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Spiritual Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

By Jane Doherty



Ancient Egypt is the birthplace of consciousness and the keeper of secrets. The more you study this advanced culture, the more intrigued you become with Egypt. How an ancient culture could be more attuned to spiritual wisdom than modern man is a mystery.

What is a perplexing spiritual mystery is why this ancient land affects visitors today. Is there a secret code energetically imprinted in the temples, Giza Pyramids, and the Sphinx that in turn transforms people? Ancient Egyptians have given us clues to these mysteries through writings, art, symbols, beliefs, structures, and temples.

Some examples of those clues:

• Images of spherical shapes of light depicted over the heads of gods and goddesses. (see image 1)

• Waveform symbols identifying forces of nature-water, fire, wind and sound.

• Symbols representing the soul and other energy bodies.

• Images of figures holding cylinder rods in both hands, suggesting some form of healing tools. (see image 2)

• A flower of life symbol painted above the entrance of Abydos temple. (see image 3)

• Astrological signs on the Dendra temple ceiling.

• Advanced technological wonders in Egyptian structures.

Energy is the connecting dot to these clues. The ancients knew how to use the forces of energy to impact consciousness. Every facet of their lives focused on achieving a higher state of consciousness. Some believe the Nile represents the human spine and the temples are aligned in a way that represent the energy centers of the body.

The Egyptians believed in immortality. Death was a temporary interruption rather than an end of life. According to their philosophy, man contains within himself the seed of the divine. The purpose of life was to nourish that seed. If they succeeded,  they were rewarded with eternal life and reunited with the divine.

How were the ancient Egyptians able to determine the purpose for their lives, while many spiritual seekers today are still looking for that answer? Could the ancient Egyptians have been directly in contact with a higher force gaining this knowledge?

What’s so striking is how they determined this knowledge without a religion. The concept of God as it is today, did not exist in the early stages of human thought. They did not worship a personalized form of God. The Egyptians worshipped a god who stood over them, and who gave them warmth — the Sun. Yet, their philosophical belief is similar to what has been a modern metaphysical thought for years, “the spark of the divine is within you.”

The Giza Pyramid

Consciousness expands in the Pyramid. Imagine you are a single dot of energy floating in space inside the Pyramid. Now imagine a series of energy dots gathering close together like a string of pearls adding to the single dot. Once the energy in the pyramid is activated, a critical mass of awareness is created as you stand in the pyramid. As a result, the dot becomes a plane of energy. That plane is a new reality and it shifts your consciousness.

What secrets cause the shift? The Great Pyramid seems to have been built to harness various types of energy in unusual ways. It is built in a location considered to be the center of the earth. It is attuned to the earth’s magnetic frequency and emits a low sound frequency facilitating meditation and altered-states of consciousness.

Interior chambers are harmoniously tuned to specific frequencies. A capstone of quartz crystal once adorned the apex of the Great Pyramid. The three Giza pyramids are aligned to the Orion star system which includes the star Sirius.

The pyramid has been a gateway symbol to the other world and the way to return for the ancient Egyptians. There is a vortex of energy beneath the apex. In fact initiates believed you could get messages from god meditating in that spot. Jesus and Moses were initiates and said to have started their ministries after being in the Great Pyramid.

Could the stones have a consciousness and play a role in the mystery? The walls in the King’s chamber is made of 100 blocks of hard granite composed of quartz, feldspar and mica. The chamber is noted for producing out-of-body experiences, visions, and strange sounds.

There is a cavity under the hallway leading to the Queen’s chamber filled with crystalline silica. The sand contains 99% quartz. What is unusual is the sand is known as musical sand. It makes a whispering noise when blown or walked on.

Quartz crystal creates a resonance which tends to enhance a psychic connection between the crystal and the user. Could the crystal be part of the spiritual mysteries? Spiritual seekers use crystal, and charging a crystal in the pyramid could enhance spirituality. The ancient Egyptians knew how to use crystal in unknown ways and there is no substitute for experience.

The sacred in higher consciousness and inner awareness seems to be the focus of the ancient Egyptians. Turning intuition on to its full power may just be a matter of visiting Egypt. Egyptian archaeologist Fadel Gad suggests that the ancient temples along the Nile were each designed to stimulate particular levels of psychic functioning.

The way of my life led me over the experience of spiritual awakening and transformation. It gave me the chance to discover the answers to the purpose of life and the riddles of destiny changed me from an ordinary woman to a psychic medium. In late 2011, I had a dream of the Sphinx and the Great pyramids — I was leading a group of people in Egypt.

Two months later, a tour organizer contacted me to lead a spiritual tour group to Egypt in September 2013. The best way to develop spirituality is to follow the ancient path of knowledge and be near the Sphinx for a direct experience. That is what I will be doing with the participants who are part of the tour group with me in Egypt.

There is no doubt that I am being guided to go to Egypt at this the time. What can happen? No doubt certain people will be guided to go with me as part of this tour experience. Deep inner knowledge can awaken us or we can transcend our consciousness, as we vibrate to the sounds and frequencies of the ancient stones — in this once-in-a-lifetime journey across time, space, emotion and inner-being.

The Egypt Tour will take place September 15-28, 2013. Visit:

Jane Doherty, named “One of the Top Twenty Psychics” by Dr. Hans Holzer, is author of Awakening the Mystic Gift, starred in international TV show, “Dead Tenants,” and was featured on Coast to Coast Radio, numerous other radio, TV shows and newspapers.