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Cleaning Up Your Inner Environment

By Lin Morel

There is no doubt we live in a toxic world. Hundreds of organizations exist where we can volunteer our time and money. Google GuideStar and you’ll find a way to join a movement near and dear to your heart.  

There is another environmental crisis underway. This is on a more personal level. The Environmental Working Group’s report, Body Burden — The Pollution in Newborns, cited an average of 287 chemicals in the umbilical chords of newborns. I personally inherited a mercury toxicity from my mother that has given rise to a long suppressed immune system. It was also a source of ongoing opportunities to clear my consciousness in the pursuit of health.  

Going deeper, past the external and internal challenges we face, there is a deeper toxicity that ultimately impacts our health, finances, relationships and more. I call that TIP, Toxic Inner Pollution. It probably does as much or more damage to us than external environmental toxins.    

Our job is to find and clear out the TIP’s. This will result in more peace, clarity and alignment with who you are and why you are here. A second-hand by-product will be a greater ability to listen to your body and partner with its amazing ability to course-correct. Illness is not to be feared. It is an attention-getting mechanism. Turn your dis-ease into an ease of living that comes from honoring your inner knowing.

None of us are exempt from this life and energy-robbing inner environment. Today we’ll explore some of the simple ways to clean our inner home. As Goerte said, “Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean.”       

Our inner environment is the sum total of how our cells express themselves through our metabolism. It’s true our body faces daily toxicity. Another truth is that our cellular responses are also mediated by the impact of our genetics, beliefs, traumas, emotions and thoughts. The great news is that while we cannot change our DNA, we can change how we express those genes. Great news for those coming from families suffering from issues passed down through the generations.   

Some simple physical practices: Drink eight to ten glasses of water daily. Ironically, most people over 40 are dehydrated. Thirsty? You are dehydrated. Water is necessary for proper cellular function. To stay young, hydrate. Your skin, internal connective tissues and brain will thank you.     

If you have a headache, fatigue, your body hurts or you are constipated, chances are you’re dehydrated. Our body loves clustered water. A very simple solution is to sip small amounts of pure water throughout the day and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and raw juices. Water from these foods gets right into the cells.    

Be kind to your body. In Stephen Cherniski’s new book, The Metabolic Makeover: It’s All About Energy, he and Natalie Kather, MD, suggest that it is imperative we become conscious about how we eat. This includes how the food is raised, processed and prepared. I love his quote, “Food is information. What you eat alters your genes.” Enough said about food. If you want a well-researched book, with 200 references, read Stephens.’ He’s the expert.   

Simple spiritual practices to self clean your life: Meditation is the single most effective way I have found to keep myself in harmony on the inner and outer levels. Even five minutes of conscious breathing will lower stress and help you clear life’s inevitable bumps.        

Breathe in, breathe out. Repeat. It’s simple and free. You just have to remember when the going gets tough. A consistent time or practice will build a habit. That habit of discipline will keep you sane in a crazy world.    

A recent study by the University of Wisconsin found that meditation changed your body’s ability to express genes. That means what we think and how we think directly contributes to our health.    

If meditation is spiritual exercise, its brother is physical. Today’s technology has made a four-minute work out as simple as downloading a Tabata application. Check it out. I use it and it works wonders.    

It’s said that 17 seconds of a clear mind can change your life. Take any one of these tips to clean your inner environment and notice a quantum leap in your ability to stay clear in our toxic world.


Lin Morel is a thought leader, visionary and advocate for All Things Soul™ Dr. Lin has been featured in the NY Times, PBS, NBC and the Discovery Channel. Her latest book is Trusting in Heaven, Loving Yourself as if You Matter. Dr. Lin’s mission is to empower individuals to turn ordinary lives into works of art by facilitating an awakening to their Soul’s blueprint for success. Find your FREE gift at