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Voices of Hope


By Audrey Hope


How sweet the tale

That restores the land

How profound the words

To herald her revolution.

The goddess returns!!!

Truth sealed in


Her story - not his.

It is a simple re-right, really.

The power is in the telling.

It sparks with electrical currents

To enlighten her, him- all.

O Goddess Queen,

Hear ye, with trumpets resounding…

Know who you are –

You are the fire, the battery, the sun,

The lighter of lights,

Making everything – more.

But they stole your story,

Cast out your throne.

With deadly pen, silent sword-

They cut out your soul.

Till now!

Undone. Unbelieved. Restoreyed.


In the name of the Goddess fire,

In Feminine Decree,

I (your name) hereby command,

To take back my ancient power.

I am the Warrioress, Angel and Queen,

The healer of the world,

The balancer of the age.

And now with magic scepter in hand,

I vow to love myself for always.

I will never again ask for permission

to take back my throne.

I wait on nothing.

I reach for no one.

I fear not.

I am a Triumphant Woman,

Resurrected, Transformed,

By a self -love that can never be stolen,

By anyone, by anything, ever again.

So help me god.

Amen. So it is. So mote it be.

A declaration signed by (your name).


Audrey Hope is a spiritual counselor and host/producer of REAL WOMEN, an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives. Visit: and  Her CD, The High Voltage Hope System, is available on