March April issue of Awareness Magazine : Vinit Allen, Designing  a World That Works

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Voices of Hope
Sacred Recall

by Audrey Hope


And when I go to sleep
And drift off to somewhere else,
I never really know that morning comes,
And then it comes,
And this is my faith.

In sacred rhythm, the world beats—
Dramatic notes of night and day,
And seasons arrive, always and again,
And this is my trust.

And, after winter, spring,
And the stars forever light,
And the earth is still here,
And this is my hope.

For things are ever moving,
Circles and cycles and divine rotation,
A loyal steady force that never lets me down.
And this I can believe in!

Lifting me high above daily things,
Oh, the expectation, the beauty, the rapture!
and this is love.

And I know there is something more,
And I am more,
And I gasp in relief.
For this truth ends the search.

And in times of sacred recall,
The exiting, after the limited entrance,
I can use the logic of the sun,
The science of the moon,
That death is just another magical turn,and again and again — am I,
For nature is my eternal proof.


Audrey Hope is a spiritual counselor and host/producer of REAL WOMEN,
an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives.