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Healing from the Heart

By Dr. Bradley Nelson


It’s rapidly becoming an accepted fact by those who keep current with the latest breakthroughs in energy medicine that our intense emotional experiences can leave us with emotional baggage. I have discovered this emotional baggage actually consists of discrete energies that disrupt our bodies and contribute to disease of all types and varieties, as well as emotional difficulties, phobias, panic attacks and self sabotage, etc. The subconscious mind will often try to protect our deepest core from injury by forming these emotional energies into a protective barrier.

When we are experiencing deep grief, hurt or loss, it can actually be an assault on the deepest part of our being, on our hearts. These feelings of heartbreak can be so uncomfortable, so foreign and so difficult to deal with, that they often result in the formation of an energetic “wall” that surrounds the heart in an effort to protect it from these profoundly negative emotions.

Is a wall around your heart contributing to physical illness or disease for you? Is your Heart-Wall hampering your ability to give and receive love? Is it interfering with your ability to feel good emotions, or contributing to your feelings of isolation? Is it creating depression, anxiety or self-sabotage for you? Is your Heart-Wall interfering with your ability to succeed?

If you are at all frustrated with your love life, your social life, your health issues, or the level of financial abundance you’ve been able to attain, a Heart-Wall may be a big piece of the puzzle for you.

A number of years ago I received a powerful message from above that revealed to me something I would never have imagined. My wife had accompanied me to a conference on magnetic healing, where I was one of the slated speakers. Early on the morning of the conference, she woke me and told me that she’d had a dream. In her dream were three symbols. She awakened with the understanding that these three symbols had to do with her own health and well-being. She asked me if I would help her decipher her dream, and I agreed to do so. I was in the midst of helping her when suddenly something happened to me that was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

I suddenly saw before me, in a waking vision, a beautiful hardwood floor. I could see this floor clearly. It was the most beautiful floor I’ve ever seen in my life. It appeared to have many coats of polish, and was mirror-like in appearance. I did not imagine this! It suddenly was there before me. The vision of a gorgeous hardwood floor persisted for several minutes. The moment I saw the floor, an understanding came into my mind that my wife’s heart was somehow “beneath” this floor.

As you might imagine, I had no idea what this meant! I told my wife what I was seeing and understanding, and she had no explanation for it, either. We prayed, asked God for help, and began testing her subconscious mind through muscle testing. Within about 30 minutes, we figured out what it all meant.

My wife was born into a very volatile family. Her father was always flying into a rage about something, and as a result, no one felt safe. By the time my wife was 2 years old, she felt like her little heart was going to break so often that her subconscious mind — acting entirely on its own — created a Heart-Wall, literally a “wall of energy” around her heart, for protection.

This “Heart-Wall” did its job, but there was a price to be paid. Because of this wall of energy around her heart, it was more difficult for her to give and receive love. Because of this wall around her heart, she always felt somewhat isolated. Even with friends she had known for many years, she never quite felt like she really belonged. In social groups she always felt like she was on the outside looking in. It was difficult for her to feel positive emotions, but easy for her to feel negative emotions. She dealt with depression and anxiety and other negative feelings that she couldn’t seem to shake.

We found her Heart-Wall was actually made of multiple layers of trapped emotional energy or “trapped emotions,” from difficult experiences she’d had in her life. By releasing the trapped emotions one at a time, we were able to reduce the size of the wall around her heart, and finally, to eliminate it entirely. When it was gone, the changes she felt were power-ful. Suddenly, she felt like she belonged for the first time in her life. It became much easier to feel positive emotions, and her depression and anxiety disappeared.

At first I thought this phenomenon might be unique to my wife. But I was wrong! Since then, I have found that approximately 93% of people suffer from this phenomenon. I have personally seen many profound changes occur in people’s lives when their Heart-Walls are dismantled.

If you have trapped emotions or a Heart-Wall, what can you do? Visit to view a series of free training videos in which I will walk you through the process of releasing your first trapped emotion. I believe that the most important thing you can do to improve your health, your love life and your longevity is to remove your trapped emotions and your Heart-Wall.

If you have a Heart-Wall, can you see how important it is for you to clear that wall away? Can you see the importance of helping your own children and your own family? It is my hope that you will stop looking outward for the solutions to your problems, and practice true inner healing by getting rid of the walls around your own heart!

Dr. Bradley Nelson is a holistic physician and foremost authority on bio-energetic medicine and energy psychology. After studying quantum physics and ancient medicine, He developed The Emotion Code, a system for releasing trapped emotions that block mental and physical healing. Visit to watch videos that teach this simple method.