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Tips for Keeping Mind and Body Young

By Jesse Anson Dawn

Jesse Anson Dawn (accurately photographed at age 68), author of the national award-winning book Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to personally control the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question:

“Dear Jesse, If a disease causes me to be hospitalized, how can I protect myself from medical procedures that, for many years now, worldwide research reveals as being overly toxic and relatively ineffective methods?”


Dear Readers,

First of all, it greatly helps to be aware of an important rule of law called:

The Patient Self-Determination Act (the PSDA)

What this very significant directive does is, quite justifiably require ALL U.S. healthcare facilities to inform their patients about their right to refuse an unwanted procedure.

And according to the following report, a “standard” medical practice that ((SHOULD)) be refused is clearly revealed in this December of 2013 issue of The London Times, where this [long ignored by “mainstream news”] fact is duly revealed in this (quoted) article that discloses:

The Truth About Chemotherapy

“After five years of extensive research, the internationally-respected Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (located in Seattle, Washington) has come to the following, well-proven conclusion: Chemotherapy treatments do not effectively rid a patient of cancerous cells, but instead they induce the strongest of these cells to rapidly reproduce, a result that induces a reinforced form of cancer that, within 6 to 18 months, actually (causes) the patient to die.”

However, despite the multitude of studies that uncover the truly hazardous results of chemotherapy treatments, because this “traditional” process has been practiced for many decades, doctors keep [[habitually]] utilizing it. All of which is the main reason why, year after year, the fatality rate of various cancers keeps rising higher — a dilemma that duly urges the need for a more dietary and progressive, less “customary” approach to battling the second leading cause of death.

But of course, the “chemo” process is just one of a myriad of ways that Big Pharma’s profit-based, worldwide advertising negates our self-empowering choices.

For example, severe side-effects of (globally promoted) vaccines has become so epidemic, that in June of 2012, the U.S. government duly reinstated what has come to be called:

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP)

This crucially-needed directive was created to provide a federal system for compensating vaccination-related injuries and deaths. It is funded by a 5 percent excise tax on all vaccines sold in the United States. And since its inception, this fund (due to court-ordered compensations), has already paid out a total of over 1.7 BILLION dollars to people made seriously ill by vaccinations. All while thousands of cases are still pending before the courts, yet to be resolved.

Therefore, before allowing yourself (or members of your family) to be injected with vaccines that you have no detailed information about, it makes good sense to investigate that drug on the internet, where you can discover if it is TRULY safe and effective.

And speaking of the (protection energy) facts available from the internet, I recently came across a healthcare law that should never be ignored — a directive that the U.S. government calls:

The Emergency Medical Treatment Act (EMTA)

This significant piece of legislation is one that requires ALL U.S. hospitals to treat patients with emergency conditions, regardless of their ability to pay for medical services. Although quite regrettably, this “anti-dumping” law is often violated, whereby hospitals frequently transfer emergency cases to clinics that openly serve the uninsured. However, these illegal transfers have instigated many lawsuits, and justly so, because enforcement of this mandate is an essential human right, regardless of race or age, income level, or insurance policies.

Yes, with enough public pressure, justice WILL occur not only in courtrooms, but also amid the medical industry, where procedures need to be less about profits, and more about a conscientious respect for people’s lives.

And with that betterment (hopefully) brought about, I will wrap-up this article with a ((protest poem)) from my latest book, The New Era of Consciousness, a chapter-ending, lyrical piece that I call:



In their constant push of profits, pills and stitches,

They ride a runaway train of uncontrolled riches,

All while minds fill with fear about uninsured ills,

Where heart attacks occur by just {looking} at bills,

Where a preset retirement [forces] us to quit,

But I keep on working till I’m REALLY done with it.

And I refuse to receive any chemical injections,

Or be fooled by the whim of uncaring inspections,

Thus I continue to avoid the surgeon’s blade,

Because my body is one that is TRULY self-made,

Therefore I live (within) it, and can see (inside) it,

Whereby no harmful forces can ever override it,

And our human rights should NEVER be denied,

By conglomerates who try to push them aside,

So I keep on learning what I really NEED to know,

To arouse AWARENESS and help (WELL-BEING GROW)))))


“Youthman Messenger” Jesse will answer any questions (about REAL rejuvenation and ((protection-energy)) by emailing him at Also, by typing Jesse Anson Dawn into the (book-search window), you can receive his uniquely beneficial, latest book, THE NEW ERA OF CONSCIOUSNESS: A Truly Transformative Journey Into Self-Healing, Rejuvenation and ((Protection Energy)). Or you can have a bookstore order it via iUniverse Publications.