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Know the Male But Keep to the Female

Balancing the Inner Relationship

By Joanne Young Elliott


Our world is out of balance. Masculine energy is used more often and revered more than feminine energy. In order to get back into balance we need to live in such a way that we know the masculine energy, but mostly keep to the feminine.

I saw a form of the phrase “Know the male, but keep to the female” about seven years ago in a book on Buddhism. It is also in the Tao Te Ching. I knew it was a profound piece of wisdom and ever since, I’ve tried to live by it.

Before I continue here are some of the ways of the feminine that I believe are important.

Feminine Energy








In order to live this wisdom it is important you acknowledge that feminine energy has value. We live in a culture that values masculine energy more than feminine, so look at the feminine energy descriptors and know that these are important ways of being in the world.

Our day-to-day life is often filled with activities that use masculine energy. Even a woman who is a stay-at-home mom tends to use a lot of masculine energy. Think about it. She plans, chauffeurs, organizes, shops, pays bills. This is all active, masculine energy. It’s the energy that dominates our culture, but things have been changing. Back in 1996 research into the corporate leadership styles of women and men found women’s sharing style of management — once scorned — allowed for more effective communication.

Though working from masculine energy has allowed us as a culture to accomplish many things, maybe we’ve done so too fast. Without the feminine energy we act immediately on ideas. We forge ahead using active masculine energy. There is little gestation in between the feminine act of having an idea and the masculine energy used in making it manifest in the world. The idea is born prematurely. We need to know and use the masculine energy, but keep to the feminine in order to regain a balanced approach to life.

How does one do this? Practice. I’ve outlined a week-long schedule to help you get into the feminine energy groove.


Sunday: Today live in a space of allowing. Accept situations and people for where they are in the moment. Don’t be in a rush to do something or dismiss someone.

Monday: Today remain open to different ideas, views, and ways of doing things. Step out of your comfort zone for a while.

Tuesday: Remain receptive today. This is a hard one, especially for women who are caretakers. Today let yourself receive care. Say yes if someone offers to help you or better yet, ask for the help that you need.

Wednesday: Creativity is feminine, especially the gestation aspect of it. Instead of logically approaching a problem, brainstorm ideas and sit with a possible solution for a while. Don’t be in a big rush to solve the problem or implement an idea. Given time you will see more possibilities and have a stronger platform from which to implement.

Thursday: Today take some time to connect with a neighbor or friend whom you don’t often see. Collaborate with a co-worker on a project so that you can save time and add more value. By strengthening connections you’ll be able to better do your job and enjoy life more.

Friday: Need answers? Try to approach questions intuitively. You do know what you want; it’s just a matter of getting quiet and tapping into that inner wisdom.

Saturday: Nurturing is about caring for someone or something. Spend time in your garden today. Pamper your spouse. Be there for your child by nurturing their gifts. And of course spend some time taking care of you.

The common thread is that feminine energy is slow. It’s the kind of energy that waits for answers, allows things to sink in and gives time to all things so that they may heal or come to their full potential.

Remember this practice is to help you get used to using feminine energy more often and not a way of life in and of itself. You will find that you need to use masculine energy throughout your day as well. As the title says, know the male, but keep to the female.

Joanne is a Science of Mind Practitioner in Training, an Ordained Priestess of Ma’at in the Fellowship of Isis, and a student of the world’s wisdom traditions. Mindfulness meditation has been a part of her practice for over ten years. She lives the life of a poet and writer, and believes that life is our greatest teacher, so pay attention. For guidance in living your best life, please visit: