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Subversive Comedy Queries If Movie About Channeling

Can Be Modern Shamanic Guide

By Victor Goss


A new narrative feature film APOCALYPSE (according to Doris) by hollywood-expatriate director, Victor Goss, takes a look at channeling, prophesy, and our obsession with the Mayan End Time and 2012, warning the dangers of predicting the End of the World.

This apocalyptic comedy swept the Akasha Metaphysical Film Festival in Carmel recently with the top SPIRIT IN FILM AWARD, was selected as a script finalist in the very first SUNDANCE WRITER’S LAB, and launched on video-on-demand at 11:11am the morning of December 21, 2012, when the Mayan Calendar came to an abrupt end after a long cycle of 26,000-odd years.

Goss states: “It has been my positive statement to release this film on the day that many believed the world would end. This is a good opportunity to have the last laugh with Doris — because we will continue to roll out our video-on-demand release to additional platforms throughout 2013.”

As described by Sydney Le-vine of IndieWIRE magazine, Apocalypse (according to Doris) is “Both funny and emotional, dealing with the paranormal, and conscious awakening — challenging us about who we are, how we act, and the meaning of our existence.”

What is this business of channeling? Where do channels get their information, and what does it mean to those who don’t understand? Should we expect this “new way of knowing” to provide solutions for real-world problems? Or does this point to new powers being revealed within all humanity?

In this story of an unknown housewife living on the edge of the desert, Doris involuntarily channels predictions of earthquakes that will bring about the end of the world, and becomes an overnight media sensation. She opens her door to true-believers and nut-cases alike, turning her dysfunctional family inside out for the whole world to see, including an unscrupulous reporter who infiltrates her group and has the tragic secret of his life exposed by this psychically-gifted woman.

Understanding channeling and other involuntary psychic experiences is what Doris struggles hard to integrate into her life as she walks a virtual tightrope of paranormal experiences amidst a difficult family situation in an environment of national chaos. She shares these experiences with us by celebrating the awakening and evolving human consciousness we now are experiencing worldwide.

Viewers see Doris as the ordinary person she is, not branded with the stigmatizing label of “psychic.” She is a sensitive and thoughtful woman with everyday problems, struggling and stumbling with conflicted gifts of paranormal perception. This complication ultimately guides her through a life crisis to a turning point where she must break free from routine and her past to become the butterfly she imagines herself to be, unfettered by criticism and negativity.

Channeling is becoming familiar around the world. Common sense melts into chaos trying to understand what this phenomena might be, if it is phenomena at all. If one acknowledges that a person can embody external separate personalities and voices, then our current paradigm of psychiatry and physiology is out the window. Yet in view of the overwhelming evidence, it’s hard to deny.

Prominent West Coast channel, Nora Herold, who is a popular counselor and teacher, describes it by saying, “We are operating on the AM band, and they are operating on the FM band.” It is about “...raising of the personal level of consciousness frequency state to be able to communicate directly with beings who exist already in a higher vibrational state themselves. They work on lowering theirs a bit because they want the communication to happen... we meet in the middle and have a conversation.”

Channeled information can often be misleading, conflicting, or false. Nora adds that those who are listening to a channel also participate in the value of the message equally, “...And the way to authenticate as well, is to pay attention to what you’re experiencing in your physical body and in your own intuition as you’re receiving information.

“Guides will often give information to manipulate,” Nora suggests. “Because the guide’s intent is to offer guidance and a transmission of energy and love. The guide’s intent is not to ...give predictive information.

“So you’ve got two levels of consciousness here. You’ve got the consciousness of the being that’s coming through and then you’ve got the consciousness of the channel who is bringing the information through which acts as a filter. If the channel has it in their consciousness that they really want to give prediction, they will force that predictive kind of experience using the energy of the higher beings. It’s not that it’s false, but the channel themselves will begin to access future timelines held within the consciousness of the higher beings and bring that information through.

“The intent of the Guides is to offer guidance and love for all of humanity at this time in our development, but they have always been here. Channeling is not a new phenomena. Channeling is growing in the consciousness because of our collective shift in consciousness but there is nothing new about it.”

She concludes by reminding us that channeling is not something you can believe. It’s not an intellectual construct. It’s something you must experience.

Apocalypse (according to Doris) can be seen anytime after 11:11am, December 21, 2012 on streaming rental VoD release and download to own on the Distrify worldwide platform located at:

Apocalypse has won the following awards: Script Finalist - 1st Sundance Writer’s Lab; Top Prize Winner, Spirit in Film Award - Akasha Metaphysical Film Festival, Carmel, CA and Best Feature in the Spirit Film Festival.

The cast includes: Jaime Gomez (Nash Bridges, “24” CSI: Miami, Crimson Tide, Clear and Present Danger) as “Felix” and Elise Robertson (Grey’s Anatomy, Six Feet Under, Two & a Half Men,) as “Doris.”

Contact the Starving Film Students at 140 N. Encinal Ave., Ojai, CA 93023, call (310) 740-2044, or email:

© Victor Goss 2012