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Women, TV and Tension

By Debbie Johnson

I got tired of waiting for someone to write another TV show I could watch and actually enjoy! So I decided to write it myself. Years and lots of work finally helped me to produce it and the miracles that have happened to get me to this point are astounding. I will tell you about some of those in a minute, but first I want to help you understand why you might feel stressed watching the violence and profanity you see in most movies and even on television.

We women need to feel safe and secure. But watching many current movies or TV often leaves us feeling subconsciously stressed, and certainly not very uplifted. Women have enough stress in their lives, and their nervous systems are finely attuned to anything that may make their safety feel threatened. Have you noticed how much most women worry?

Women appreciate the finer points of spirituality and love, and we are very intuitive, which often translates into sensitivity. Why is that more different for women than men, at least most of the time? The answer is really quite simple:

Men are hunters; women are nesters. Primitive men needed to focus on big game. Women needed to listen to their children and nurture them. Women need to be sensitive to the young heart and mind. That is from primitive times up until today. Of course we can rise above this, but in a fast-paced world full of tech toys that can sap our energy, it’s nice to find some peace in our entertainment. There are some venues for that, such as Spiritual Cinema Circle.

So, what about TV?  Back to the miracles: The first one was when I was house-sitting (basically homeless) when God told me to move to Santa Barbara, CA. I never lived there before and had no money, but of course I said, “Sure, if you get me a job!” Then I got a call from someone who wanted me to ghost-write a book. Great, there was my job!

I got a room in a house, a miracle in itself, as housing prices are so high and there are very few rooms available. Within two weeks I met Fred Freeman, my screenwriting mentor, who had written for Mayberry RFD, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, and so many more movies. I had no idea that Santa Barbara was a screenwriter’s mecca! I wrote my screenplay between ghostwriting, then moved again.

When I started feeling so strongly that I had to produce this, I told God, “If I must get a camera and shoot this myself, I will!” I just kept moving forward, doing the things that were free, like writing more, then casting and setting up locations, etc. The money did come, and I was able to give women something they deserve. Every step has been a miracle, so I know I must be on the right track!

Here are three more:

For sets — every business in Victoria, MN, where I live said, “Yes” to allowing me to use their building or parking lot for locations needed to film the Soul Survivors TV pilot. After all, I’ve only lived here a very short time and no one really knows me. I was dumbfounded with gratitude.

One of the stars, Timotha Lanae, also a recording artist, found out on the last day of shooting her scenes that she was nominated for New Soul Artist of the Year in the U.K. Now her CD, Red, is number one on the charts there! Our Director of Photography, Dale DiMassi, won a regional Emmy award for his documentary film!

I was so excited to find an interfaith organization while looking for a non-profit to partner with for Soul Survivors TV launch, and to hear what one of the team members had to say about my concept: “It’s wonderful if we can meet at any level, and angels are one where we can meet and still maintain the mystery of our own faith.” She struck a very deep chord in me, making me feel evermore grateful for this project and the potential to touch people of all faiths with the eternal message of hope, faith and love.

Why is the pilot movie and this potential web-TV series about angels-in-training helping couples on earth?

Lots of women, like me, love entertainment that gives them spiritual sustenance as well as information that helps with the health of their relationships, which of course, in turn, promotes their physical health. Women are nesters, focusing on keeping the family together by caring about relationships and making them stronger in any way they can. If the relationship is stronger, the woman is usually stronger. I am hoping my show will help women in many ways, and that they will experience their own miracles!

Best-selling author Debbie Johnson is the writer, producer and director of Soul Survivors TV.
Visit: and visit her Miracle blog at