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Use A Neti-Pot?  Let’s kick It Up A Notch!

By Steven Frank


Neti-pots are traditionally used to flush the sinuses and carry-away pathogens with a saline-balanced solution. Unfortunately, the bacteria and fungus stick rather well to the nasal mucosa and very few are flushed out. Most of these nasty pathogens adhere to the mucosa in what is called a “slime-layer” or “Biofilm.” Within this slime layer, they are well protected and thrive within warm moist sinuses. In fact, bacteria and fungus can double (divide and create new organisms) every 20 minutes.

The slime layer protects the bacteria very well from antibiotics and the fungus are not affected by antibiotics. All of this “power-flushing” does little indeed to resolve and over-growth of pathogens and so you can develop a sinus infection.

We all have fungus and bacteria growing in our sinuses at all times. We breathe them in the air and the sinus mucosa traps them so they don’t make it into our lungs. When numbers of invasive pathogens get too high for our immune system to keep in check, we call it an infection. The symptoms can range from headaches to toothaches, fever, dizziness and severe congestion.

A more powerful manner of Neti-Pot use is to deliver an antimicrobial agent to kill fungus and bacteria instead of trying to merely flush them away. By using an enhanced aqueous silver colloidal solution, you can kill them both by the millions. You simply load the solution into your Neti-Pot and pour it in one nostril until it comes out the other. Then, trap it there by placing one finger over each nostril. Since the solution does its killing over the course of 10 minutes, it is best to leave it in for 10 minutes or so before releasing it. So… sit down and read a book or a magazine. Then return to the sink and let the residual liquid drain out. Doing this morning and evening when you are suffering from an infection is phenomenally effective at reducing the number of bacteria and fungus in your sinus.

Remember though, any salt will ruin a good silver colloid; even tap-water will ruin it. So use a dedicated Neti-Pot for the colloid or rinse yours thoroughly with de-ionized or distilled water. If you don’t have an infection, then doing this every week will help to keep the fauna and flora in check and relieve a great burden on your immune system. Remember, anything growing in your sinuses will eventually appear in your mouth, lungs, gut and keep it clean.

Steven Frank is an innovative herbalist for Nature’s Rite. His concoctions and decoctions have helped thousands achieve more comfortable healthier lives. He has spent more than a decade doing medical research and has numerous patents in the healthcare arena. His products and formulations can be seen at: