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Dreaming Heaven and the Power of Attention

By Lee McCormick, Co-author of Dreaming Heaven


When we are born into this world, there is a fully-operating reality awaiting us. The family, neighborhoods, religions, cultures, and school systems we encounter have all been put in place to guide our attention and beliefs. With such diversity across the planet and between the various cultures, religions, lifestyles, and belief systems, the human experience is a huge range of interpretations, stories, and projections.

Our inheritance of this awaiting reality is what we call the First Attention — the way of being that we are first introduced to “our first story of life” that hooks our attention as babies. Throughout childhood, all the blanks are filled in and questions about life are answered. We live according to this First Attention version of life and reality, and our personal belief system grows from it.

Most people live their entire lives within the construct of the First Attention, never really breaking it apart or realizing that they are living from a program that has been passed down from generation to generation as the only reality. This reality is perpetuated as a fact of life, while the truth is this version of life is merely a prefabricated complex matrix of beliefs and stories that are only as real as our faith in them.

Beyond our First Attention version of life and reality, there awaits the great expanse of Life itself. All of the other cultures, communities, nations, peoples, traditions, beliefs, and religions make up the colorful, creative reality of the Human Dream. The gift to be found in Life’s greatest challenges is that it can serve to crack open our First Attention version of life and leave us open to seeing the world from new points of view.

Once the container of how life is “supposed to be” has been opened, most people can never put it back together again — much like Humpty Dumpty. A perfect example are some of the cases of military veterans who come home from war and can never quite manage to fit back into their old identity. The people back home are awaiting the return of the one who left for the war, but after all of those intense, reality-altering experiences, that version of the person no longer exists. This can also happen with those who have developed addictions and mental health issues.

Once we start questioning our personal reality — our inherited matrix of how life is “supposed to be” — we find that perhaps we don’t really believe in what we have been calling “reality.” Beneath the years of holding it together, trying to live by the values and judgments of our First Attention version of life, we might realize that something is just not true or congruent with our truth.

Opening to new possibilities can come in many forms and by many paths. It doesn’t matter what brings the invitation to look at life again for the second time; what matters is if or how we choose to respond to that invitation from a place of choice and discernment as an adult. This is the beginning of our Second Attention reality. This is the space in time where we, as adults, take 100 percent responsibility for our beliefs, relationships, choices, and the structure and values we hold in our lives.

To move from a First Attention life to a Second Attention life is a great journey in itself. To answer the calling of Second Attention requires great courage and an interest in living our unique truth as individuals. The key is that we are holding our new awareness and process as a personal journey, not as something that requires validation from others. This is the practice of creating a Second Attention Awareness. In our Dreaming Heaven, JourneyBook and DVD, we recount some of the most effective ways to enter the Second Attention Awareness rapidly, burning away the old First Attention husk.

Beyond the Second Attention Awareness is the Awareness of the Light, the knowing of life not by form or definition, but as an expression of the Light of the creator. We move from living by reaction, judgment, and projection — to living in the moment, empowered by the deep level of responsibility we have taken in owning our life with all of its aspects. This is the Awareness of the Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna. All the ascended masters lived in this world, but were not of it.

This shift in our perception of reality offers us the opportunity to choose true freedom and authenticity as the New Way of life. This is the calling to Dreaming Heaven, the awakening to live consciously, aware, and completely responsible for each belief, choice, and action.

Lee McCormick is the co-author of Dreaming Heaven: The Beginning is Near (Hay House), the powerful JourneyBook, DVD and meditation that enables you to walk in the footsteps of Lee and his fellow guides as they take you on a journey to your authentic self by following the pathways of the great mystery school at Teotihuacan, Mexico, first created by the Toltec masters thousands of years ago. He is the executive producer and has a leading role in Dreaming Heaven. Visit: or