated, and became a Pet Partners team.

“Beau and I make weekly Sunday visits at Rivington House, which is a 24-hour care facility for AIDS patients. We visit Ronald McDonald House on Friday evenings. We also do special work with treatment programs for patients with substance abuse issues, events with the Best Friends Animal Society, New Alternatives for Children Kids Olympics, and our reading programs for children who have difficulty reading aloud. We also work with women who are mentally ill and homeless.

“The bond a human and an animal can have is truly amazing. Beau has taught me what it is to have emotions. What it is to be human.

“Each week, when we approach a facility, Beau amazes me with his power. He is sincere and compassionate; he gives me courage. He knows how each patient feels and when one needs an extra pick me up. He senses the right time to cuddle when someone is down.

“Beau is truly a special dog. He has given a stroke patient the power to speak. The patient is now able to say Beau’s name. Our furry friends really do have the power to heal.

“Through our visits, Beau has taught me what is truly important. My whole life is now put in a different perspective. Helping others is what matters. Making just one person’s day happier is what matters.

“Beau has taught me who I am. I now want to pursue a career helping others and making a difference. I truly believe if it weren’t for Beau and our volunteering; finding out who I am and learning about life wouldn’t have happened.

“When we leave a facility, the patients always thank Beau and me for visiting. I reply, “No, thank you for allowing us to visit you.” Our visits are not just therapeutic for the patients, but also for Beau and me. Beau loves to work, and sharing a smile definitely is his calling.

“Nikki taught me about the love an animal can give. Beau has reinforced that love. If it weren’t for Nikki, I don’t think I would have Beau. If it weren’t for Beau, my life wouldn’t have changed. He has helped me to discover and understand the person I really am and why I was brought on this earth.

“I often tell Michele that she and Delta Society have changed my life. It’s so hard to explain how fulfilled I feel with the work Beau and I do. Words can’t express it.”

Is there an Angel Animal who will change your life if you listen to his or her sweet whisperings of unconditional love?

Allen and Linda Anderson are co-founders of Angel Animals Network and authors of a series of books about the spiritual connection between people and animals  Find out more about their new book at