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Discover the Female Element




What is the difference in the mental in regards to men and women? Why are we females seemingly unique? Why do we think and react differently, what are our issues, and what are our strengths? Better yet, what makes us so resilient and strong?

Many studies suggest, and psychologists have proven, that women are better communicators, nurturers, and caretakers. Men mostly rule with their intellect, they reason with fewer emotions, and are more controlled in many situations.

However, this is not a psychology paper or medical research study. This is a purely metaphysical look at our differences in the mental; an examination of the female mind.

What does this mean to the metaphysician?

How does this seeming diversity relate to our thoughts and our daily experiences?

Consciousness consists of the male and the female element. When used in mind the elements are also called ‘reason’ and ‘feeling.’ The male element or reasoning ability does the analytical chores, while the female element or feeling ability does the nurturing, loving, and reacts emotionally.

Men and women are comprised of both elements. We are male and female; however, we express what we have ‘more of.’ I am a woman because I have more female present, and so forth.

An excerpt of my book “…because you can!” will explain the connection in a more traditional way. The chapter is called:

“What does marriage represent in the mental?” 

The concept of marriage in the mental represents a blending together of the male and female elements in mind. This is not a physical action, but a mental one.

It takes the male and the female elements, knowing and feeling, to create anything. What is made, or appears in the visible world, was conceived in the mental, nurtured by good thoughts, and born through your conclusion or conviction, which is a feeling of certainty. It is an extension of your consciousness.

The birth of a child is the visible expression of this mental process. The visible symbol of earthly marriage is the coming together of a man and woman to create more life. As we explored earlier we are all composed of the male and female elements. We are a complete whole, and we give birth to more wholeness. We are multiplying life into its visible form.

The focal point of our journey is to unfold and gain an understanding of the truth of life and how the creation or birth process works. All else will fall into place naturally.

So how does the male and female element affect our daily lives?

Our thoughts are the creators of our experiences. We can think as many good and right thoughts as we want to, but unless we feel these thoughts as true, we will not manifest our desires Feeling is the mother of all creation. Giving birth not only means giving birth to children to replenish the earth, it means giving birth to ideas and everything that exists in our wonderful realm.

Everything you see is a specific idea and was conceived by a thinker. It was not only conceived, but also nurtured and carried in mind until it was time for the idea to be born and manifested into this world. It could only be born if a feeling of certainty, the conviction that ‘it is so’ was reached. This full understanding of the specific idea brought forth the experience, or manifestation.

What do you think makes a woman strong?

I’d like to point out why being the mother or feeling/ female element is most important. Our children are thought children or ideas, as mentioned earlier. Babies born, reflect life’s urge to express more of itself — which could not be done without the feeling/female element. The idea of birth would be trapped, just sitting there as an idea in mind conceived by reason or the male element.

The reflection or picture in the material world shows forth as the male being equipped, yet trapped, with all if his potential. However, he would not be able to produce more life of his own. Reason, thoughts, potential, the male comes first, the feeling of certainty or conception and the creation of all, including more life, comes second. This process clearly shows that life consists of both, male and female — elements — as neither could produce without the other.

A baby’s sex is determined at the point of conception, depending on the dominant mental element present. This is a progressive idea and most likely will meet with some resistance. But I have observed this concept over many years. When I first read about this discovery I was pregnant myself and not surprised that we produced a son.

The theory is that if the parents are more on the analytical side they conceive a boy, but if the parents imbue more feelings, the child conceived is most likely a girl. This is also the reason that most ‘planned’ children are male and most surprises, conceived with lots of emotions, are females. Again, these are metaphysical theories and not backed up with medical studies.

A word of advice and loving guidance

God, Universal Intelligence, created all things from within. They are not created from nor are they of the material world. All creatures and things stem from this godly source and are projected out into the visible world. However, the substance of you, us, and all things remain of Universal Intelligence and are of mental origin.

In my world, there is only me and my sense of me. In your world, there is only you and your sense of you. No one knows how you feel and what you think deep down in your heart, not even your family or closest friends. Your feelings, emotions, and thoughts are your own; they are your secret.

I therefore ask of you: Do not see yourself as being a man or a woman. Do not buy into being black or white, or whatever color your skin exhibits. Do not think that your sexual orientation is who you are. Do not use the country of your birth as your identity.

All of these are only perceptions. They label you to act one way or another. See yourself as a mentality, a soul. Free yourself of the sense of racial, cultural, and sexual limitation. Act as the free Spirit you are. Your soul does not have a specific color or race; it is not only a man or a woman. It contains ALL.

Born in Salzburg, Austria, ULRIKE moved to Los Angeles in 1982 and fell in love with the diverse culture and arts this city has to offer. For the last 30 years she continued her intense studies, teaching and writing. In 2011 she established “Modern Thought Theories” a practical and provable guide to living life with passion, truth and goodness.,,