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How Maui Sufi Camp Has Served as a Glimpse

of the Fourth Density Consciousness…

Tuning to Universal Love and Compassion

By Kevin Cannella

The Fourth Density of Consciousness

The Ra Material, transmitted through a group from L/L Re-search, describes the evolution of consciousness in terms of densities corresponding to the chakras. The first density (red-ray energy) is that of minerals and water — there are only awareness and essentially “random” events based upon physics and chemistry. The second density (orange-ray energy) is that of the plant and animal kingdoms.

There is awareness and also “movement towards light and growth,” manifesting as a leaf striving towards the sunlight or a single-celled organism interacting with its environment in such a way to remain alive and to promote its own growth. The third density (yellow-ray energy) is that of self-awareness, and the fourth density (green-ray energy) is of universal love and compassion.

This material also puts forth that Humankind and the Earth are moving from the third density into the fourth. Currently in the third density, we reach toward the fourth by learning lessons of love. This material is offered as a framework through which we can perceive and understand our situation.

Now, let’s switch topics for a moment.


Maui Sufi Camp

For thirty-one years, a beautiful community has joined together for a week-long camp on the island of Maui. The purpose of these gatherings is to experience the Divine and to send vibrational frequencies of peace to all beings. They are called Sufi Camps and they are held each year in May and October. Thus far I have attended four camps.

The Sufi path is experiential, and the camps reflect this. The Sufi path is the path of the Heart, and the camps reflect this, too. From my observation, the Dances of Universal Peace and “Zikr” are the central practices. The literal translation of the word Zikr means “remembrance” — remembering that there exists no reality, except the reality of love. These practices involve a group standing in a circle with musicians in the center. Music is played. Songs are sung and dances are led.

The dances are very simple, most include the group holding hands and swaying gently in one direction. Once or twice during each camp, these dances lead me to a sober, ultra-ecstatic experience of the Divine, which I can only describe as a feeling of infinite mercy and gratitude. Life changing? Certainly.

With these dances as a focal point, the camp is augmented with meditation and yoga in the mornings, the beauty of Maui, waterfalls, natural pool swims, esoteric teachings, delicious organic food, and a truly beautiful, accepting, loving sangha (community).


A Glimpse of the Fourth Density

Based upon the descriptions of the fourth density given by Ra, it seems Sufi Camp has provided me and many others with glimpses — major glimpses — of the fourth density of vibration; the density of universal love, compassion and understanding.

My experience of friendships and relationships is dramatically shifted. I share a deep feeling of love, connectedness and intimate friendship with many campers. I experience feeling intimacy with people whom I met only a few days prior, and with whom I have barely spoken!

There is love, being, peace and presence. There is also an awareness and sense of wonder regarding the lack of conversation that has taken place with this new friend whom I am now embracing.

There is sharing and communion with one another in these love and peace vibrations. The vibrations are consciously imbedded through song and dance into the fabric of our beings, and of the space surrounding us.

I casually ponder, “Do people know this is going on?” I have written this so you may have some idea that it does go on. More so, I invite you to join us consciously by calling in these new energies and pushing forward into the fourth density.

Kevin has been living on Maui for two years immersed in the Sufi community and greater Maui sangha. On Maui, he is a community organizer, a farmer, and a musician-in-training. E-mail:

Sufis Hawaii ( is a group under Sufi Ruhaniat International. They have been gathering at Sufi camps for 31 years and offer a path focused on the universality of all religions with practices focused on invoking personal experiences of the Divine.


Upcoming Camps

Spring Renewal: May 17-25, Camp Keanae, Maui

Fall Sufi Camp: Oct. 4-11, Camp Keanae, Maui

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