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Honor your Body, Mind and Spirit this Spring

The Relationship between Our Interior and Exterior Worlds

By Jill Angelo


Transform your current living environment into a sacred space — an organized, calm and relaxing reflection of your individual style that helps create wellness by replenishing energy and providing inner peace. What you need to create a sacred space is not money, but what each of us already has: creativity, intuitive guidance, imagination and inspiration. In order to create the sacred space you need and deserve, you must pay attention to shifting circumstances, moods and inspirations that occur to you and your life.

Creating the style that is uniquely you doesn’t start with list making and trips to the paint store. At the end of the day, every room in your home is a reflection of your interior world. In other words, what you wish to create externally can only reflect what you practice internally. That’s why creating your own sacred space requires you to take a fearless inventory of your own body and how you care for it.

Our bodies are temples, but more often than not we treat them like machines. We expect them to deliver, to run on empty, to never give in, to never break down and to always go that extra mile. Eventually, though, something will cause us to slow down — or even come to a complete stop — forcing us to look more closely at the way we are treating ourselves.

For instance, consider the person who has a regular exercise routine that she doesn’t veer from. She works out regularly and can feel her endorphins kicking in, helping her function at a clearer, higher energetic level. She drinks the recommended eight glasses of water every day, takes vitamins, eats healthy food and avoids skipping meals. She is confident, focused and tuned into the messages her body sends her. This is precisely how our exterior world and interior world work together.

Contrast this with someone who has been told to lose weight, to exercise more and to make wiser food choices but chooses to go instead for the quick fix, buying exercise equipment, joining weight-loss programs and loading up on supplements without ever committing to any action. Intention without any action is a hallmark of the exterior world not matching the interior world.

Ask yourself this. In which of these homes would you expect to find order and calm? Chaos and tension? When you truly honor your body as a temple, you become more conscious about how you live. You also become accountable to yourself for the way you feel. Your outer behavior becomes an extension of your inner world.

Most of us get very good at putting our needs last, after the demands of families and careers. We work more and sleep less. Exhaustion sets in, and it can get very hard to keep our promises to ourselves.

The good news is that it is easy to get started. Here are three simple things you can do to and honor body, mind and spirit in Spring.



Do you really know what’s in the food you eat? Investigate the food that’s in your pantry and refrigerator. Feed yourself healthy, nourishing foods for energy and hydration. Avoid GMOs (genetically-modified organisms) by learning to read food labels, and stay away from processed food as much as possible (especially fast-food drive-up windows).



A great way to honor and cherish your body is to meditate a little every day to help reduce stress, anger and anxiety, and to clear the chattering “monkey” mind that drives us all. When you sit calmly and quietly, focus on your breathing and let your thoughts pass through you rather than consume you, it has a healing effect; try it for 10 minutes in the morning and before you go to sleep each night. You’ll find that you have more energy, gratitude and joy throughout the day.



Take a walk. Listen to the sounds around you. Sit in a park and see how many shades of green you can pick out. Feel how your body and mind respond. When you’ve sat there long enough to sigh, that is your interior world thanking you for letting it reconnect to the source of life.

Jill Angelo, author of Sacred Space: Turning Your Home Into A Sanctuary, spent two decades in business management before she changed the direction of her life to pursue an inner calling. In the years since, she has traveled extensively, studying and working with a number of spiritual self-help aut-ors. Her sacred space practices were a natural outgrowth of the places she visited. Learn more about Jill and order her new book at