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The Power of Your Angels

28 Days to Finding Your Path and Realizing Your Life’s Dreams

An interview with   ISABELLE von FALLOIS

By Randy Peyser


Why is it that crises multiply faster than rabbits? Isabelle von Fallois was a pianist studying to become a professional musician when she was diagnosed with advanced leukemia. She then lost her boyfriend, her music scholarship, and her home — all within one week. The most optimistic guess was that she had three weeks to live. More likely, she only had three days.

Terrified, Isabelle decided to make the most of the time she had left to live by practicing forgiveness... and then the angels began to arrive. To the utter amazement of her doctors, Isabelle lived.

As of today, Isabelle has assisted thousands to overcome the difficulties in their lives. She also offers an ANGEL LIFE COACH Training, teaching 7 powerful angelic tools, such as Angel Readings, Angel Trance Coaching, Past-Life Regressions, and ISIS ANGEL HEALING to name a few, to coaches who want to help people activate their self-healing powers and live the life of their dreams.

Isabelle’s new book, to be published in the U.S. in April 2014, The Power of Your Angels: 28 Days to Finding Your Path and Realizing Your Life’s Dreams (Findhorn Press), became an immediate number one bestseller in Germany and Italy. In the book Isabelle offers superbly practical advice to work with the angels to cleanse your past, re-create your story, raise your frequency, and manifest miracles. To read Isabelle’s daily channeled messages, visit:

Randy Peyser: After going through breast cancer last year, I know how scary cancer and chemo can be. What happened to you?

Isabelle von Fallois: In the week when I got my diagnosis in 2000, I lost my house, my partner, my scholarship in California to be a professional pianist... and I was given 3 days to 3 weeks to live. It was a great shock. I thought: Why should I go on living? I’ve lost everything. I was terrified. Then a doctor said: “If you die, my heart will break. You’re such a special, talented, beautiful woman, and I can not stand the idea of you dying.”

Even though I felt like everything in my life was gone, this doctor made me feel that if there were men who were this caring out there, maybe I should fight for my life. So, I went home.

I knew from reading Louise Hay that if I wanted to survive, I needed to forgive, starting with my ex-partner. I was bedridden, so I prayed the entire day to forgive him. I started doing affirmations. After two weeks, I passed out if I sat up for 30 seconds. I was so weak I knew I needed to go back to the hospital to start chemo. But now my mind was clear. I felt like I had the energy to fight because I had forgiven.

The doctors were shocked I was alive. They knew music was my life, and they allowed me to have a portable, electric piano in my sterile room. Being able to see my piano helped me to fight.

I knew I had to be totally at peace if I wanted to heal. I kept asking, “Why me?” But then, Maestro Sergiu Celibidache, my former teacher who was already in heaven, spoke to me. He said, “Don’t you remember, in Zen Buddhism, no one asks about the “why”?

Pure Grace was present. I knew I needed to accept my situation. I said that I would do everything I needed to do to survive, but I was at peace if it was my time to go. I thought I would panic about being left alone to die, but the moment that the doctors and my parents left, a silence fell over the room. I felt a presence that was so loving, caring and comforting; I knew that I was safe, protected, and carried. The fear of dying was gone.

I didn’t know that presence was Archangel Jophiel. Her presence didn’t leave me. I felt totally at peace. I still did affirmations twenty hours a day, but I was also at peace about dying. Normally, no one could move a finger from all of the chemo I had, but during the next nine months, I practiced my piano. The doctors thought that was a miracle.

Eventually, I had a vision that the next chemo would kill me. I had to stop. Twenty doctors fought me, but I refused. I got other treatments and the leukemia was no longer present. But the chemo had destroyed my organs. I had a life-and-death fight with ongoing fevers. After four years, I said, “If no doctor or healer can help me, there is only God and the angels; there is no other way.”

I read one of Doreen Virtue’s books on talking to angels. After two months, I was in a deep meditation one day. I could feel the energy in the room shift. I opened my eyes. Right in front of me was the most beautiful angel, as tall as the ceiling, surrounded by emerald green light. He said, “I am Archangel  Raphael. You can see me and you can hear me. Now you can heal.”

From that moment on, he never left my side. He told me what to eat, how much to sleep, and even about what supplements to get from a specific doctor in California. Within one month, the fever had subsided. That was a big miracle.

More angels began to appear. They told me my mission was, not only to be a pianist, but to help people and give them hope. They told me to get certification so I could go out in the world with this work. From the first day I started doing sessions, I had clients. In a short time, I was booked in advance for months with no ads or promotion. This was in 2005. Then a publisher asked me to write a book about angels. Everything fell into place. Now I’m writing my fifth book.

Randy: Do we all have angels?

Isabelle: Yes. I feel or see two guardian angels next to every person. One has a female energy. She comforts us in difficult situations. The other one has a masculine energy. This is the angel who helps us stay on our path. Everyone has a mission to fulfill on earth. The male energy tries to keep us on track.

Randy: Many people struggle with finding their purpose. How can the angels help?

Isabelle: “Your mission in life is what you need to do right now,” says my husband. You have to be content, accepting, and loving of what you have in this moment in order to be aware of what is meant for you. The doors open when you are in the here and now.

When you connect with angels on a daily basis, you become more aware of the signs around you. The angels leave signs everywhere... sometimes through white feathers, but also you will hear a song three times in a row, or you will see the same name, or an unusual bird, three times in a row. The angels work with repetition. If you watch carefully, you will realize you are not alone.

The first mission of every human being on earth now is to learn to become more loving. When we have the knowingness that our essence is nothing but pure love and light, we will find the next steps we need to take in front of us. Archangel Uriel shows us every next step.

People might think that they know their mission, but sometimes I will be awakened by angels and they will tell me I need to do something totally new. Although I’m an author traveling the world, my true mission is to spread love. How this will come about is however they guide me. I know the angels will do whatever is right for me if I try to be the most loving person I can be.

Randy: You started with forgiveness. How do we do this when we feel justified in the hurt we feel?

Isabelle: Imagine that person as a child. Look into her innocent eyes. Ask the Angel of Forgiveness, Archangel Zadkiel, to open your heart to as much compassion as you can bear. Try to see the soul of that person. Ask Archangel Michael to use his sword of the Light, Love and Truth to cut the toxic energetic cords between you. Then say, “I forgive you, (add their name). I release you in peace. I bless you as I am blessed. I AM free!” What helps me is to bless someone who hurts me. Blessings change the energy of the person. And because I am blessing someone, and we are all one, those blessings will fall back on me.

I just try to be as peaceful and as loving as possible. My motto is “Whatever the question is... love is always the answer.” Gratitude and love are the most important things to practice to receive the life we wish for ourselves

Randy: Do you recommend a daily practice?

Isabelle: I meditate up to an hour every morning. I recommend that you connect to the frequency of love. Call on Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Jophiel, Angel Soqedhazi, or Jesus. Ask them to surround you with their light. Breathe this light in and feel your entire system being infused by their love. Imagine a glowing rose pink golden light around you. It goes into your cells and everywhere. Then imagine sending that love ahead of your day, ahead of your path, to everyone you will meet that day. Imagine sending everyone roses from your heart.

Since we live in challenging times, also ask for two angels to protect you. Ask for Archangel Haniel, a female angel, who with her silvery light will protect your soul essence, and ask Archangel Michael to enfold you with his beautiful gold light so you are protected on all levels. This way, you will not fall out of balance or out of peace so easily.

We all have energetic cords to each other. Every evening, I recommend asking Archangel Michael to cut the energetic cords. Then ask Archangel Raphael to surround you with his healing green light so the holes in the aura are closed again and you can heal during sleep.

Before going to sleep, I suggest you do a ritual in bed. Briefly review your day. Find moments that were difficult and re-create them. Rewrite them. Re-visualize them in a way you would have loved for them to happen. Our brain doesn’t know whether we experience something in reality or if we just visualize it. Send beautiful pictures to yourself. Ask yourself: “Did someone hurt me or did I hurt someone today?” Ask for forgiveness and visualize a different outcome.

Now look back on the beautiful moments of the day and bless them. I say, “grazie,” because the angels told me this word in Italian is more powerful than “danke,” or “thank you,” because it comes from the Latin word for “grace.” For every beautiful moment of the day, I say, “grazie,” and I count my blessings. Then I ask Archangel Raphael to surround my bed with his beautiful green light, and I ask for good dreams and to protect my sleep.

Randy: Final thoughts?

Isabelle: The angels want tocommunicate with us, even more than we want it. They are only allowed to do it if we want them, because we have free will. Their wish is even bigger than ours. Can you imagine that? Their mission is to help people, but if we don’t allow them, how shall they do it? The angels want to do everything to help us — not maybe in the exact way that we want them to — because they know the bigger picture — but in a way that supports us to live our soul lessons, to fulfill them, and to create miracles together with them.

For more information about the Angel Life Coach Training and events, please visit and

Randy Peyser is the author of The Power of Miracle Thinking. See: She also edits books and helps people find literary agents and publishers at