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Finding Solutions to Life’s Problems

with The YES Frequency

Master a Positive Belief System and Achieve Mindfulness

By Gary Quinn


Problems. They’re part of life. We try to avoid them at all costs but the pesky things keep showing up! As the saying goes, “It’s not what happens to you that matters, it’s how you deal with what happens.” But how do we deal with what happens so we can move on to living our best life? How do we not get angry, frustrated, overwhelmed and stopped in our tracks with life’s challenges?

It’s first about changing our minds. Changing the way we look at things from the negative to the positive. From NO to YES. “The YES Frequency” is about tapping into a positive energetic vibration that overpowers all negative emotions surrounding those “bad things that happen to us.” This powerful tool will help you develop the skills to cope with life’s challenges so you can solve problems and find solutions easily and quickly:

1. Problem: How do I boost my confidence?

Solution: It starts with YOU. Not how people treat you, compliment you, are in awe of you or the opposite, people who criticize, insult and dislike you. It’s not about a great hairstyle, best body, smoothest, youngest face and biggest bank account. YOU have to get the confidence ball rolling. When you tap into the positive energy of YES you will attract the right people and the great opportunities.

You have to love you before others will. Think of life as one giant mirror. It’s simple; we attract what we put out. And that is about energy. When you have YES on your lips and in your mind, you’ll be a magnate for abundance, love and all the good things in life. And then as you mirror back all the positive energy, it grows and gets stronger.

When you’re confident, you will naturally want to take better care of yourself inside and out. Create a mantra, a positive sentence to repeat to yourself (and even aloud) daily. Develop a personal mission statement and use that as a daily affirmation. Mantras and affirmations have a powerful effect as they get imbedded in your psyche reinforcing a chemical pathway in your brain. So why not ingrain your brain with YES?

2. Problem: How do I get past my fear(s)?

Solution: The first step is to understand that we won’t ever eliminate fear. It’s innate to have fear come up. It releases adrenalin, in life or death situations, promoting a flight or fight response. But we’ve taken fear to a whole new unnecessary level. (Probably from too much breaking news and Googling diseases!) Know that this other kind of fear, the one that’s in our mind, is a signal to us that we have lessons to learn.

What do you do? Walk toward it, through it and accept it with open arms. Say YES to it. The worst part of fear is what it stands for (as an acronym): false evidence appearing real. It’s the worry, the “as if”, that expands our fear. When we face it and move through it, the fear subsides. And you know what? Often the fear was not nearly as bad as we imagined. So saying YES is the best way to minimize it. Then the payoff is huge. You become stronger and believe it or not, happier for surviving it. You’re building your YES muscle for the next great life experience.

3. Problem: How do I find my passion and purpose?

Solution: It’s essential to say YES to a challenge before you take steps to finding your passion and purpose. When you don’t know what your passion is, the good news is that it already exists. It’s about finding the passion within. But first you have to be open, and say YES to this path of the unknown to get answers. Ask the question. “What is my passion?” and wait for the answer. Then create a mantra or positive sentence about your passion and purpose. Passion is about tapping into your intuition, paying attention your gut — that all-knowing inside.

The YES Frequency is about paying attention to yourself and your life. Just like finding a new career, this is about being open, to allowing the information to appear. Start noticing what you are automatically drawn to. What do you want to do when you’re not working? What books or websites are you attracted to? Once you activate your YES Frequency, you’ll see your passion everywhere. Know that you have a passion or many passions. And your purpose? Just being alive is one giant purpose. Now what will you do with it?

4. Problem: How do I create a new career?

Solution: The key is to know what you want. (not so easy!) You may not know exactly what the job looks like. In many ways it’s just like creating that love relationship. Instead of going on a search to find the perfect career, start with an inner search — YOU. Trusting the frequency experience of YES creates a powerful force inside you that can act as your inner guide to that career. The YES Frequency is about believing and receiving. It’s about being open to opportunities. Saying YES as they show up in your life.

Once you have activated the YES, start taking action. Start with small steps like volunteering, or interning (obviously this depends on your financial situation). You may have to start with once a week or once a month to volunteer or intern. This does two things; it creates new experiences with your passion and connects you with people who can help you realize your dream career. Also surround yourself with YES-minded people and energy. Find people with the career you want and make them your mentors (either follow their careers or get to know them personally). Watch the TED talks online for inspiration.

5. Problem: How do I get out of credit card debt and get financially fit?

Solution: The first thing to understand is WHY you got into credit card debt in the first

place. Obviously things come up that may require us to go into some debt on occasion. But most of us get into debt by spending beyond our means. We have to ask ourselves, what is missing in our lives that makes us need more stuff?

The good news is, it’s become chic and trendy to downsize and simplify. Start saying YES to what you have and be grateful instead of looking at the glass half empty, longing for what you don’t have. Happiness is not having what we want; it wants what we have. Ask yourself what really makes you happy. Chances are it is not really the new shoes or the new car.

If we peel away the “stuff” onion we can find the happiness treasure. Stuff translates into experiences. We’re really after a feeling that stuff gives us. Maybe there’s a less expensive way to activate that “new stuff” feeling. Perhaps the new shoes and new car are about change.

So maybe we aren’t fulfilled in some other area of our lives like love and purpose? And that does not require a credit card! Once we can stop the habit of overspending and impulse buying we can stop the credit card debt. Another YES step is to take action. Even little steps.

Start paying down the debt even if it is just a few dollars more than your minimum (but the more the better!) You’ll feel good about that step which will motivate you to keep going. (For extra help, there are many support services to help consumers get out of debt) The key is to take YES action now.

6. Problem: How do I change my eating habits and get physically fit?

Solution: The key is to get into the YES and get away from the NO and all the negative energy. Try focusing less on what you shouldn’t have and more on what you want to add to your diet to get healthy and fit. Keep it that simple. Once again it’s about getting into the YES Frequency. Seeing a positive, not a negative.

Diets never work because they often begin with what you can’t have, and what you must eliminate rather than focusing on incorporating healthy eating habits. So what we end up focusing on is the lack. To develop a more fit body, it’s about seeing exercise as a positive habit. Take tiny steps.

Start with a short walk, a hike or a class. That will develop a positive feeling about moving your body and making you crave more exercise. The key is to do something on a regular basis. Create a YES affirmation and say it while you’re exercising. Living in the YES frequency acts like our personal life coach motivating us toward the positive things in life like healthy eating and daily exercise.

7. Problem: How do I get out of a bad relationship?

Solution: A bad relationship is less about the other person and more about YOU. It’s about the bad relationship you have with yourself. You’re saying NO to yourself when you stay in a bad relationship. There are many variables in the complex world of relationships, but we all know you can’t change anyone else. But you can change YOU.

When you have tapped into that YES energetic field you’re saying YES to you. When you do that you’ll start choosing wisely. You’ll stop people pleasing and learn to please yourself by surrounding yourself with healthy, satisfying relationships, personal and business. (Professional help may be necessary especially if there is any domestic violence/abuse involved)

8. Problem: How do I get into a good relationship?

Solution: First we need to change the often-asked question: How do I find love? When we view it as a giant search, most likely we will always be searching... out there. But the key is to look inside ourselves. To be the one we are looking for. It is an important step in activating the YES Frequency. In order to find love we must say YES to it. But it’s really saying YES to ourselves. Then of course, we have to take action. To put ourselves in love’s path.

That may mean online dating, finding creative ways to meet people, doing what you love. Believe and receive. It’s all a journey. Once again it’s saying YES to ourselves first. Tapping into the YES Frequency makes you a magnate because you’re now open to possibility. And you will attract the right relationship for you. The question to ask is, whom do I want to go on that life journey with?

9. Problem: How do I navigate the dating scene after divorce?

Solution: This is a great time to tap into your YES Frequency. After you’ve given yourself time to heal from the pain of divorce. It’s important to give yourself time to heal. To discover or rediscover yourself. You want to be very careful of who you attract. When you tap into your YES energy you leave yourself open to love. It’s important to know who you are and anchor yourself.

 If there’s ever a time to be open (but cautious) it’s in this situation. Think of dating after divorce as an adventure to meet new people. Having NO EXPECTATIONS will take you a long way. This is about the journey not the destination. And who knows? You might find the best relationship ever (or at least the best stories!). And this is a great opportunity to practice your YES Frequency skills every time you step out on a date!

10. Problem: How do I get over the fear of aging?

Solution: Think of a time when you were your happiest; falling in love, on a great vacation, getting fantastic feedback on a job well done. The world stopped, right? You loved every second. You were carefree. Worry free. And most importantly, living in the moment.

When we are completely present, we are not worrying about life passing us by, about getting older or what the future will hold. When we focus on our age, we miss out... on life. We have no control over the passing years, but we do have control over how we live those years. This is about saying YES to life. YOUR life. By focusing on the inside and developing that powerful YES Frequency, instead of seeking out the latest cosmetic options, you’ll develop that ageless inner energy as the years pass. That’s where our true fountain of youth exists. So release the fear and live life.

Gary Quinn is the founder of the Touchstone For Life Coaching Certification Program, which trains, transforms and empowers individuals to create fulfilling lives. His teachings have been embraced by people from all walks of life including entertainers, athletes, and corporate leaders.

A highly-regarded Celebrity life coach, television producer and intuitive, Gary travels worldwide for seminars, private coaching sessions and television appearances. Visit:

Gary will be doing a YES Frequency book signing Sept. 12 from 6:30 to 8:30pm at Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice, CA, (310) 399-7070. Free.

He will also present The YES Frequency workshop at Awakenings Center for Conscious Living in Laguna Hills, CA on Sept. 28 from 10am to 5pm. (949) 457-0797. Admission $85 prepaid, $100 at door, or $150 for two.