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By Sonia von Matt Stoddard



Making Life Better for You, Your Kids, and, Yes, Your Ex

By Judith Ruskay Rabinor, PhD

Ex-spouses can have positive and supportive relationships with one another. Divorced people can turn their lives around and develop new, healthy, and healing relationships their ex-spouses, while creating stronger, happier families in the process. Loving and raising children and grandchildren can mean sharing a major joy. Allowing themselves to do so challenges the myths about divorce and creates a plan for a new divorce consciousness, without all the trauma and drama we often see.

Learning about core-friending skills, how to overcome anger, letting go and creating an ally from an opponent, are all included here. From the perspective of a divorced person, as well as a psychologist, we see some unique research, examples and practices to apply towards creating a new, more positive, relationship and family dynamic.

Published by New Harbinger Publications, Inc., this book is available at your local bookstore or at



The Alchemy of Love, Power, and Wisdom

By Anaiya Sophia

Sacred sexuality, or the alchemical marriage, akin to the unions of Isis and Osiris, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, is attainable in the here and now. The key is to learn the alchemical processes involving emotional intimacy and soul consciousness, by engaging in a multitude of exercise, ranging from a very first meeting, through intimacy, consummation, then gratitude and communication.

Gnosticism, the Kabbalah, Kundalini yoga and other teachings are used to explain that sacred union is real and within reach, in our own lives. The core teachings are based on a triumvirate of power/sacred sexuality, love/emotional intimacy and wisdom/soul consciousness. Within this book you will discover the paths to this experience and a profound transformation to your life.

 Published by Destiny Books/Inner Traditions, this book is available at your local bookstore or



The Daring Adventure of Becoming Your Own Best Friend

By Christine Arylo

Most women know that loving themselves would be good, but they have no idea what that really means. She may have a strong self-esteem, but without similarly strong self-compassion, she will be a high achiever who is always hard on herself.  The secrets to cultivating a long-lasting and loving relationship with yourself are possible. Simply use the inspiring tools and practices shown here in detail.  Women need to know how to reprogram themselves and replace self-sabotaging habits and patterns with more self-empowering ones.

If a woman stopped being busy long enough to be honest with herself, she would realize that “having it all” was never going to lead to complete happiness; however, it is entirely possible to cultivate self-compassion, success and financial security without sacrificing self-worth in the process.

Published by New World Library, this book is available at local bookstore or



How to Foster Inner Confidence, Success, and Happiness

By Maureen Healy

Ideally, we want to raise our children to experience their in-ner power and strength from the start, instead of constantly battling their fears and feeling frozen in their footsteps. Arming your children with strong inner confidence will enable them to pursue their happiest lives, make choices from a position of power, and create whatever they truly desire. 

By following the steps in the book, a parent can nurture and help build their child’s inner confidence. By first understanding the concept of the different types of confidence, and with a systematic approach, like daily affirmations, confidence-building stories and daily motivation, you can build your child’s sense of strength, incrementally using strong tools that accumulate into something huge. Five building blocks of confidence, along with their implementation, will provide you with new understanding and confidence as a parent.

Published by Health Communications, Inc., this book is available at your local bookstore or at



A Healer’s Testament to Health, Happiness and Compassion

By Lester R. Sauvage, M.D.

A healthy soul and religious belief are elements of healing that are as important as medicine. Medical science recognizes that the body and spirit interact. A happy, healthy spirit can assist the body and help to keep it healthy. Happiness is a circle. The more we share it with other people, the more it returns to us. Stress, poor diet choices and pursuit of mere prosperity all cause damage to the heart.  Finding the mystical power of happiness can heal our spiritual hearts. This can help heal our physical bodies.

The author, a retired heart surgeon, offers us a guide to achieving happiness by learning to share, forgive, offer love and generosity to others, as well as ourselves. Reflecting on issues such as the priorities in our life, the difference we make in the world as well as necessary changes, all provide fuel to attaining joy in our lives.

Published by Better Life Press, this book is available at your local bookstore.



By Michael Peter Langevin

The Cosmic Internet: Explanations from the Other Side

By Frank DeMarco

This small book changed my life and my way of living in the world. Absorbing the wealth of information it contains requires close reading, suspension of disbelief, and practice. However, results are beyond mind-boggling. You can learn to communicate with other minds in the non-physical realm. With this book’s help I have communicated with deceased relatives and friends, and even historical figures I have had as heroes and heroines all my life.

Using the Internet as a model was an inspired idea. DeMarco draws specific analogies between the computer internet and what he calls the cosmic internet, the nonphysical connections binding each of us to every other mind that exists. A key concept here is everything that exists is interwoven. And just as we communicate with others in the physical world, we can learn to communicate with the non-physical realm.

The Cosmic Internet is a wonderfully passionate search for the true nature of reality, yet written with humor and a light approach that makes the writing charming and captivating. Receptive readers will find themselves living in a much wider world.

Published by Rainbow Ridge Books, this book is available in your local bookstore or at