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An Interview with Janet Darling

Author of The Timeless Love of Twin Souls


Awareness: Tell us something about yourself and your life.

Janet: Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to do so.

I have lived in Lansing, MI for my entire life and have enjoyed my time being a mother while raising a really lovely family. The rewards of doing so are reflected in the faces of my adorable grandchildren and their children. Through them I see much of the world around us which never ceases to fascinate and intrigue me. No matter how long I live or how many more experiences I have in this lifetime, I know for sure that I won’t stop looking for answers to the host of questions which I still have.

As the result of a long and memorable experience while taking care of my late husband Ron, I became a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master and an Ordained Minister to help with his healing and that of others. It seems that I have a gift for healing and so it is something I have felt guided to develop and use as a service to those who need my help.

From very early on in my life I realized that I didn’t see things in the way many others did, or to be more accurate, I seemed to see more than they did; although it took me quite a while to appreciate this fact. It wasn’t until  later, when looking for special treatment for my husband, that I realized how I see life in comparison to many of those around me.

Awareness: What motivated you to write your book?

Janet: During the time of looking after my husband, who had MS, we came across a gifted psychic who told us some amazing things which, at first, seemed to be too fantastic to be true. She said that not only were we Twin Souls, who had met in this lifetime, but we had been together in at least one other lifetime before this one. We were fascinated not only by the whole subject of Twin Souls, which we knew absolutely nothing about at that time, but also by the idea of reincarnation.

Ron was a smart, resourceful man who spent a lot of time researching what we’d been told, plus many other things. It came as a huge revelation to us, but the curious thing was neither of us had any trouble believing what he found out. It was as though we really had known it all along, but needed someone whom we trusted to confirm it for us while pointing us in the direction of digging deeper into the whole subject. What we discovered set the scene for us wanting to share our story with the world. We wanted other people to know about a subject which is so important but which is so little understood.

Awareness: What is it that you want your readers to take from your book?

Janet: Essentially it is a love story centered around my husband and myself but it is also very much about the reader. Through reading about us they will become aware of their Twin Soul, or Twin Flame energy, and know that everyone has a Twin Soul. We are living in a time when the elevated frequencies are flooding into the earth more and more each day. As a result, Twin Souls are finding each other with greater frequency and are coming together.

Awareness: What do you understand the term Twin Soul to mean? Is it the same as a soul mate?

Janet: No. Twin Souls and soul mates are entirely different. Again, this is a big subject and is covered in much greater depth in my book but I will explain just a little here.

A Soul Mate is someone you have had more than one experience with in the physical body throughout past lives. Soul mates share journeys because they have a specific need to experience something each can provide them with. When this is done they move on and that’s why so many relationships break up.

Twin Souls start out being one with God so that is why they create so much light when they come together, joining two halves to become the whole — the Yin and the Yang — the masculine and the feminine. Love is so healing but its light gets shut out in the spirit of anger and blame. We all need to evolve and move beyond this as it is so detrimental to our evolution, not only as an individual but as a race of beings in general.

Remember... Always seek out the highest love you deserve while never settling for less. Ask yourself — ‘would I want to be with this person for Eternity’ and if the answer is ‘No!’ have the courage to move on. In looking for love stay true to your heart while never giving up what you hold most dear. Twin Soul Love is Eternal and the love never dies so your quest to find it is never in vain. If your loved one is on the other side you will see them again, and you can put your call out to them now and feel and know their presence.

Awareness: What one thing from the book would you say is the most important piece of advice for our readers to follow?

Janet: The biggest thing is to follow your heart. Let your thoughts be felt firmly in your heart first. It is there you will find confirmation of the right answers. It is essential to do this rather than rationalizing everything in your head.

Going to your heart takes you to your higher self, your own God self, and this is your true answer and the true path that is the highest and best for you. It will never fail you. Trust that your heart knows what’s best for you. It is your direct connection to the highest power there is.

Janet’s new book, The Timeless Love of Twin Souls, is available at your local bookstore, online booksellers and