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Welcome to the Renaissance

By Mystic Trish

Women of the Baby-Boom Generation, it is time to start our Renaissance. I am done with the dark Middle Ages — I’m ready for the Renaissance of my life as I’m sure many of you are.

If 50 is the youth of our old age and 40 is the old age of our youth, we need to start planning for the future now. If we look at our progression of years like European history, we will see how we move through time as women.

First come the Dark ages, (around 35-40), then come the Middle Ages (around 40-49), and then come the Renaissance (around 50 and beyond). Or the flowering of Europe after everyone decided not to sit around feeling sorry for themselves in the Middle Ages.

After all, the entire world did not come to an end in 1000C.E. as was predicted. It was another paradigm shift in our perceptions of how this world would keep on going.

As women we go through different phases in our life. We all are born knowing who we are and what we came here to do. You can still see the light of heaven in a baby’s eyes; they are still connected to source. By the time we start school other forces are shaping us including school, parents and religion. This is when we start to forget who we are and what we have come here to do. We start losing our authentic self.

But there is another phase that starts just a few years later when we girls are about 15. This is when we get hi-jacked by our hormones. And for the next thirty years or so we will have this as our driving force. We are hard wired this way, it is our biology and how we make sure that we keep our species going. We just got hi-jacked by our hormones from what was our personal path for the bigger human species path. Our spiritual path, the path we chose before we were born is now set aside. We have spiritual amnesia.

So what do we do when all those hormones calm down? We get restless. We start having these not-so-vague notions that something is missing and where is the rest of my life? Yes; “MY LIFE!” not the part of you that is a wife or mother or daughter. “Your personal path in this life.” That thing you came here to do this time around on earth.

Your hormones just brought you back from where ever they were hi-jacked 30 to 40 years ago.

Yes... this is called menopause or middle age.

I prefer to call it “THE RENAISSANCE” a time of revival… or a renewed interest in your life. Not a mid-life crisis. Not menopausal histrionics that need to be quietly ignored or sedated. One of the best ways to find your authentic self again is to imagine what your perfect 10-year-old self would want to do. She knows, she remembers.

A few years ago I wrote about the baby-boom generation and how we were growing older and hopefully wiser, and what are we going to do with the extra years we have been given. Ah yes, a prosperity of years. Most of us are outliving our grandmothers’ generation by decades. Our grandmothers were considered middle aged at 30.

At the turn of the 19-century the average life span was fifty years. So we must adjust our thinking, our new middle age is 50. We have so much more time now to enjoy our “Renaissance” and find our path of true fulfillment once again. It’s time to bring your authentic self back to you.

We are the baby boomers and we have been part of a lot of changes from our massive population explosion in the late 1940’s to early 1960’s, to now having to deal with Social Security and Health Care reform. We are the generation of rock and roll, flower power and protest. In our youth we did not accept the wrongs of the world just because it was the way it had always been. We protested the Vietnam War. We marched for civil rights. We burned our bras for women’s rights. Where is that passion for change now?

We have to Renaissance our middle age! If fifty is the new thirty, then retirement cannot be at age sixty-five.

We have several more decades to go. As middle-aged women we are a driving force that is changing the world. We now have enough time to change the world into something we want to leave our grandchildren. We might even live long enough to see these changes.

So be the Renaissance, be the flower and grow into your beautiful, true, authentic self.

It is now time to replant your garden.

Trisha Howe is a born intuitive who started psychic training at age 15. She has over 30 years’ experience in Intuitive Counseling, Crystal Healing, Tarot, Mediumship, and Clairvoyance. Contact her at