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Book Reviews

By Sonia von Matt Stoddard



777 Messages of Hope and Inspiration

By Diana Cooper

Angels can transform your life, every single day, as long as you are open to the wonders of angelic forces and realms. This book contains hundreds of real-life experiences taken from people’s daily lives, including how to tap into angel forces such as guardians and comforting angels, finding them in animals like horses, cows, birds and insects, as well as our own pets.

Visualization exercises and tips for angel awareness are here to remind us that angels exist in every area of our lives, in places like train stations and planes. By learning to read the many signs and signals, and opening up to angel signs, you will tap into the unexplained forces and phenomenon, and find guidance, comfort and salvation in many areas of your life.

Published by Findhorn Press, this book is available at your local bookstore or



My Life as A Healer

By Pamela and Barry Russell

Written by a mother and son team, these authors’ lives are full of the wonders of life between the world of angels and that of earth. As spiritual healers, this book is filled with examples of cosmic energy, guided meditations and instructions on how to tap into connections to the world of angelic healing.

Finding the connection to our own personal angels is attainable, if you learn how to open yourself to their presence and practice how to listen to or see the signs of their existence. Once you are able to tap into their existence in the universe, you will find a direct and positive impact in your life, as well as be able to help others also attain their path and calling.

Published by Ayni Books, this book is available at your local bookstore or



The Future of the Multiverse

By Timothy Wyllie

Continuing the saga of the Lucifer Rebellion, author Wyllie further channels and explains the insights of rebel angel Georgia, a million-year earth watcher. Bringing us up to speed, once again, about the earth’s quarantine from other planets, here we can learn how the stage is set for further human redemption, even though we may be completely unaware of the angelic heritage present all around us, at all times.

Included as well are the author’s own illustrations as well as some tantalizing tales on the rise and fall of lost civilizations, like Atlantis and the Maya. A massive transformation of consciousness as well as the shape of our planet’s ultimate destiny, will help us to reconnect with our planet as well as our selves.

Published by Inner Traditions, this book is available at your local bookstore or



Messages from My Guides & Angels

By Kevin Hunter

Learn to recognize your team of guardian angels around you and your life will be transformed, by channeling in on vibrations, hope and faith and eventual attraction to an even better world. Angel guides are all around us; we just need to learn how to recognize them.

First, we learn about the nature of angels and how they help us find the warrior within us. Lessons and visualizations for raising our spirit to a higher level are all included, along with breathing and stretching exercises that lift our bodies as well as our minds. Next, if you ever wondered about named angels themselves, like Uriel and Michael, there is a section covering more than a dozen, as well as how to receive messages from the correct one.

Published by Balboa Press, this book is available at your local bookstore or



The Essential Guide for Self-Healing with a Detoxing and Inflammation-Free Diet

By Kathleen Downey

Do you have allergies or sensitivities to certain foods and/or does it seem like nothing you try resembles food that tastes good? Look no further!  As the title suggests, there are easy-to-use recipes that incorporate items you will love, all are free of sugar, gluten, dairy and red meat.

The author, a victim of Lyme disease and cancer, and working with patients with debilitating injuries, like spinal injury, has created a plethora of diet guidelines to reduce inflammation, keep you satiated, healthy, energetic and free of pain. Whether you suffer from arthritis or allergies, injuries or digestive issues, or even an aversion to cooking, this intensive guide will give you a multitude of alternatives, from live food, entrees, juices, soups ... and desserts as well.


Published by Kathleen Downey, the book is available at your local bookstore or