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Relationship with Self



The only true relationship you can ever have is with yourself. You, your true essence, is all you will ever really know. You, is all there is in your world. Strong statements you say? Well, let’s talk!

When I think about my relationship with myself, what comes to mind?

I must admit, that the more thought I give this question, the more I see that I have a great relationship with myself. I don’t annoy myself, I don’t ignore myself, I enjoy myself when I am alone, I take care of myself, and most of all I like myself. I can keep myself busy easily, I’m never bored and I spend lots of quiet time to reflect upon myself. I like to improve myself, educate and treat myself well.

It doesn’t take much to do all of the above. It doesn’t take money or a lot of time. Make this line of thinking yours and ask yourself the same questions. See how you feel about yourself.

How do you find periods of quietness in a busy day, you ask? Yes, I have a full-time job between my workshops and writing commitments. But to me it’s all as natural as breathing. I have trained myself to think that way. I work it into my daily schedule.

It’s all about your priorities. Instead of going to the mall, I read a book…instead of going to the beauty parlor, I work on my goal list…you get the point.

I focus on myself without being egocentric. I enjoy without grandeur. I take care by allowing myself plenty of rest. I keep busy by practicing right thinking and studying. I always put myself first without being selfish. Everything I do is focused on the mental, not the physical process.

Who do I think I am?

I have always wondered who I am and why I am the way I am. Many of us ask that question at some point in our lives. We must realize that we have been, at least in our younger years, shaped by parents and family, community, religion and ethnicity, and education.

Yet as we mature, we often divert from those influences that had seemingly made a lasting impression. We all decided to make unique life choices and start drawing our own conclusions that may indeed vary from how we were raised; even so we keep many of the old beliefs. This certainly shows in experiences we now encounter.

This is what I’ve learned:

What I am is a mental being, looking for my purpose as I unfold the inherent intelligence within me. And if, as I am certain, the purpose of my life is to enjoy myself, then I am on the right path. I am consciously trying to accomplish this daily. What I am is a unique instrument born of the Universe, expressing life and serving my purpose by contributing to the Allness of Good.

In reality this process is already accomplished. The Allness of Good is already all there is. What I mean by this is that the Universe is made of goodness and therefore we do not have to add to or interfere in it. However, we have to find and acknowledge, and then externalize all that is already positive within us.

So, how is your relationship with yourself?

Do you like yourself? Do you spend time with yourself? Do you have alone time, and how do you handle those quiet moments? Do you escape into activities to avoid yourself? Do you struggle with feelings of loneliness the minute you are alone? Are there times you really want to be alone but fear hurting someone else’s feelings? Do you treat yourself well? Are you taking care of yourself physically and mentally? Do you acknowledge your Godhood?

In your daily mantra, say to yourself “I am all there is in my world” and live accordingly. Realizing that your world consists out of your perception of “your world” will bring your life ex-perience to a different perspective. The realization of your importance, in an unselfish way, will make you a better person. It will give you the strength to move on gracefully and enable you to take care of your immediate environment. This newfound empowerment will ripple out affecting everyone who comes into contact with you.

Your true families are those people who share your life with you on a similar frequency. The ones you can depend on, trust, have fun with, enjoy their company and want to spend time with. These people are not always your family by birth.

You will encounter them in different stages of your life. They will enter your world when you need them. They will be with you through thick and thin. They will grow with you, but most of all they will respect your individuality.

Families and relationships sometimes seem very complicated — layered and convoluted with personal sense, emotional residue and no clear lines of respect drawn between each other. Yet, it is truly very uncomplicated if we remove all “personal” sense and really respect the Law of Individuality. 

When I need a wakeup call, I head to a mirror and look right in it.  That’s who I need to deal with — here and now.  My family portrait is contained in that one image.

Live and let live!


ULRIKE is an Austrian author who focuses on teaching the art of Right Thinking. Based in Los Angeles, she has been studying and teaching metaphysics for thirty years and has diligently pursued the search for Truth. Her books “…because you can!”, “Inspire Your Day” and “The Seeds Will Sprout Somewhere” are available at Amazon. Contact: and