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Tips for Keeping Mind & Body Young

By Jesse Anson Dawn


Jesse Anson Dawn (accurately photographed at age 70), author of the national award-winning book Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to personally control the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question:

“Dear Jesse, now that I’m retired, with lots of time to read books and articles, I’m truly glad to be able to focus on what REALLY matters, learning effective ways to develop physical and mental well being. And for that, your Awareness column is always very helpful. But there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you: now that most people are addicted to TV and cell phones, are you able to make a decent living selling books?


Dear Reader,

My response to your “decent living” question is this:

Sharing true-to-life findings about ((our precious abilities)) to steadily heal and regenerate ourselves is, quite clearly, its own reward, a lifelong benefit far more valuable than money, and surely more penetrating than TV “sound-bites.” All of which is a truism that brings to mind this memorable insight:

From where you sit to the frontiers of ((perpetual rejuvenation)), there are but three steps: ((SPIRITUAL LINKS, WILL, and MIND POWER)))))

But unfortunately, the world of warfare, “incurable” diseases and rapid decay is a sinking ship [where there are not enough lifeboats to go around]. However, instead of lifeboats, what we REALLY need is lighthouses, a more ((ENLIGHTENING)) and CLEARER VISION of LIFE.

And by deeply realizing that, amid my writings and seminars, I continue to shed light on truly effective ways to brighten-up one’s (mental lighthouse)))). For example, one of my ongoing duties is to emphasize the importance of practicing what I call (Inner Direction Sessions), a truly potent, (cost free) therapy that (reconnects one’s spirit-mind-body) via the following (breakthrough procedure))):

Instead of getting overwhelmed by diseases that, according to the “mainstream” medical industry, we have little or no control over, I teach people to (train their brains) to be disease and depression-curing, (self-healing-generators)). And a well proven way of achieving that (vital blessing) is this:

Before you go to sleep at night, when you are in a nicely relaxed state of mind, whisper a ((powerful prayer)) to yourself that says (basically) this invocation:

Dear body-god of my ((healing energy)), please keep me disease free and pain free, flowing your ((inner-light-emanations)) to every part of my body, steadily renewing and repairing me, as is my CREATOR-given destiny)))

As we again recall that the whole secret of salvation hinges on the transition of word to deed, with and through the (whole being), whereby we strongly link ourselves to the (fourth-dimensional, metaphysical view))))

And quite hopefully, you are someone who realizes that the best kind of gift is a resource that lasts a LIFETIME, a brightening-UP, ((lighthouse)) way of thinking that, without fail, serves to teach us about what is (STEADILY curative))))

Also, I urge people to keep in mind that, although there are many fake “healers” in this world, those who make lots of money by tricking people with undeveloped and shallow “powers,” fakery is not my destiny, and largely due to my four decades of global research, my methods TRULY WORK))). All while I’ve (progressively)) learned that, maximizing our self-healing abilities is not about making profits selling chemical “cures” [via often dangerous] drugs, but amid The New Era of Consciousness, we learn the ART of (developing) life-saving powers with ever-increasing skill)))). And it’s because of these skills that, quite essentially, we clearly perceive that the (inner-healing process) is centered amid ((spirit-linked-connections)) — a TOTAL instead of a [partial] view of oneself, whereby the path of ongoing salvation eventually leads into becoming THE PATH ITSELF...

Yes dear reader, mainly due to (crucial truisms))), a newly curative view of life can begin at ANY MOMENT, perhaps while reading a book or an article, whereby we discover genuinely authentic methods of re-connecting))) with our precious minds and bodies. A communication [gap] that, if not firmly re-united, denies what a “decent living” is all about, because far more importantly perpetual than the unlimited circulation of money, is the unlimited circulation of LIFE-SAVING REVELATIONS. All while we realize that reading truly therapeutic nonfiction is not merely (peeking into) “the lost world” of brilliant books, but mainly about merging with THE ESSENTIAL WELL BEING OF YOUR FUTURE)))))))

“Youthman Messenger” Jesse will answer any questions (about REAL rejuvenation and ((protection-energy)) by emailing Also, by typing Jesse Anson Dawn into the (book-search window), you can receive his uniquely beneficial, latest book, THE NEW ERA OF CONSCIOUSNESS: A Truly Transformative Journey Into Self-Healing, Rejuvenation and ((Protection Energy)). Or you can have a bookstore order it via iUniverse Publications.