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The Path to Spiritual Prosperity

By Tori Helf, MA

Are you dreaming of becoming a healer or beginning a spiritually-based business? Are you terrified that you will not make it financially? Or have you already made the leap but you are struggling? If so, I understand. I have been in both places. It is fascinating how easily we can become discouraged financially when doing our Divine work, but I know you can turn it around!

I will be honest. I was terrified to leave my cushy corporate job. I made an amazing income and had benefits, but my soul was dying. I had been coaching and offering readings on the side for a few years but it wasn’t enough anymore. I had faith that my angels would guide me and the Universe would support me. I took the leap and left my job. I landed on my face.

Yes, the fear of not “knowing” where the money would come from haunted me. I was being smacked in the face with very old money beliefs from my childhood poverty and they were more powerful than my guidance. Why you ask? Because my fear literally drowned out any messages I was receiving for my own business. And even more terrifying, this energy repels clients.

I did manifest some corporate coaching but this is NOT what I wanted to do! I enjoyed my clients but I wanted to be doing spiritual work. I had my Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and Coaching, so why was I still doing THIS work? It was safe. As fate would have it, the Universe pushed me to follow my heart. At the end of my first year of being self-employed, ALL my corporate clients dropped me.

I was now down to a few private clients and my credit card. I had to face my fears of self-employment. I had to find my own value and know the value of doing spiritual work. Even after many years on the spiritual path, I went back to basics. Dealing with our issues around abundance is basic. We have to go back to the messages we received about money our whole life and release them.

I want to share with you the tools that helped me clear the old energies so I could attract more clients and begin turning my finances around. I invite you to use these exercises to get clear on what’s holding you back as well as what you really want! If you aren’t clear you cannot manifest what you desire. Begin with your belief systems. Challenge yourself and go deep!

Write down 100 or more beliefs you have about money and doing spiritual work. Just let it flow and if you get stuck sit with it, if nothing comes, walk away and go back to it later. Once these beliefs are written out go over them and see if you can find the “primary fears” or themes. Then honor them with gratitude. Fear is our subconscious mind’s attempt to keep us safe, so honor this wisdom.

After you honor your fears, begin to see why your fears are not true. Then, burn the list. Burn it ceremoniously and allow yourself to release these belief systems that no longer serve you. Now you can begin positive affirmations towards abundance. Create a vision board with the life you want to live and keep it somewhere you can easily see it each day. Also, visualize what you want DAILY in meditation.

The most important key to shifting your financial woes is to shift your energy. If your vibration is low, you won’t attract what you want. Read books on financial abundance daily and keep your thoughts positive!

Practice gratitude continuously. You are in the process of doing the work you love and this is bliss. As your energy shifts you can make a business plan, because hope is not an actual plan.

The world needs your spiritual gifts. We need more teachers, healers, and guides to help change the course of our planet. It’s your time! Do your inner work so you can love what you do, AND pay your bills. Honor your gifts and know that sharing them can change the world one client at a time. I am so grateful I made the journey successfully, because money doesn’t make you happy but happy does make you money.

Tori Helf, MA is a Coach, Intuitive, Heal Your Life Teacher, and Yoga Teacher in training working with people to change their lives one thought at a time through the use of modern psychology and spiritual practices to find true happiness and success. To learn more visit