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Feeding the Spirit Within

By Rev. Chavah Aima


Whatever we feed our bodies plays a critical role in our state of physical and emotional health. Diet also impacts our spiritual awareness and energy in important ways. The relationship between food, health and spirituality are taught in many wisdom traditions, from the yogis of India to the ancient Essenes. They all agree the earth was created to provide an abundance of natural foods that extend human life, strengthen health and even expand consciousness.

When humanity turns away from natural life and stops feasting on nature’s blessings, sickness, old age and early death may result. When an abundance of fresh, raw and living foods are consumed, these conditions can be improved, eliminated or reversed. This is the divine promise given by the One who has created the earth, the plants, the trees and all life. It is also the experience of millions of people who have discovered the life-giving energy of these natural delights.

Spiritual consciousness encompasses compassionate life, an active awareness of our inherent oneness with each other and with our sacred Earth. Raising sentient animals as a food industry for hundreds of millions of people has resulted in severe environmental pollution of the earth and its waterways.

When consumed for food, animal flesh introduces foreign proteins, cholesterol and fats that are difficult for the body to process, and may result in degenerative conditions of all kinds. These animals suffer in sad conditions, and the resulting product is often contaminated with a variety of bacteria that can cause acute illness in humans.

The spirit within the human being may also be altered in a profound way when meat is consumed. As all things are formed of vibrations, so the food we eat contains vibrations of its own that will be merged into the body as we digest it. The residual energies of fear, shock and death linger in the cells of meat and increase these vibrations in the body of the human who eats it.

Animal consciousness also enters in and subtly alters behaviors and beliefs. For centuries, spiritual masters have pointed to a plant-based diet as most appropriate for attaining balanced health and dynamic spiritual growth.

The natural diet, which feeds the mind, body and spirit the most nourishing foods, consists of plants that are raw and living. Raw foods are fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that have not been heated above 120°. Living foods include sprouted grains, seeds, legumes and wheat, barley and other cereal grasses.

These vital foods contain an abundance of essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals in forms that are superior for human absorption and nutrition. Raw and living foods are sacred gifts from our creator that can restore the body to vigorous health and bring us closer to the source of divine consciousness.

Dark green foods and juices are particularly significant in spiritual transformation. First, they quickly purify and alkalize the physical body. As consumption continues, the body is taking in greater solar light. The sun is transmuted into chlorophyll in the green plants. The sun’s powerful energy is what the body and spirit are receiving from these foods.

The more we eat dark green vegetables, grasses and juices, the more vitality we feel. The spirit thrives on nutrition derived from light and can gain this most easily by eating the plants directly in whole or juiced form, while they are fresh and alive.

In addition to greens, a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended daily. Sprouts, such as sunflower, alfalfa and broccoli are also important. Among other qualities, they are filled with antioxidants that combat free radical damage. Sprouts are considered alchemically to be among the most potent foods for quickening spiritual awareness.

Other foods that are particularly good for the soul include spirulina, chlorella, blue-green algae, and sea vegetables of all kinds. The deep blue-green color of these foods reveal its relation to the spiritual energy of the body, which is associated esoterically to that same color. Sea vegetables include Hijiki, Arame, Kelp and Sea Palm. They provide essential minerals in a form most compatible with the human body.

The connections between food and spirit are many, just as the human being and humanity as a whole are deeply connected to Mother Earth. When a diet of raw, organic, living foods is eaten, awareness of this unity is increased. Organically-grown vegetables, grains, fruits, seeds and nuts do not harm the Earth.

Growing food with conscious awareness of our partnership with the sacred Earth, as is done in biodynamic farming, actually improves the condition of the soil and increases the nutrition-al value of the food.

If you want to jump-start your energy and feel the difference this lighter consciousness can bring, begin adding more raw foods to your diet. A daily, morning smoothie with mixed fruit and greens, or green food powders such as dried grass or spirulina, is a great beginning.

Since health authorities advise that the typical diet is depleted and in need of more fruits and vegetables, you have everything to gain no matter what you are currently eating. Raw food resources are gaining in prominence daily, and temptingly tasty dishes can be created as well as simple salads. You will be feasting on natural goodness as the body rejuvenates, and the spirit within awakens.

The views expressed are not a substitute for professional healthcare guidance or treatment.

Rev. Chavah Aima is an expert on healthy lifestyles, raw foods and enlightened life specializing in health for mind, body and spirit. An ordained minister and founder of the nonprofit Enlightened Life Sanctuary in Austin, Texas, she has for years taught students from around the world ancient and esoteric secrets of healthy living. She spent 14 years studying a wide variety of Eastern and Western esoteric systems, including Hermetic Kabbalah, Rosicrucian Alchemy, Kundalini Yoga and Tantra, through a private mystery school. In 2005 she created Alchemical Yoga® to help people apply the practices of ancient spiritual systems. Her latest book is “Living Light: The 21-Day Alchemical Regeneration Plan.”

Visit: and and her blog at You may also contact Chavah at