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Voices of Hope


By Audrey Hope



I fall into you

But not the illusion

This surrender is wild and raw:

Forehead pointing down

Hands clasped to the brow

Knees glued to the ground.

A surprise onion peel at midweek,

Asking me to get more naked


The pain fuels the undress.

Awakened, I catch the plane

Forever changed with wisdom

That I can no longer hold — b.s,wasted time,false talk, false anything...

I try to tell my friends

What it has been like almost losing you this month.

The hospital — a temple.

The nurses — as angels,

And holy objects of tubes, viles and blood.

A healer learning what heals.

I should know the battle points by now.

I am not the commander.

I should know the road by now —

I always land the same

Deeper down in position.

Of all the things that could get me here,

My spiritual training,teachers, chants, India,

It is the real day that carries me someplace.

Wow, I am like the Buddha!

I embrace morning coffee truth

That life can be hard,

I don’t feel so good

And I am oh so human

And it’s okay.

Gratitude seeps in

With phone calls and hugs.

Heightened reality comes on the backend.

God is in the day.

The day is my religion.

And Dear mom I am so in awe of you staying

And the place I find myself in —

The transforming power of everyday living

The bliss of everyday love.

Audrey Hope is a spiritual counselor and host/producer of REAL WOMEN, an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives. Visit: and  Her CD, The High Voltage Hope System, is available on