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Healing Patterns for Body, Mind, and Spirit

 By Elizabeth Patric

What is a Flower Essence?

The highest healing potential of a plant comes from its flower and is known as a flower essence. When we are speaking about the essence of a flower, we are describing the pattern or “imprint” and vital spirit that is captured in a liquid medium from the blossoms of plants. The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto1 has shown how information and memories can be held in water. His research substantiates that water has the ability to become imprinted with vibrational qualities of a flower.

You can prepare a tea of Chamomile flowers, and that is called an infusion. Lavender flowers can be distilled to make what is known as an essential oil, The preparation of a flower essence, however, is amazingly simple and its preparation requires only a few perfect flower blossoms, a bowl of pure water and sun. Flower essence preparations also depend on whoever is preparing the essence to have a subtle awareness of non-physical natural realms. Flower essences address all of the levels of body, mind and spirit.

Origins of Flower Essences

Most people start out their exploration of flower essences with the Bach Flower Remedies developed in the 1930’s by an English homeopath, Edward Bach. Often, it is erroneously assumed that Bach was the originator of essences from plants. In fact, essences from plants have been used in spiritual practices in Tantric traditions in Tibet and India and by the Native Americans for thousands of years.

Unfortunately, most of the precious documentation for essence formulations from Tibet was destroyed, while the Native Americans shared their ritualistic practices with plants through storytelling and metaphor. It is often concluded that Bach “invented” plant essences but actually there is a huge knowledge base that has been lost and fortunately, a growing wisdom base that has evolved beyond what was developed 80 years ago.

Healing the Energetic Aspects of Your Totality

One of the mistakes that we make in the western world, in terms of our healing, is to assume that we can just address the physical part of the healing for the body. However, our bodies exist energetically, (in fact some researchers say we are 99% energy) before they exist physically and imbalances found in the body had their start in the energy field or the aura around the body before they manifested as actual physical imbalances or “dis”ease.

Flower essences have as many uses as there are flowers and have energetic effects at a much higher or comprehensive level. For example, there are flowers that address the physical level by giving energetic support to the functions of the organs or by increasing the vitality of the bones.

On the emotional level, one can learn to contain the energy of emotions, rather than dissipating it through the roller coaster of ups and downs that many of us experience. If you find yourself apt to get drawn into dramas that continually push your buttons and leave you exhausted, there are essences to help you to be compassionate, but also more detached.

On the mental level, you can benefit through essences that increase focus and concentration and help you to maintain an inner calmness and tranquility, no matter what is going on around you. On a spiritual level there are plants that assist with your ability to connect to the God of your understanding. When it comes right down to it, one of the most important things you can do is to be able to hear the inner voice. If you cannot hear that inner voice, you may be in a constant state of indecision.

If you metaphorically liken the GPS system for your car, to your ability to connect with your higher inner voice, you can see that the connection is very important. If you miss a turn, you can become lost; and if you don’t hear a step in your higher guidance, you also can be quite lost and unsure of your direction in life.

(1)  Emoto, Masuu. The Miracle of Water. 2007.


Elizabeth Patric is a plant essence therapist, astral biologist and spiritual healer. She is author of Flowerspeak: The Flower Whisperer’s Guide to Health, Happiness, and Awakening. She has created collections of plant essences and does auric readings to determine how the essences of plants can help you to heal and bloom into your full potential. Elizabeth has been administering remote healings since 1997. Learn more at